Limoges "VF" France marks/makers

by Mic
(New Jersey, USA)


Limoges "VF" France marks/makers


It has been some time since my last visit to your wonderfully helpful and informative site. Thanks to you, your staff and viewers for the valuable input and the Best in the coming New Year.

During some recent research on a couple of Limoges pieces it raised more questions than answered...I started writing this much earlier in the day.

Regarding the VF piece during some recent research I discovered that the L. Straus & Sons Company (Est. 1869) both Imported, Produced and Sold Limoges. I also found a piece on Ebay listed circa 1895 with both marks on the piece

I also found a piece that matched the design on my piece made by Haviland

Some history noted; "Haviland family "and associated manufacturers". Based on the type of back mark, which correlates somewhat with the period of production, six pages of Haviland examples are included.

Beginning in 1876 examples of plates with the rather simple H&Co mark are on Haviland page 1.

The next common Haviland mark was the H&Co over an L with examples on Haviland page 2 and Haviland page 3. "After 1880 when Gerard, Dufraisseis and Morel (GDM) took over Charles Field Haviland's factory they continued using the CFH/GDM mark. Example pages of CFH/GDM are on Haviland page 4 and Haviland page 5."

Finally, Theodore Haviland and offspring were doing their own thing with plate examples on Haviland page 6. The majority of Haviland production was between 1876 and 1900.

So, what I have are a set of plates with the green "Limoges VF France" back stamp. Two are incised with "XV" and the other four are incised with "I".

All information gathered thus far from Mary Frank Gastons "Collectors Encyclopedia of Limoges" pages 23 (similar patterns and makers) and pages 198 shows the makers mark "V.F., UNDER GLAZE WHITE WARE MARK IN GREEN, NOTED "UNIDENTIFIED FACTORY, CA EARLY 1890's".

Therefore, my attempt at identifying a possible maker has left me with many more questions than answers.

It is now early evening and frankly, I'm spent. I've included some pictures for your review.

Good Nite !



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