Limoges Peint Main mark G?

by Deborah
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Help me find this artists mark.

I'm a collector of English china (especially Shelley which I adore) and Staffordshire pottery. I have a reasonable sized collection of Shorter and Son 'Wild Rose'. My collecting bug started about 25 years ago when my husbands grandmother passed away and the grandchildren were invited to pick a few pieces of china. He wasn't sure what to pick so asked me. I picked a few pieces - some mismatched Shelley (Rock Garden and Melody) and two pieces of Shorter and Son. These were kept in a cupboard for many years. Fast forward to the digital age with Google, eBay, Etsy and a myriad of other sites providing information and more china. As well as collecting I also hunt out interesting pieces - sometimes to keep and sometimes to sell.

On a recent weekend treasure hunt a very small miniature three footed dish caught my eye. A lovely shade of pale blue with beautiful flowers and gilding it stood out. Knowing nothing about Limoges other than it comes from France I thought I'd buy the piece and do some research.
The back-stamp is in green ink and says Limoges then France underneath. There is no underlining. This appears to be from the period 1900-1930 and is a piece that would have been sold as 'white ware' to a decorator or decorating house. It also has 'peint main' in script which I understand to mean hand-painted.
It is the signature that is interesting. Is it GV or GD? And what is the painted squiggle above it? Is it a crown of sorts?
All my looking online has found nothing. Has anyone else come across this signature?
It's probably a long shot but I'd love to know who the artist was.

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porcelain cup with same artist NEW
by: Louise

I have a Limoges chocolate cup and saucer, hand painted in the Napolean Bee style. It appears it may have the same signature, although the crown is different as is the handwriting "peint main"

Limoges Peint Main G NEW
by: Rafael

I'm a collector european porcelain and glass.
I think that your piece was made by Gerard Ribierie, GR Atelier d'Art de Limoges.
Stamp signature GR and the text "peint main" have different forms.
I think the letter V is actually R. I have the small tray with the similar handwriting.The text is "peint a la main" in French.

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