More models /dolls made with cold porcelain

by Andrea
(Huddersfield U.K)

Hi, i would like to show another cold porcelain model that i have made. I find keeping the facial features are the hardest thing you have to keep redoing the features while the head is drying as the shrinkage of cold porcelain seems to make the facial features dissapear, but I find that if you leave the head alone for about 20 mins and then re-mark the features of the face, and then check it approx every 5 mins after this until the face seems to be keeping it's features, things seem to be o.k.

Also if you work on a non-stick board with a measuring grid you will soon get the hang of how much shrinkage to expect.



Peter (admin) says:-

Great work Andrea, many thanks for sharing this with us.

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