Iris Hand-Painted Studio Stoneware signed JSH...or JSG... or JSA?

by Alison
(Rochester, NY, USA)


12" Shallow Dish signed JSH...or JSG... or JSA?


I worked at a pottery studio in the summer between high school and college and fell in love. I pick up pieces whenever I like them and my collection evolves. I'll hang onto a piece for a while and sometimes give away or resell. This one I've had for a while but I don't remember where I found it.

It's a 12-inch heavy (4 lbs!) shallow dish, wheel-thrown and skillfully hand-painted. The mark is the potter's initials. I know the letters are JS... and the last letter, I'm not sure! It looks like an "h". Doesn't it seem odd for it to be lower-case? I'm thinking JSG or JSA.

I've looked everywhere for an artist with those initials. As of yet, I haven't found a-one. I only found another person looking to identify the same artist.

I love the concept of this site! I enjoy the search for the STORY behind pieces I find as much as I enjoy the piece. It adds so much dimension.

Semi-unrelated but you'll enjoy - recently I found a very old PYREX bowl that Corning Museum curators were excited to see. They tell me it's prototype from 1922 when they came up with the idea to make their bowls white! Amazing.



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Hand-Painted Studio Stoneware signed JSH...or JSG... or JSA?
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Alison

I misled a batch of posts, so have only just found yours, so sorry for the delay in replying.

I love the way you got the bug. You really get what this website is about, so goo on you and enjoy!

Okay, i don't know the mark and don't really have a good source of info on studio potter's marks.

Having said that, we have had may of them solved by people dropping by, so let's hope someone finds us and let's us know this one.

As for your museum PYREX dish, lucky you, where did you find it?

Best regards

Peter (admin)

JSA pottery
by: Kim

I have a cookie jug with lid With JSA on the bottom and 1Gal. on handle of lid as well as bottom. It has the most wonderful drawing of 3 children under a tree, one is watering flowers, one sitting under tree playing an instrument with a duck quacking at him. Flowers and butterflys. COOKIES written across the front. It belonged to my Grandmother from Pensylvania so may date to 1800's. Would love more info.

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