Need Help Identifying German Chamber Pot

by Sandra Cano
(La Quinta, CA, U.S.A)

KYH Porcelain Mark Eagle

KYH Porcelain Mark Eagle


First of all, thank you for taking the time to help me identify this beautiful chamber pot. As a buyer and seller of antiques, I love knowing the history behind the items that I own in order to be true and honest to my clients and my taste.

About a year ago, my husband and I were driving through our neighborhood in search of old treasures, when we stumbled onto an estate sale. It quickly became clear that this was no usual garage sale where the tenant was trying to get rid of “junk” to make space in their garage.

No, this person was selling vintage and antique items in such pristine conditions that one could immediately see they had been cared for all their lives. Unfortunately, the seller’s mother had just passed away and the house had been sold incredibly quickly (just two days after listing!).

As I perused the many lovely items, I had to make several trips to my car because there was so much to buy. One of the many beautiful items I purchased was a chamber pot.

The seller could not give me any information on it because it was not a piece that ever particularly interested him. In fact, he says he remembers seeing it during his childhood but never bothered asking about its origins.

Oh, how I wish I could speak to every previous owner about the many items I have accrued over the years. The stories they probably had!

I scooped up the lovely chamber pot and quickly found a place for it in my own home. As I mentioned before, even if I do not plan on selling something, I still love having as much information on my pieces as possible. After all, these antiques should be remembered and cherished, not tossed aside or stored away collecting dust.

Alas, I
have searched and searched online for any information regarding the stamp on the bottom of this pot. Every now and then rechecking just to make sure no new information has slipped by. Unfortunately, the stamp itself is quite faded and I can only make out certain letters.

The three main letters seem to be "KYH,” and the animal in the center of circle seems to be an eagle, which first led me to believe that it might be German.

It is a light blue and eggshell white color with a crackle effect that I’m not quite sure is intentional. It is very sturdy and a bit heavy as well.

Diameter- 9 1/2 inches
Circumference at widest part- 30 inches
Height- 5 1/2 inches

I have been collecting antiques since I was a child (thanks to my mother) and have always preferred “vintage” instead of “new.” It literally pains me to see how easily everything is discarded nowadays.

In the past, our ancestors made things that would last, not necessarily as a way of making money, but as a way of passing something down from generation to generation.

However, my collection of antiquities became so massive that I began to notice items in the shadows, collecting dust instead of being proudly displayed in a spot of it’s own. This would not do. So a few years ago, I opened my shop (

I am extraordinarily picky about what I list because I would never try to sell something that I would not display in my own home.

I treat every object with respect and hope that it finds itself in a loving home, cared for by someone who appreciates the past as much as I do.

My motto is “There is nothing more beautiful than decay, in a world obsessed with youth.”

Any information provided would be incredibly helpful. Thank you!


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KYH Porcelain Eagle Marking Similat to KPM Mark
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Sandra

Thanks for your upload and contribution.

I am afraid I can't give you a definitive answer on this one. It's pretty difficult to read. I can't really even make out the KYH (I assume it the letters at the top).

Of course, the Eagle mark was that of the famous KPM factory, but this mark doesn't appear to be one of theirs.

My view is that it is possible German and late 19th Early 20th Century, although there have been more modern reproduction pieces made second half of 20th century with this type of Germanic eagle marking. I doubt whether they would use a chamber pot to reproduce though.

KPM strictly controlled the use of the Eagle mark and took legal action against anyone infringing their trademark. A couple did slip through.

All I can do is give a list of possible firms and hope someone else can pitch in with some other suggestions.

The companies who use exactly this type of eagle mark are:

C. Tielsch & Co (CT) Tielsch-Altwasser
K. Steinmann (KS) (SILESIEN)
F.A. Schumann
Striegauer (St PM)

plus there are a bunch of fake marks such as


Hope this helps.

Peter (admin)

Did you ever find out? NEW
by: Melody

I have a pink porcelain pitcher with the exact same mark on it. Again, the owner has no info so I'm STUCK. Did you ever find out where it's from?

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