Limoges "VF" France marks/makers

by Mic
(Berlin, NJ USA)


Limoges "VF" mark


Back again with another bit of a mystery.

hus far I have enlisted the help of New York Public Library system. The mark on these pieces "VF over Limoges over France" in green with a circular stared border and are from an unknown maker.

Through my research I've found a few pieces with both the "L. Straus & Sons" mark and "VF Limoges France" marks.

I further researched L. Straus & Sons history to find that in the late 1800's-early 1900's. Excerpt; "Beginning in 1879, the Strauses’ company, while CONTINUING to import from a variety of manufacturers in Europe and Asia, moved into direct manufacturing with the opening of china and glass factories in Rudolstadt, Germany; Limoges, France; and Steinschönau and Carlsbad, Bohemia (now Kamenicky Senov and Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic)."

I have contacted the Library in an effort to get more information regarding the Limoges factory as well as who Straus was importing Limoges from. Currently pending response from the Library.
I also listed this set on "InstAppraisal" and "Collectors Weekly" for any additional information if any could be had.

No takers.

Not surprised, a lot of these sites make promises they have no intention of keeping and that's why I always find my way back to your site.

I honestly attempt to research my pieces before seeking additional help elsewhere.

In addition to that I also researched further in Mary Frank Gastons "Collectors Encyclopedia of Limoges" and found sme additional information on pages 23 (similar patterns and makers) and 198 shows the makers mark "V.F., UNDERGLAZE WHITE WARE MARK IN GREEN, UNIDENTIFIED FACTORY, CA EARLY 1890S."

If you are able to shed any additional light on this set it would be appreciated as always...

Description below;

Lovely set of Limoges VF France "6" plates with the green back stamp all hand painted with gold gilding. None appear to have been used and lack any normal wear marks. Four on these plates are incised with "l" and the other two are incised with "XV"... as you can see the patterns are all the same as is the design. Do these what appear to be "Roman Numerials".

Does anyone have any information as to what these marks "mean" or refer to ?

Thanks in advance for your time,


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Did VF Limoges have any connectiion with AK France, A. Klingenberg?
by: Peter (admin)

Dear Mic

Thanks for an interesting conundrum.

As you say, this mark is listed as a mystery mark in the books.

However, I did a bit of sniffing around and see that in some commentaries, people are making an association, although tentative and unproven with a Limoges factory operating late 19th C called AK France, Limoges (A. Klingenberg).

Both appear to have decorated whiteware rather than being manufacturers of porcelain themselves.

I did some digging around and thinking about this, and so in the interests of sleuthing, I put together what I thought a convincing evidence from the little we have to go on that indeed, Did VF Limoges and AK France were, in fact inter-connected in some way - even if it were as two separate makers for Straus & Son.

My evidence is as follows.

I looked closely at the two marks. They are both circular with very similar design proportioning and framing of the words "LIMOGES" "FRANCE" and the central dual company initials.

I checked several humdred other Limoges marks to see if these design signatures were current in exactly the same way on other marks of different Limoges factories. I could find none quite so similarly proportioned.

So either this is a massive co-incidence, or there is actually something to the connection in that, at the very least, these marks were designed out of the same 'stable'.

See marks below:-


Your thoughts?

Peter (admin)

V. F. Limoges question
by: cara

I have a porcelain box with a lid that has a mirror on it. The mark simply says V. F. with Limoges under the V. F.

Can you tell me if this is a legit Limoges box?


VF green stars makers mark with R. Delivers & Cie mark NEW
by: Chris

Hello Peter!

I'm not sure how old this thread is but I wanted to add to it. I have a 12" porcelain plate from my grandmother. It has a scalloped gold edge with blue flowers, with this same VF maker's mark. It has "R. Deliniers & Cie/Limoges" in beautiful red script above it. My very quick on-line searches kept hitting your site. Perhaps the R. Deliniers is a clue in your mystery? I love a good investigation, so please let know if this helps! I am still figuring out how to upload the photos.

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