Identify Beautiful Oriental Asian Porcelain Mark - Looks like a 'Y'

by Leia Gonca
(Woburn, MA)

 Identify Beautiful Oriental Asian Porcelain Mark - Looks like a 'Y'

Identify Beautiful Oriental Asian Porcelain Mark - Looks like a 'Y'

Identify Beautiful Oriental Asian Porcelain Mark - Looks like a 'Y':- I bought three Japanese plates but I can't identify the mark. There is a G1112 B, C & D engraved in Gold (I am missing the G1112 A) and what seems to be a letter "Y"in the top plus another stamp in the middle.

I'd like to find out the real origin and Circa of this beautiful asian porcelain.

Can anyone please help me?

Thank you!


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Y mark on oriental dishes
by: Anonymous

Did you learn about this mark? I have two dishes with similar marks and trying to find the same info. Please help.

Y mark on oriental dishes
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately I haven't found anything about this 'Y' Mark yet. The plates are beautiful and I wish I would find help.

Y Mark Research
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Guys

Peter (admin) here. I have really been scouting around for info on this Y mark.

Normally, you can pick up many identifications of oriental ware marks from I have scanned their pages looking for this mark but come up blank.

I have since found out who this mark is attributed to - read my next entry below
*****END UPDATE*****

Recently I referred a couple of mystery oriental marks to a company specialising in valuing and identifying oriental marks and they came back with great identifications. Not this one unfortunately.

For people needing professional appraisals, valuations and identifications go to my page here:-

ID & value your mystery china

It's there if you need it.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

'Y' mark on oriental china wares
by: Peter (admin)

I recently found this mark attributed to a Japanese maker called "Sadek". Apparently this mark was an attempt to impersonate a 19th century mark of Sitzendorf, Germany under the 'Gebrüder Voigt' era...


There seems to be a lot of nice looking wares around by Andrea of Sadek on ebay (click on this link, and on the page that comes up near the top there is a convenient and fast link which takes you straight to a deep level ebay search page) and elsewhere.

Japanese Porcelain Mark
by: Michael

Hello... there are a few ways to read the Japanese Kanji characters, one interpretation is:

九 = nine

谷 = valley

Bought at estate sale
by: D. Hoffkins

I bought a pair of Asian figurines at an estate sale. They have a "33/165" on the back. They seem to be a poured material as I see where there were air bubbles . The matrerial seems soft as I can scratch it. They are two Asian women with some sort of round plate or instrument in their hands.
Can anybody give
e some insight?

Charles Sadek Japanese Importer
by: Peter (admin)

I have recently made a discovery that the Sadek company is in fact a firm call the 'Charles Sadek Company', based in NY which imported china wares into the US from Japan quite early on in the 20th century. It seems the 1920's is the date being bandied around - which makes some of this brand almost antiques.

One of their brands, apart from the faux mark above was EMPRESS CHINA. There were probably more.

Anyone got any more info, please post.

Peter (admin)

by: Cj

I too have porcelain pieces with these markings. I have mine stored away and have been for three years, but from what I remember these marks are "Satusma" marks. I do know "Imari" has a mark similar to mark as well.
I will do a little research on this. I'm sure I can find it and the meaning.

Wooden figurine marked y
by: Carol

Small figurine of old asian man holding walking stick with I recently purchased at estate sale. Haven't found anything on him as well.

Value of China
by: Anonymous

I have a dining set tea set with this my husband inherited it from his granny so I know it's over 100 years old

by: Anonymous

The Japanese part says Kutani.

I agree
by: Lucy

The Japanese part does say Nine Valleys which is Kutani.

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