Napoleon Figurine - BISQUE ware statue

by Bob Rogers
(Missoula, Montana, USA)

Napoleon Figurine - BISQUE ware statue

Napoleon Figurine - BISQUE ware statue

Napoleon Figurine - BISQUE ware statue:- I've had this figure for 45 years, I bought it in Argentina in the 60's. I was told it was a bisque figurine from Europe. It has a blue mark under it. I've attached a picture of the mark and figurine.

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Peter (admin) says about:-- "Napoleon Figurine - BISQUE ware statue"

Hi Bob

You can tell at a glance how fine the sculpting skills are - making it either original or from the original molds. I suspect original - although I am not an expert in these types if wares. I don't have the blue mark in my books. I think this type of ware needs a specialist.

I think you need to consider an expert appraisal as this item may carry a value.

If so go here:-

My pottery mark identification and valuation forwarding service

This is unique online as you pay nothing until the expert can guarantee an ID and a valuation. I put this system in place to protect my visitors.

    Bob, went on to request an expert report for this item, but I have been having
    difficulty in getting emails to his address (some sort of technical glitch within Bob's server hosting). My solution os to post the report up here in the hopes Bob can see his report. I will also send a hard copy to his postal adress via snailmail.

    Here is the report (fascinating!)

    Here is the contents of the experts report:-

    "The sculpting of this piece stems from an earlier era. Originally produced by the Sevres factory in France, this piece has been a favourite for reproduction since then. The maker of your particular statue is Scheibe-Alsbach porcelain of Thuringia Germany, founded in 1835 and still producing today.
    Our expert is definitley of the opinion this piece is from the late 19th or early 20th Century, although some sources quote this mark as being used from 1925 to 1945. I would tend to trust our expert on this. To be doubly sure on this detail, you might want to check with the company themselves, although under the Soviet regime, they went through a period of thoroughly bad mis-management, so might not have the records anymore.

    The value given by our expert of £150-200 is in GBP UK pounds sterling, so you could normally times by 1.7 to 1.8 for the USD equivalent".


Best regards

Peter (admin)

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Napoleon Figurine
by: Peter (admin)

Due to the difficulty of getting return emails to Bob caused by a hosting server error with his email, I am posting the expert report here, in hopes Bob can get his report.

Napoleon Statue - Maker Mystery Solved
by: Bob

Peter, finally was able to get back online and hopefully my e-mail is now working. Thank you for the report on my Napoleon Statue. I'll do more research from here now that I have a maker. I did post another item, but don't know if it made it. I titled it Oil Lamp and sent a picture with it. You might remember it because it had swans at either end with breast on them. I know weird..

Best Regards

by: John D

Hello Bob,

I have the exact same figure and like you have owned it for over 40 years. Mine was bought in Brighton in UK. I never knew where it was from but I asked Chris Martin of PMM and he very kindly sent me the following link:

please take a look here, especially Image 5/6-08 and Image 5/6-09.

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