LOVED ITEM LOST HISTORY - Glorieux Pottery - Princess Pattern

by gregg

Glorieux Pottery - Princess Pattern

Glorieux Pottery - Princess Pattern

Hi we lost my grandmother last year she loved pottery bought things all the time odd things but that was her love of the hunt, found this item wrapped in paper 3 times and in two boxes in attic priceless to me because she most of loved it. But don't know anything about it will past it on after I'm gone like to place card in it for the next owner of our family items. HELP


Reply by Peter (admin)

Dear Gregg

A moving story.

You omitted to upload a photo of the actual item which would have been most useful to assess what type of ware this is.

Glorieux Pottery must have been a very small, very obscure maker because I scoured all my sources and found only one other example from this pottery - and nothing about its whereabouts or history.

It is a pattern called 'Queen'


It would be great if we could get someone who knew about this pottery to tell us about it.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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