Oh my Gourd! What is thispottery mark? Art Moderne

by Harry
(Allston, MA, USA)

art Moderne impressed or incised pottery mark

art Moderne impressed or incised pottery mark

After many years of buying and selling pottery, I have been fairly successful in identifying pieces both marked and unmarked. But this one stumps me!

The ink stamp reads 'art Moderne, which I think may be the retailer. The other marks are very tough to read- possible a C and A (modified feet) under an arch of blocks or stone. The mold or model number is 3 4 (modified) and 1.

I have searched every data base I know of still come up with nothing. I was guessing the "moderne" meant a European potter, but of course the potter and retailer could be oceans apart.

This is the first time I have used this site and hope that someone brilliant will come to my rescue!



Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Harry

Let's hope we get help on this one as I have no clues on this one....

I think our best bet is to see if we get other folks Googling "Art Moderne" and see where we go from there.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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