oriental pottery mark query - backstamp image

by Christopher Kennedy
(Toronto. On, Canada)

oriental pottery mark query - backstamp image

oriental pottery mark query - backstamp image

Vases from grandparents, hope you can help...

I searched for weeks for anything resembling this, and the closest thing i found was the Satsuma mark, only it is a red mark.the vases are octagonal, 5.5 inches tall,2.2inches wide, and the scenery portraits are the same but reversed on each,except the clothing worn by the figures is different.

thanks again so much.


christopher kennedy


Reply by Peter (admin)

To oriental pottery mark query

Hi Chris

Big thanks to Scott who posted a reply in the comments section (see link at bottom of page).

To summarize, Scott says it's Japanese Satsuma indicated by the crackle glaze, the dotted decoration called moriage (not unique to Satsuma - just a pointer) and finally the mark - above the mark is a red circle denotes the Shimazu family - the mark below possible being Hododa. Maybe dates from around 1900.

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oriental Japanese vase pottery mark query
by: Scott

Hi Chris,
That is a lovely vase..:)
It is Japanese Satsuma, the first give away is the crackle glaze, which is a pointer towards Satsuma. Second the decoration, that funny dotted decoration is called moriage, and although not unique to Satsuma, it to is a pointer.
The Mark clinches it. ...Above the mark is a red circle, (once I had turned my head around..:)). in the red circle would have been a cross, this mark is the Shimazu family crest. They are and have been the ruling family of the Satsuma region for a few centuries. The mark below is I believe Hododa, together with the usual Great Nippon made etc..
I think Peter is correct it dates from around the late Meiji period.....maybe 1900.
I hope this helps.
Kind Regards.

Up side down
by: Anonymous


The mark with the characters in the picture is up side down. As far as I know, it is Chinese characters, not Japanese. I do not know about the red mark.

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