Initials "VG" on base of chocolate cups

by Dan
(Hilton Head Island, SC. U.S.)


Initials "VG" on base of chocolate cups

My name is Dan. I have never been someone who ever had an interest in antiques or vintage items in my life. That was until a very good friend of mine, Gene, asked me to assist him in selling his bottle collection. Something I really didn't want to do... but if I'm anything, I'm a friend till the end! So not knowing into what I was getting, I said okay. DURR Not at all as simple as I was expecting. --- Now I have to back up a bit...

My entire life, I'm 40 now, I have been perplexed by the way people were so weird and/or stupid. I always knew I was one of the smarter people in the room. At least that's the way it seemed to me. I couldn't put my finger on it but people simply didn't process information properly and I stayed frustrated with pretty much everyone. However, when I was 37 years old, I gave a golf lesson to a Dr. Lady that ended up being a freebie. I asked her why everyone seemed ignorant about almost everything and after I elaborated further she said, "I've gotta check something here" and she simply asked me a series of questions. (I know, it sounds a lil like "Tin Cup") As it turns out, I'm "Adrian Monk" (TV show, MONK) without the phobias. It's a bit of an oxymoron but I have SEVERE OCD issues as well as ADD. Long story short.... Gene did me a huge favor!

Now for the past 11 months, I have been able to see things a bit more clearly simply because I have research (which I couldn't stand in HS and college) to channel my attention and it's like a drug that is freeing up my mind a
little more the more I focus. I'm sure it sounds strange to you. It still does to me!

So my collecting began as that of a knowledge base only in order to help Gene sell his collection on Ebay and other forums. While learning about the history and process of the bottling industry, I found myself becoming more and more intrigued. I also found out that I have an amazing eye for value. Albeit an uneducated eye, I can usually pick out the most and least valuable pieces of almost any collectible with which I have crossed paths.

I started w/ soda bottles. Made an easy transition into antique liquor bottles. Oh and learning the dating process in the mean time. Then focussed on the art world, i.e. drawing, painting and sculpting, and have amassed a very diverse and very valuable collection. For insurance purposes, my collection of 11 months has been appraised at just over 3mil. Now you experts know how this works... I'll just leave it at that. Funny thing is, I never have, and still don't, care about the value. I just want to find "unique" and have a reason to research...

Anyway, I stumbled across this site and thought what the heck... I found these little chocolate cups with a friend at a thrift store and thought something was rather unique. Still don't know what that is but something just would not let me leave them there. I've had them for a couple of weeks now and just haven't started my process yet. So before I do, here's your chance. I hope you can "WOW" me. Thanks for your attention and for all you do for the people without the time or resources to get that much needed info!

Hope you have much success!


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Home made?
by: Melissa

They look "home made" vs. made by a company or studio. The mark looks individually incised on each one, as they're not uniform in shape or size. My guess is a hobbyist maker, either with a home kiln or at a shop that lets you fire and decorate blanks.

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