Porcelain mark - Appears to be N with a C overtop

Male Figurine & Mark N with a C overtop

Male Figurine & Mark N with a C overtop

N with a C overtop:- This is a figurine with a N with a C on top. This is followed underneath by a number. Can you identify this mark?

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I'd be glad to help
by: Mary Evans

I would be more than glad to help you with your unknown mark. It is a beautiful figurine. Unfortunately, there a few factories who used both the C and N in conjunction in their marks.

Could you post another photo of the backstamp? Chances are I can give you an answer as soon as you post.

I can tell you this now, this one does look like a keeper....

Mary Evans
Drei Katzen Media
Vintage and Collectible Glassware

Mark N with C overtop on male & female candlestick figurines
by: Anonymous

I also have the same bottom mark N with C overtop on male and female candlestick figurines. I did not submit a picture of them. Can you give us the names of those makers anyway? Thanks!

NC Mark on figures
by: Anonymous

I also have two figurines with an N surrounded by a C. Would like more information on the possible maker.

The N and C pottery marks
by: Mary Evans

The first and foremost maker with the N surrounded by a C mark is the 'Newcomb College'. Most people will think of the maker here and think vases, although Newcomb College also produced some figures as well..they are just not as well known as their Vases. I have one, it is a bust type of a little girl in a straw hat and victorian type clothes. She is holding a candy cane in one hand.
A ceramic umbrella on a metal rod went into the candy cane and these were known as 'Umbrella Girls'.
The mark for Newcomb College can is below. Not to be mistaken for the cheap Japanese imports, please.


You can see it is a large C (almost looks like a full circle) and then an N is in the center of the C.
Try looking up 'Newcomb College' for a more detailed look at the mark.
Another way to pull up your pottery mark is to type in a search for C N pottery mark
You'll be surprised at the hits it will bring up for you! You just might find your mark.

Newcomb College Pottery ornate candlestick holders

I recently purchased 2 candlestick holders that have the N encircled with a C. They are very ornate with flowers, birds and a man on one and a woman on the other. I researched the Newcomb College Pottery and can not find any information on the figurines. My pieces are very similar to the picture the other viewer posted. Wondering if you know any information and are the figurines valuable. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. many thanks

Research on this mark
by: Mary Evans

I have completed more research on this mark. The N with C mark appears most frequently in figurines attributed to Camille Naudot. There is one problem though in making Camille Naudot the maker of the figurines. He never made figurines, mostly ornate bowls, trays, etc.

Here is some history of this artist;

The son of a porcelain merchant, Camille Naudot trained at the Ecole de Sèvres and succeeded his father about 1889. In order to carry on his research into soft-paste porcelain, he set up a business at Le Raincy in 1893 and a store at 10 rue Auber, Paris. He perfected a new fine soft paste and set about reproducing 18th-century soft-paste pieces, delighting customers wanting to match up their table services. He specialised in the rice-grain decoration inspired by Chinese porcelain, of which this piece, made in 1903, is a magnificent example. The pierced openwork is filled with transparent glaze, the décor is heightened by enamel on the body and relief gold highlights. Camille Naudot won a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900 and the Grand Prix at the exhibitions in St Petersburg in 1901 and in London in 1908.

While we can't attribute the figurines to this artist, we can almost certainly say the pieces marked with this mark are more than likely Asian imports. Now before you think you have a piece of junk, read on...

Please see the second part of this post in the next message...

by: Mary Evans

During the late 1800's and early 1900's, there was a large Japanese import business. This is not the one you see today in 'Made in Japan', those pieces were made after 1921.

The ones being produced before then were made by masters of porclain. In fact, it was the Japanese who discovered many processes in porcelain.

The problem was, they sent so many Eastern influenced items, the market was dying down in the US. They discovered they could copy other makers and market those items and sell much more sometimes than the orginal makers! Their artistry was just that good. Copied too was the marks of makers. It makes it very hard today to find original makers on some items. We have to know what items makers actually did and did not make.

While the item you have may be an import...the age, artistry and desirability of the piece is still important to collectors. There are collectors who collect imports.

I suggest you look up everything you can about this maker, Camille Naudot to find out more...

A Big Thanks to Mary
by: Peter (admin)


We all very much appreciate and benefit from your knowledge. Do you have a website we may visit?


incised c over n mark
by: jeffrey

i have quite a few tabby cats figurines with the incised c over n mark,i know its not camille naudot mark. because camille naudot did not produce cat or animal figurines.the most i found about this c over n mark was either (empress pottery japan mark) or (royal japan porcelain mark) thats some of factory marks i have found with the incised c over n mark,if anyone has any other info about these marks,plz i am all ears,to here responce,lol.

by: john borger

I have a porcelain young girl sitting with one finger almost in her mouth, she's wearing a bonnet and short dress with no shoes on. The stamp is a N on top of a C with 6640 numbered next to it.

