by Mrs Noble

CHINA GOLD RIM TEA SET - Antique Bone China Query:-

Hello Peter, I have a Lawleys china tea set made 1950's?, Rockingham shape handles?, comprising of cups, saucers, side plates, bread and butter plate, milk jug, sugar bowl. Pattern number 2046. How much do you think it may be worth? I have looked at different sites but cannot find what I am looking for, please can you help me?

Kind regards

Mrs Noble


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Dear Mrs Noble

Many thanks for your antique bone china query. As you probably know, Lawleys is a very old and established retailer of fine china in the UK, rather than a producer of china wares.

At one point in their history in the 1950's they purchased various china manufacturers like Ridgways and Adderley. They used these and other makers to commission many own-brand lines.

You own one of those own-brand sets. The value will depend on the age and the rarity and the quality (ie bone china or stoneware etc).

For a professional appraisal, you can visit my page here:

It's a page I've written especially for visitors needing 'fast track' help. Here, you can get in touch with a bona fide professional (one I've checked out myself) who can tell you if your mark is identifiable by experts, without you having to pay any money upfront - a unique service online, and one I've designed especially to protect my site visitors from wasting their time and money online.

Read more about the Lawleys take-over in my article here:

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

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History News ???
by: Di Forward

I have in my possession, what use to belong to my late grandmother part of a Gold Rimmed Bone China Tea Set stamped on the base of each item is Lawleys of Regent Street London No 527, I have Cups/Saucers/Tea plates/Milk Jug/Sugar Bowl and Cake Platter, can anyone tell me what age it is? and any information on this delightful, attractive patterned, tea set.

by: mAVIS

I have curved side plate that has stamped on the back (Lawley's Regent Est Phillips's 1760 on the left side and Crescent Ivory "G" & Sons, England
No: 24221 and an apostiphe belove the numbers.

It is a beutiful blue with gold edging. White in the middle
What is the age of this plate and value?

lawleys of regent street
by: Anonymous

I was interested to read the information about Lawleys of regent Street and your advice about valuations..I have a lovely hand painted rectangular sandwich plate hand painted and marked'grindley hand painted the devon'with the lawley mark beneath I understand that you cannot give a valuation but would i be better to put it on ebay or take to a local dealer--thank you


Lawleys China
by: Peter (admin)


Your set sounds wonderful. Take it to a local dealer - their appraisal service might well be free (or might not).

Many people do not have a reliable local dealer close at hand, so for those people I developed an online expert referral service (click for details).

It is also good to get a second opinion too.

Peter (admin)

Lawleys China
by: Anonymous

I have tea set, milk jug and sugar bowl. Number 9748. I have no idea of the name other than it is Lawleys Regent Street. Phillips Est 1763.

Early 1900s Service
by: Jen

I have a full tea service given to my grandmother on her marriage in 1902. The rims are gold, then a yellow band with tiny green hearts and below that a red band with inversed tiny white heats, then bordered with two thin gold gold bands. The green stamp is CHINA GLASS LAWLEYS of REGENT STREET LONDON W.E. and hand drawn in black the number 4981 N. A few may have been replaced as they have more of the scroll type stamp and the number is written in gold with the letter S instead of N. I have no intention of getting rid of them(!) but would like any information on Lawleys at that time.

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