Large 4 Handle Vase - Rare? Can't Identify Makers Mark

by Michele
(Flushing MI 48433)

Large 4 Handle Vase

Large 4 Handle Vase

Hello everyone my name is Michele and I seriously did not like history in high school but have found in the past 20 years that I had a hidden love for it. I buy, research, and sell online.

Usually research first of course. In this case though I found a vase at goodwill that I couldn't resist for very cheap. $10 I cannot make out the makers mark. I have searched online to every country. I have only found 3 of these vases.

One sold for $225 but all 3 had little to no information and couldn't make out what the letters of the makers mark are. My search has been about 4 to 6 hours a day for the past week.

It can be time consuming abs frustrating. It's possibly French, Art Nouveau?, could be drip pottery, flambe glaze? I am mostly at a loss with the impressed backstamp.

I would like to sell it online but really want to have more information first. Thanks for any help and I will still work my quest.

lol my motto is " everyday is an adventure" I love treasure hunting and helping others as well. I buy things cheap and sell them cheap, usually, and everyone wins. God is good!!

My main frustration with this certain vase is that the signed mark is right there. It's like the answer but I cachet make out what the answer is. It would be worse if there was nothing there but it's there.

It starts with a B but the rest is a blur even with a magnifying glass. I tried the paper pencil trick and nothing. Thanks again for any help. I've used this site before and find an answer on a vintage England item I had so I know this place is very helpful.

Bless you all!



Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Michele

Thanks for posting. Interesting item that looks a lot like it stems from Turn Teplitz, only it is a bit too plain in decoration and detail than most from that stable.

I can't read the mark - does it say Bolz?

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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by: Sally Place

Hi, I was intrigued by this 4 handled vase, so started doing a bit of sleuthing. It looks to me as if it is produced by a studio pottery and while having a look round, I thought Ephraim Faience vases from bore a passing resemblance to this one. Could be worth contacting them and sending a photo to see if it is one of theirs. The mark could be the potter who made it. Just a thought. Kind regards, Sally

Thank you for your help
by: Michele

Thank you so much for your help. I'm going to look into your information and see what happens. I've searched for many hours even since this post. Much appreciated. And I will reply to this post if I find out anything. It will surely help the next person. Have a great day!


Reply by Peter (admin)

Thanks for doing that guys. Look forward to any news. Peter

Same Vase
by: Leslie

The same vase has me stumped. Different color, but same Flambe glaze. I've searched Bolz, Bol's, Bal's, Bol's, Bal's, Bal'A, Bol'A to no avail. Did you ever come up with an ID?

Unidentified Pottery
by: Michele

Unfortunately I have searched for a few more days and still nothing. If it was just a one time making of it I would stop looking lol. Yet because I have seen about 4 others now it's a mission to solve the mystery. I've seen only 1 in blue. All listings are unable to read the name either. I'm not even sure about the country. A couple people say it's french. Someone says it's from the 1920s. But seems it's all guesses. If I find out more I will post it. Thanks for any help!

4 handled vase
by: Michele

I've recently written and sent pictures to an auctioneer site that seemed to know quite a bit about pottery. Unfortunately they can't identify the maker but said its a 20th century continental studio pottery vase. That's about all I have so far. Thanks all.

20th Century Continental Art Vase
by: Peter (admin)

Great work so far everyone!

Let's keep it up and solve this one. We've solved harder than this in the past, so I am sure we will solve this mystery...

Keep the comments coming, all info is good info.

Peter (admin)

Still searching 4 handled vase maker
by: Michele

No news. I have found another pair of the same thing. Signature is the same. They thought maybe Boch or Bocz. Listed theirs for $400. They are not fancy but definitely very well made and unique. It's just so hard to believe I get excited finding another but they are stumped like me. I'm wondering if it could be an R that's underlined instead of a B. Such a mystery.

Thulin Belgium Belgian Faience Pottery
by: Leslie

The best I could do from my research is that these are made by Thulin, Belgium, ca 1920s. I've lost the link now, but found several listed, and a gentleman who has one who said he had an expert give an opinion. There is one on ebay that remained unsold with the same signature.

In the description he describes the item as

Bol's, Bal's, Bel's, Balz

Which he makes a guess might be the Thulin Belgium Belgian Faience Pottery as the items are similar in appearance and drip glaze decoration.

Here is a screenshot for illustration:




Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Leslie

Great bit of sleuthing. I had a look at this Thulin company and indeed the style, shapes and drip glaze finish are very similar to our Bol's mark.

However, I couldn't find any connection to our Bol's mark or why they might have used this name.

Was Bols a retailer they made editions for?

Best regards

Peter (admin)

This person states his says Baliz NEW
by: Tammy

This person has a blue one and states it says Baliz.

4 handled vase NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much. I'm going to check that out. I've found 3 more since and no one knows the name. I'm going to check Baliz. Thanks

Same Vase - Different Mark NEW
by: Leslie

To throw another monkey wrench into the ID, I've now found a couple of what appears to be the same vase, with a different mark. This is one of them. Perhaps the different mark can lead to an ID?

4 Handle Vase
by: Colin

I picked the same vase up at an estate auction. Has anyone determined where it was made?

Rare ! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have one also I wont sell for under $700

Just got one at Goodwill
by: Anonymous

Went it to Goodwill this morning to look for inexpensive bookshelves, and saw this beautify 4 handled urn. Mostly green shades tapering to rust brown at the top. Just couldn't resist - - and for $8.00 it seemed like a great deal. Mine has the blurred stamp in the center of the bottom, but also a "2" or a "Z" near the rim on the bottom.

Rare 4 handle vase


I also have one of these type vases I've been trying to find the value of it or who makes it no luck on my end I can send you pictures

I found one at Goodwill! NEW
by: Susan

Hello, I was fascinated by this vase at Goodwill in San Antonio Texas and I purchased for $34.99.
I have been researching this for days and found this thread, ugh, I am also super frustrated and feel the need to find out the mark on this vase.
Mine looks like it has a tiny "B" right above the mark and also has a number 12 and an "X" or + sign or cross inside a circle.

Also found one at Goodwill NEW
by: Anonymous

I found one at Goodwill for $34.99. Mine is mostly dark brown with a few extra marks. Mine has the BALZ mark, plus a number 12, an X inside a circle and a very tiny B above the BALZ mark.

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