Japan Pottery Mark Query - Cherry Blossom Motif in Red with "N" inside

by Victoria
(Surry Co., NC)

Blue Creamer - Japan Pottery Mark Query - Cherry Blossom Motif  in Red with

Blue Creamer - Japan Pottery Mark Query - Cherry Blossom Motif in Red with

Japan Pottery Mark Query - Cherry Blossom Motif in Red with "N" inside:- We just found this website and already we love it! We collect small china pieces, and know quite a bit about most of those. But we also have a sweet little creamer left to me by my parents, about which we know very little. It is a deep sky blue with an intricate honeycomb pattern in white, and with gold trim (see the two photos).

The back stamp is in red: a cherry blossom motif with an N in the center, and Japan underneath. It has a tiny bit of wear in one spot and on the gold handle, but no chips or cracks. The raised edge on the base still shows the original blue paint, and it is possible this is hand painted, although we are not sure.

Honestly, we wonder if this piece is antique at all, or just a very nice reproduction, but we thought there might be a small chance that it is an early 20th Century Tashiro Shoten piece.

We would love to know more about it, since we will be passing it on to the next generation. Can anyone help us to identify this little creamer?

Thanks so much for any and all help!



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To:- Cherry Blossom Motif in Red with "N" inside

Hi Victoria

Welcome aboard! According to excellent website Gotheborg.com (see http://gotheborg.com/marks/index_jap_marks.htm) - these 5 'M' Cherry Blossom Marks, in the 1920's were licensed out by Noritake to other subcontractors who used their own central motif inside the circular M ring of sherry blossom. These wares were for export to the USA specfifically.

Gotheborg gives various examples, but not your exact one. Apart from looking genuine, I see no login in why anyone would want to fake this mark in recent times, as these pieces are not very much more valuable being fairly humble 20th century export wares from Japan.

Peter (admin)

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blossom mark OCJ with L>D
by: Anonymous

I was wondering what that mark meant and perhaps what year

Adam you are wrong .. Not an M an N
by: Leroux

We have inherited what can only be called a condiment bowl in this same pattern. We know for a fact that it has been in my husband's grandmother's possession since at least 1950. It had a matching spoon (or ladle) and was used exclusively for serving cranberry sauce in their family. We would like to find a few more pieces. The creamer is beautiful and our bowl shows no wear as it was used once or twice per year. Would really like to know the name of the pattern and manufacturer.

Japan Pottery Mark Query - Cup and saucer
by: Trish

We found an example of this pattern - a cup and saucer - in dark green and white while inventory my late aunt's estate. The cup is deeply fluted with a delicate contoured edge. We describe the design as a lotus pattern. The white petals on the cup and saucer together create an open lotus. The petals on the saucer interlink at their bases with the petals on the cup. Both pieces are trimmed in gold. We think both the slip ware and the painting were created with careful attention to the design. We think it a nice piece. Like you we have been unable to find out anything about the mark, beyond the fact that it was subcontracted by Noritake, and we would also like to be able to date our piece. My aunt was married in 1944 and would have acquired her own china after that but it is possible that this cup and saucer were originally her mother's.

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