Made in China Bird & Cloud Pottery Mark set - service of 8+

by Lori
(US Air Force )

Detail: made in china bird cloud pottery mark

Detail: made in china bird cloud pottery mark

'Made in China' 'Bird & Cloud' Pottery Mark - set/service of 8+

I have done a reverse google image search and searched this site as well as some other forums trying to find out the maker of this Made in China set I have. I don’t have much storage room so I am interested in selling them now. I have many odd pieces and the full set is a service for 8 or more.

They are very pretty mid-century design and I do like them very much. Although I know some of their history, I can’t seem to determine the maker.

They are not very heavy but I don’t see much light coming through so I don’t know if they are bone China or not.

Background: I am the second owner. They were purchased in the 60’s by a colonel’s wife while they were stationed at Yokoto. He was high ranking in an important position that included a very nice house in Tokyo so I am guessing she did some entertaining of the other officers and needed to present well.

She told me that she would take money left over from her grocery budget every week to buy one cup or plate until she had a full set!

That’s why I have odd numbers of all the pieces! You can tell from the shape of the teapot and sugar bowls and the sunburst design on the lids, these are styled after Noritake, iconic mid-century designs.

They’re in great shape! One minor chip on a saucer and some rubbed off silver plate from cleaning on one of the lids is all the damage I noticed after 50+ years!

I have the following pieces:
Two creamer sets
Two sugar bowls with lids (slight cleaning mark on one lid)
One large serving bowl
One large serving platter
One teapot
11 teacups
13 saucers (one has small chip)
8 bowls
9 dinner plates
14 salad plates

I had trouble attaching the other photos but I do have more



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Hi Lori

Love the story of this set. Interesting background.

I couldn't find anything in this version of the 'made in china' mark, despite looking through the leading page on the internet at the Gotheborg site here: Gotheborg - 20th Century Chinese pottery marks

Please send any photos of this set - or any visotirs who have a set with this mark, please send to me here:

We can then get on with trying to solve this mystery mark.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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