NC mark
by: Anonymous

The NC mark that is found on the small porcelain items as mentioned here is a mark from Japan, mid-20th century. We have documented more than a dozen importers/exporters and makers who used this mark. It is apparently a Japan export mark. Those appearing on Lefton, Ardalt and others confirm the timeframe for this mark is 1950's-60's.
The Naudot mark is handpainted blue with a very long N and a very oval C. Naudot used no model numbers.
The Newcomb mark has the N entirely within the C and Newcomb made only the known art pottery, not small porcelain objects.

embossed logo and aluminum sticker info
by: albert

i have two porcelain pieces with the nc embossed and they both had small silver or aluminum stickers next to or on top of the embossed mark. the stickers have a "G" in side the letter "C" and the letter "U" stretched to go through the top and bottom of the other letters. then it says "ceramics" and under the word ceramics the word "JAPAN". it is hard to read the name due to damage but the first letter ? then "a" "looks like g" then "a or c or o" last letter is gone. the sticker uses red ink for all the words and symbols. the "g" could be a "y" and it looks like a crown symbol is at the top center of everything written. if this clue creates an answer please post below

thanks, good luck


NC mark
by: Anonymous

The label noted above is for Ucagco (united china and glass company) one of the many importers of Japanese ceramics which can bear the NC mark.

Incised N and C Monogram Pottery mark
by: Peter (admin)

[Summary of Comments]

Hi All

This has been a very lively and interesting thread and many thanks to all the contributors.

I especially thank Mary who gave a really good run down of the various famous makers who used the N & C marking - Newcomb College and Camille Naudot (see above).

I am not totally convinced Newcomb College made figurines, at least I have never seen one. I don't know too much about them though and I don't have any specialist books about them.

I do know their vases regularly fetch from $5000 - $20,000 USD at auction. They are considered very collectible and valuable. I would very much like to publish a picture of the Umbrella Girls you speak about, so you could please upload some, Mary.

With regard to your analysis that the above figures are likely Japanese imports, I agree with you when you say "Their artistry was just that good". The above are good copies of German style sculpture and decoration and are much better than the run of the mill mass produced Far East export ware.

However, other contributors told us there was not just one exporter/importer who used the NC pottery mark. There were several - as it appears from the comments.

We have:-

    "Ucagco (United China and Glass Company) one of the many importers of Japanese ceramics which can bear the NC mark".

    "Lefton, Ardalt and others confirm the time frame for this mark is 1950's-60's".

    "Empress pottery mark or Royal Japan porcelain mark"

I think the point here is that there seems to be some deliberate or accidental blurring of the edges with markings that come from Japan.

Camille Naudot

Not Camille Naudot

One well known example is a Japanese company called Arnart who made figurines which looked like a fairly obscure but quality German figurine maker called Kalk. They used a mark which was very similar to the original. They also made many other look-alike wares.

In this case, the Japanese maker/exporter seems to have picked out an obscure but quality French maker called Camille Naudot and put a mark which makes reference to but is not the same as the original mark.

There seems to be a pattern here. Japanese makers picking out quality but obscure makers and flooding the market with look-alikes which vary in quality to quite good to downright awful.

Thanks for all your contributions.

Peter (admin)

2 figurines - number 6426 under the n/c
by: Anonymous

Have 2 figurines. One boy w/dog and one girl w/dog. Both have the n with a c overtop. Both have the number 6426 under the n/c. The by is dressed in blue and the girl dressed in pink. Can you identify them for me?


The forum moderator says:-

In the post just previous to yours, Peter sums up all we know about marks bearing a N C. So read it through carefully and figure out what you have.

The bottom line is to do with quality. Your figures may look just OK, in which case they are more than likely cheap Japanese imports made post-war (WW2).

There comes a time when you have to bite the bullet and ask an expert. For these cases, Peter has organized the online equivalent to The Antiques Roadshow identifications and valuations

As Peter says, there are a couple of older, obscure, rare and high quality makers who used this mark originally, which is possibly why the cheap importers zeroed in on these markings.

This technique was a marketing choice the Japanese importers made - especially in the post-war period. I am not sure what advantage the US distributors gained from this policy, but it must have been considerable as it was repeated again and again. Perhaps someone can write in and explain.

