Is it fake? - seems to have lots of different marks in one - Crown, Globe & Shield

by Heather
(Cardiff WALES uk)

 Crown, Globe & Shield ?RSLEY, WA?? ENGLAND

Crown, Globe & Shield ?RSLEY, WA?? ENGLAND

Hi everyone

I'm Heather I live in a small village just outside of cardiff in Wales uk. I'm 50"odd" years old and I've just started getting interested in antiques knick knacks etc., since my auntie died and left the contents of her house to me - she was a hoarder !! The house was only small but jammed packed full of stuff. Took weeks to clear it out - now I'm just going through the "sell it " or give it to charity stage as a lot of her items are not to my taste and also after clearing her house I certainly only want to keep things that I love and can appreciate and look at - nothing in draws and forgotten about.

Having 2 grown up sons they would not be interested in any of her things - so I've been pottering through everything.

I love researching the items she has - as I'm an avid treasure hunter as well, finding unusual objects and researching them is part of the fun.

I hope that someone out there can show me the light with regard to these two objects.

I have to say that these two pieces of pottery have stumped me. It looks like it's Aynsley but they don't have anything like it - then could be wade but again they don't have anything like it so I'm thinking it may be a fake trying to mix a few marks together to make it look good.

The jug and sugar bowl are handpainted with gold and the detail is of a branch with leaves and flowers painted in a sort of enamel, with a pretty bird, and cobalt blue as a base and are nice quality, but can I find the mark ? Google burn out definitely. I mean it's not as if they are worth millions, but the time I've taken to try and find out about them, you would think they are !

Came across your webpage site, which I've trawled to see if anyone else has had a similar mark and thought I'd give it one last try - and then I can move on. I keep putting them down and going back and trying again !

It's been very frustrating ! But I just don't want to be beaten by it as normally I can find the mark as most of her stuff was run of the mill ceramics, so not hard.

This one has certainly got to me. So fingers crossed some one out there can help ?

Thanks for reading

Take care


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Crown, Globe & Shield ?RSLEY, WA?? ENGLAND
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Heather

What a tricky one indeed!

You are obviously quite a sleuth and love the hunt. I don't know the answer to this one and would have reached exactly the same conclusions as you for the same reasons...

The words are not quite legible are they. It looks like it says BURSLEY, or something similar, which is a play on Aynsley.

It can't be an Aynsley mark for several reasons. First, their marks are clearly printed and well documented. Secondly, they were always a class outfit and would have fired everybody involved in making that item with is weird mark, its sloppy overspill painting and badly stamped marking.

So what does the WA?? stand for? It can't be Wade for the very same reasons as above.

I thought it might say WALES, but them below it says ENGLAND.

I think you might be right, it's one of those Japanese marks from the churn out years of the 1960's where they made marks to look like English pieces because back them there was a stigma attached to cheap Japanese imports. If so, I was illegal to put the word 'ENGLAND' onto this piece as items had to have country of origin back then.

All in all this is a true enigma, but all the more interesting for it.

Let's get cracking on getting the answer to this one!

Please post if you have anything at all.

Peter (admin)

Bursley Ware NEW
by: Anonymous

I found this post whilst trying to find the origin of a lovely small painted blue vase I inherited from my mother. It has an identical mark. I don't know whether the mark is fake or not, as I am no expert, but I - putting yours and my marks together - believe it says BURSLEY WARE ENGLAND. My vase resembles the work of Frederick H Rhead who worked for Crown potteries Bursley Ltd. Burslem, Stoke on Trent. your pieces look like some others I have seen for sale as Bursley ware.

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