Opalescent White Pitcher Shield C Mark

by Lucy
(Tampa, Florida, USA)

Opalescent White Pitcher Shield C Mark

Opalescent White Pitcher Shield C Mark

I recently acquired this opalescent white porcelain pitcher and have been trying to identify the mark. It appears to be a red shield with a P or R in it (??) and beneath the shield a small C and a 1. Then beneath that is a large letter C. All elements of the mark are red. The pitcher itself is white with opalescent sides and top of lid, with a brown line around the bottom as well as the top of the lid. It's about 8.5" tall. I bought it at a thrift store. After having been laid off twice, I decided it was time to make a go on my own. My parents had been in the antiques business, and I inherited some from them. When I sold all that I wanted to sell that had been in the family, I started going to thrift stores and garage sales to find new inventory. I sell on Ebay. I enjoy doing it, and I love learning about all kinds of antiques. Pottery and porcelain of all types is what I've been trying to learn more about, and this small pitcher has baffled me. I do love the search, but since I'm in the early learning stages, I don't even know which country to begin with, with this. I have an idea that it's European or East European due to the use of the shield, but I may be wrong about that, too. Thanks to all in advance who might be of assistance!

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