Remember, the Japanese are very bright at commerce, and especially important to them is the US market, which is, after all the biggest market in the world.

camille naudot
by: Anonymous

i have the boy you pictured as an orginal also matching girl. numbered a and b, they are perfect.

check replacements limited
by: Corvette 123

When looking for patterns, marks, or examples, check out Replacements.com, they have a huge inventory with pics... I could not upload pic of Arnart Blue Boy and Pinkie.

by: Cindy

I have a porcelain donkey with a metal cart that has a porcelain basket that fits in it. It has the mark that Newcomb College used. I don't know how old it is and would like to know.

by: Anonymous

I also have 2 tabby cats playing with this mark on the bottom of it. I can not ever remember not having it.
I would love to know more about the artist and what it could be worth or if anyone else has the set.


I have a small tulip shaped vase in pinks and greens. A raised pink tulip on the vase. White base with gold trim marked with the CN then kw259under that. I could upload a picture but not sure how. Stands only 5 3/4".
Any one have any ideas--I have been searching to find out what it is worth and who made it. Thanks

For beachlover
by: Anonymous

I have done research over the years with Japanese ceramics and usually KW and then numbers is from the Lefton Company. Hope that helps

vase nc
by: beachlover

Thanks that helps.Wanted to add picture but did not have time to figure out that day.I want to sell but want to be fair to me & buyer.

Camille Naudot or ?
by: Barbara

I also have the young man at the top but also have the matching girl....the N is elongated & the C is oval....there is a 4 digit number on both 6019. I would submit a photo but can't find where to do it.....

Camille Naudot
by: cory

I just purchased a figurine of cupid I am guessing holding a quiver of arrows climbing what looks to be a cornocopia. From what i seen on here it has the Camille Naudot makers mark, but thats it. No other numbers or markings. How do i tell if this is a Japanesse make?

Figurines with NC mark and circular GERMANY mark
by: Peter (admin)

Many thanks for Denise Candalay who provided up with photos of the NC mark and the figurines they were stamped on, and also comparable figurines stamped Germany in a circular pottery mark.

The figurines marked NC are typical mass produced Japanese post war fare, and I believe the German ones are likely GDR post war mass produced items also.

Sometimes its hard to tell GDR mass-produced from Japanese mass-produced, as they both have the same intent - to grab the export dollar.

Here are Denise's photos:-



Denise Canaday's original post:-

I purchased these figurines at an estate sale and have not been able to find the maker's mark. The estate belonged to a lady who had thousands of figurines of couples in her collection. Each piece is numbered by her and has the date and purchase price.These particular figurines are of a couple, each sitting in a chair, she is holding a fan in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other hand, he is holding a cane in one hand and a top hat in the other hand. It appears that she paid $140.00 for the pair in either 1971 or 1991. Each measures approximately 4" tall.
I am also sending photos of another pair of figurines that I purchased from the same estate sale. They have an orance N inside a C. I have read other inquiries on this mark but have not seen any photos. A figurine of an angel with this mark was recently sold on Ebay as Newcomb Pottery. These figurines are of a young man standing next to a tree stump with a basket of grapes and the young lady is standing next to a tree stump with a wreath of grapes and a dove inside the wreath. They both have the orange N inside a C and the number 6763 below the mark. Each measures approximately 6" tall. The purchase price was $70.00 for the pair with no notation of the year purchased.


incised N over C vase cherub unglazed
by: 100tos

Hello, after looking at all the comments & photos provided here & some ebay offerings I think we have something different. The green vase we have w/cherub figure ( one hand up & one on a wood staff) has a tree like vase with the scooped out base in two placed and is not glazed porcelain. It also has very fine white petaled flowers. All details are fine & sharp. The cherub is very lightly blushed at the cheeks, knees. The vases you show are glazed with a painted mark - this one is not so I do not think it is a 1950's repro.
The incised C over N or N over C is in a white paste bottom base. This vase has a few problems regretfully. The top of the staff is broken off where the hand holds it (altho it is a clean break & you might not notice). The upheld hand has some fingers missing. One of the petals of the larger white soft paste flower is missing. All the rest of the vase figurine is perfect.
So who do you think made this?

China Mark
by: MR

I have a candy dish with N C and a number but it looks different than the ones I've seen posted here and I can't find it online. Can you help?

by: Anonymous

my vases are cherubs holding gold horns

N with circle marking on a PY ceramic
by: Anonymous

I have a mermaid that is probably 1940s era by PY, but it also has an N with a circle on it next to the PY mark. I wondered if anyone knows what that marking means. Thanks!

