"Made in USA" pot marking with an initial CV or GV or G

by johncb

"Made in USA" pot marking with an initial CV or GV or G

"Made in USA" pot marking with an initial CV or GV or G:- Hi all,I recently purchased this little vase/pot at a thrift store and its not my usual style choice but it greatly intrigued me. It has a rough surface, unglazed I guess, made out of I assume red clay with greenish and red tones and some glints of copper. It stands 2 inches tall and 3 1/4 inches wide,and the mark is impressed on the inside but not visible on the underside.

I've asked on several boards,and looked at eight hundred thousand marks online, literally! I don't think its studio pottery as it has the made in USA stamp. But I know less than nothing on pottery,glass or porcelain so I could be way off target.

Every one I queried about the mark are stumped,and on the "E" chat boards there are a wealth of people from all over,so if they are stumped it bodes iLL! Boy,its hard to think of 500 words,isnt it?

I once discovered a "Scheir" bowl at the same store,wich buys remnants of estate sales and the like and is in a filthy,hot warehouse but you can find some real treasures if you dig. Like I stated, I'm not a modern pottery kind of guy,my taste are more classical(as in Victorian, gilded and cherub laden!) but something about this pot just appeals to me mightily.

Any and all input is gratefully received and appreciated,even if I can get some new search leads ,that would be awesome too.

Thank you all very much in advance.



Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- "Made in USA" pot marking with an initial CV or GV or G

Hi John

Thanks for telling such a good story about what I happen to think is a really nice little pot.

To my eye it is somewhat a work of art in every way and I would love to know who made this.

The good news is that so many of these very difficult cases have been solved on this website over the years.

The bad news is that in some cases, it takes years for someone to come along to solve them.

Here's hoping!

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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by: sal Khail

you piece is a very nice one


and ask Linda Richard about it
she is very helpful

good luck

Sal Kahil
Vancouver BC Canada

Thank you for the input
by: john

I emailed her and hopefully will hear something back soon.I will update as soon as I hear soemthing.Again,thank you for answering.

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