Lucy Artisan Playing with Clay

by Lucy Artisan
(Worcester, MA)

Cold Porcelain Doll

Cold Porcelain Doll


I'm happy to share with you some of my new figurines made with cold porcelain. I have been working with a home made recipe and I am very happy with it.

To see more of my work go to and if you need help with anything feel free to ask. I would love to talk with you about this Cold Porcelain which is called Biscuit in Brazil.

I am trying to get better on sculpting people, and I have noticed that it is very hard to shape the face with this type of clay.

I observed the clay and when it is drying up it loses the shape; so it was a "fight" to get this result :)
I Hope you like it and if you have some tips on how to avoid these problems. Please let me know.

Thanks ... Enjoy ... Have fun playing with clay !

Best wishes !

Lucy Artisan

Peter (admin) says:-

Hey Lucy!

Nice work indeed. Your little lady looks just like my niece Angie.

I love the Nike tank top, the furry boots and particularly her knees and nice calves. Cute little bag too and nice hair.

Please tell more about why faces are a struggle.

A couple of other people have talked about this and I would like to get a thread going about it. Why not here?!

As a pro sculptor, faces are hard in any medium!!.... so what makes cold porcelain so tricky?

When I was using super-sculpy, detail on faces was very hard because the medium was too soft (you need some resistance - otherwise you are squishing everywhere). Too hard is not good either because you can't blend properly.

To do faces most easily, I find my English ceramic sculpting clay potclays 1150 the most ideal because it starts off soft, then hardens a bit while you work it. Then as long as you keep it covered and spray little & often it stays just right to work and finesse. Trouble with this is it needs either a mold taken off or kiln firing.

The ideal would be to find a cold porcelain recipe which emulated these characteristics.

Any thoughts anyone, please use the comments facility. Let's talk!


Peter (admin)

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