N over C mark
by: Anonymous

I have a figurine Christmas bell with this mark, but it also has a paper foil label for Ucagco Ceramics Japan. Vintage circa 1950s

Mark of Ucago Compared with the NC mark
by: Peter (admin)

To the last poster...

To my eye, the mark of Ucago on their stickers looks similar to the NC mark, but is not the same.

Please send in your pics to me at:-


so that I can post them here.

Here is the Ucago sticker mark which I have on my records for reference....


N in C incised backstamped piece
by: Mike M

Hi Peter, I picked up a piece today based on the N in C back stamp thinking it might be Newcomb Pottery and yet once again by research brings me back to your website. In looking at the pictures and reading through the comments the back stamp on the piece most resembles the Camille Naudot mark. This link also mentioned Ardalt (I shared some pictures on another link)but the piece is so delicately painted. The figurine appears that it is part ashtray and holder of some sort. I'm going to send a few pics to add too this link.

Thanks, Peter !

Mike M


Mike's pics received and posted below by admin....

Comment by Peter (admin)

Hi Mike

Thanks for the pics. Your comment:- "the back stamp on the piece most resembles the Camille Naudot mark", is incorrect.

As the posts above explain, this mark of yours is nothing to do with Naudot (a superb quality French maker), but is Japanese mass-production from the 1960's.

Which of the importers used this exact mark is open to question as several different importers are said to have used this NC mark...

to quote from above..

We have:-

"Ucagco (United China and Glass Company) one of the many importers of Japanese ceramics which can bear the NC mark".

"Lefton, Ardalt and others confirm the time frame for this mark is 1950's-60's".

"Empress pottery mark or Royal Japan porcelain mark"

Mike's Pics:-


This figure is definitely 1960's/70's Japan, not French Naudot in any way shape or form. Please let's all get that clear (this is the whole point of this thread if you read it).

Peter (admin)

Red N within C with numbers 6944 below
by: Ron-NY

covered bowl with four 1700's dressed children supporting it's side and acting as the feet for the bowl. The bowl is a leaf-shaped vessel decorated with applied fruit and leaves. there is 24 caret decoration, some painted on some sponged on. The piece is approx 10" long and 5 inches high the figures stand about 4 inches tall and they raise the bowl approx an inch off the table.

Has anyone seen a piece like this before?

I have found the article of interest and will research the makers mentioned.

by: Anonymous

Have cat and kitten figurines nc mark been in house since the fifties

N C Mark
by: Bea

I found a piece, a little boy holding a hat with flowers in it and a wooden branch in the other hand. The mark is stamped in the bottom of the piece. no numbers. Any ideas who made it?

Madonna with Christ child
by: Anonymous

I am trying to identify the maker of an attractive figurine that captured my eye and then purchased at an estate sale. It also has the N over C mark, but printed, not stamped. Alongside it appears to be an AP, and above it the numbers 6534. In addition, there is the smallest remnant of a silver decal/sticker with wine-colored lettering/design. I can only make out an E at the end of what MAY be a ribbon as the design. If I could figure out how to send pictures, I would. Any help is appreciated...

C-N mark, French?
by: Anonymous

I have a beautiful porcelain that appears French with the CN mark. Could you help me identify it? Leslie

N with c around it
by: Anonymous

Made by ucagco

Ucagco trinket box
by: Henry Clark

I have a porcelain Japanese man
Trinket box with the ucagco foil
Stamp on it.have anyone heard of
A design like this?

smoking man
by: Anonymous

I have a porcelain man who u put cigarettes in his feet and smoke blows thru his mouth. My parents had it. When they passed I kept it. It has a stamp that looks like a ucg on the bottom. Says made in japan and it says ucagco china. Is this of any value or just a dust collector I can part with?

Little girl with candy cane
by: Anonymous

How valuable is she

China doll little girl
by: Anonymous

I have a china doll no shoes has the N C with the number 6640. It's a little girl with a hat o looking about 2 yrs old. Any thoughts.

Lefton KW1700B with NC
by: Belinda

I wish I could upload a photo. I have a very clear one.

Its difficult. the N clearly extends beyond the C. Also it is below the Lefton Handpainted mark and Reg US Pat Off

I am assuming Newcomb.

