Lg Milian (?) vase painted "slash" and mark that looks like a 4 OR the number 14

by Janet Bullers
(Indiana, USA)

Lg Milian (?) vase painted

Lg Milian (?) vase painted "slash" and mark that looks like a 4 OR the number 14

Lg Milian (?) vase painted "slash" and mark that looks like a 4 OR the number 14:- I have been told that these marks look like Milan and they would translate to "90". That does not help me at all. This vase sat on display at my Grandmothers for years and it was always told that it was (quietly,now...) "very valuable".

It certainly looks valuable, with it's beautiful painted flowers and all the gilding. And, it is huge!

Then, when Grandma passed, the vase passed to my Mother. And she would say, (in hushed tones...) " That piece is very valuable and your Grandmother had it passed to her."

So, It sat high on the top of the book shelf for all to see and no one to touch for another 20+ years.

Now it lays, packed within packing, within packing in a box marked "FRAGILE!!!" in the closet.

I do not want to break this lovely piece that has lasted all these years and that my Brother, Sister and I inherited. Our elders managed to keep it in tip top shape. Unfortunately, I am the town klutz and there is not a shelf tall enough in our house to keep it from little hands.

Someday, perhaps my children will want to display or sell it. I would like to be able to tell them exactly who made it and in what country and era it was made.

I have researched other pottery, mostly Wedgwood as my late Mother-in-law left us more than we wanted to keep. There were also some other odds and ends that I researched on line and either sold or didn't. But even though the sterling silver was tedious (apparently, someone liked to collect different pieces not whole collections of one pattern), I did find all the marks but one.

And, there were a lot of pieces.

vase, I can not find.

I would love to have the help of the community.
It was my daughters employer who said the marks were not Chinese. From what I have seen, It does not look Chinese either.

One side is more ornate than the other, as you can see in the picture.

I think the one flower is a hibiscus.
I wish I could tell you more, this is all I know.

Thank you for your time.

Jan Bullers


Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Jan

Thank you for your post and congratulation on a very well told story! It made me chuckle when you described the 'hushed tones'. I am not surprised as this does look a magnificent piece to be sure.

I am sorry to say my own knowledge of marks on majolica, especially Italian maiolica is non-existant. However, I would love for this thread to open up into a discussion on lesser documented marks on majolica, Italian or otherwise (Minton and other famous English makers marks seem very documented, so no issues there).

For example, to get the ball rolling, I want to ask about what information you have when you say the number four 4 style signature is 'translated' as "90" and means Milan. Where did you get that info? Can you expand please, as I don't quite understand. As far as I know the Italians use the exact same numbers as us. They have a slightly different alphabet, but the numbers are the same. Do you mean Ginori, Milan, or another Milan maker, or just a general mark for the region. I tried to Google this info but found nothing. Did you get this from a book, or did someone tell you?

Let's start there and see where we go.

A plea to all those who know something about Italian maiolica (or majolica) - please post.

Peter (admin)

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by: Shane Durston

Hello, I read your comments with much interest as I too have a piece with a similar mark and thought that I was finally getting somewhere!!!

My piece is a delightful blue and white hand painted bowl (can't seem to add photos? this link will take you to a couple of photos to view...


The mark on my bowl however is much smaller that the above mark (about 1cm)

Any help with identifying would truly be gratefully received.

Many thanks

Same Mark, Shane
by: Jan Bullers

I agree Shane. It looks like exactly the same mark. My Daughter's oriental boss is the one who said it would translate to "90" in whatever language they said it may be. I thought it Milan, perhaps not.
I am excited that there is another mark like it, and it does look the same, like a signature. These have got to be something.
I will pick up my search again. Kinda' got burned out on it all last year.
Let me know if you find out anything and I will do the same.
Thank you for this.

Mark like a 4
by: Anonymous

Have you considered that the mark is similar to the chinese character for nine if you turn your picture upside down?

symbol for planet jupiter
by: Amy

I know I have seen this symbol and will continue to look, but it is similar to the symbol for planet jupiter (Zeus) and the alchemy symbol for tin. I hope that helps with your search.

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