Porcelain mark
by: Mary

I was given a piece with the same marks on the back. I have been told that it could be 2 different items. It has a figurine of a boy on one side and a figurine of a girl on the other. It has 3 separate sections with two small trays on one side, in the middle a lid. and on the other side, 2 more trays. Inside the trays are 2 cherries. The whole piece is gilded. One person told me these are ash trays and another person told me it was for playing cards. Any ideas? Both families are from German descent.Thank you so much.

N and C mark
by: Anonymous

I have researched the N and C mark for many years.

It is not Camille Naudot or Newcomb Pottery. It is a Japanese mark found on many different importers wares that imported from Japan.

Raised version are earlier than printed or imk stamped examples. The mark, especially the raised ones, date to the late 1950s. The mark is often attributed to NapCo or NorCrest importing companies. Norcrest is NEVER found with this mark, Napco is rarely found with this mark. Napco items with this mark are usually green ink marks also accompanied by the PY (for Miyao in Japn) mark. Miyao (in Japan) made many things with the NC mark as did kowa (also in Japan).

The mark is common on Lefton China (often appearing with a KW and 3 or 4 digit number, KW stands for Kowa) and wares imported from Japan for Ardalt (Ardalt also imported from other countries such as Italy). A rare example of this mark can be found on some German-marked wares but the mark on Japan wares (very common) and those on German wares (rare) are not associated in any way except a similarity of mark.

A 4 digit number in red ink and a NC mark are most commonly Ardalt wares imported from Japan. If the number has a KW prefix it is Lefton China who also imported wares from various Japanese manufacturers.

The NC mark is found on various Japanese maufacturer's wares imported into the US, as evidenced by those found on Kowa and Miyao (both Japanese manufacturers). It is my opinion the NC mark is found only on better quality Japanese imported wares. Both Kowa and Miyao were top quality manufatcurers. Lefton China had an exclusive with Kowa (KW) for many years, they were the only importers in the US importing Kowa wares.

It is my opinion the NC mark is a mark of some type of group or association within Japan of Japanese manufacturers who imported into the US. Perhaps a guild of Japanese porcelain maufacturers. I would like to think the N stands for Nippon (the Japanese word for Japan) and the C for ceramics.

The Lefton Guy

NC value
by: Mary

Thank you for your response. Do these pieces have any value or are they a very ordinary? Thank you.

Identifying maker with NC stamp
by: Karen

I got this little blue boy candlestick from my grandmother in the 60s. It is marked with an NC on bottom but I can't find info on it anywhere. Can you help?

Exquisite Cherubs and boy-girl figurine vase candleholders
by: MN

After reading all the comments, I think I may have 2 Newcomb College figural bud vases/candlestick holders and a set of exquisite cherubs by Naudot. The 2 figurines that have a bud vase and candle holder on the piece have the "N" completely inside the circle, and the Cherubs have the "N" with an oval "C" and the red and gold Lefton stickers with the following numbers next to it: "KW3081A" Would love to send photos and learn more.

I have a early newcomb figurine vase
by: Sherree

My name is Sherree due to the fact that I buy a states and lockers I happen to come I buy a new comb vase very beautiful very intricate very elegant although very difficult to price considering each and everything that comes out of the new comb college from the 1800s on is only one of a kind only one made of each item so it’s been very difficult to price my new comb base however due to the research that I have done my base is from the 18th century I do have it on several online options it is worth a very pretty penny but he’s a very very nice piece of art!!!! The Figurine on it looks exactly like yours the face characteristics of the face are exactly the same back when the southern era was considered prestigious and elegant thank you for your pictures believe it or not yours as well have help me to price mine at the price that it is at this time thank you for your input in your photographs on the Internet sincerely Sherree

Basemark on N w a C over it
by: 100tonsofstuff

Sorry to say but this is a 1950's knockoff which gets mistaken for a famous maker all the time. These cute figures are made in Japan for the 1950's gift shop stock or tourist trade. Attractively deceptive.

C with a backwards N in it ????

I have 2 figurine vases a boy and a girl I can't find information on makers Mark C with a backwards N in it

by: Anonymous

Wondering what this origin is and wld like to send pic. Says 23/538 on bottom

Porcelain baby girl NEW
by: rkdunn

I have a porcelain baby NC 6792 on the bottom. The NC are written over top of each other. Do you know where or when this was made?

Naudot figurine NEW
by: Kim

I just bought a naudot figurine at a estate sale and was trying to find infi. On it and how much it was worth

Large N over Large C signature NEW
by: Anonymous

In my pair of porcelain figurines, the engraved mark appears as a Large N "over" a large C in the "Times New Roman Font Style" with curved lines; whereas in the Dictionary of Marks (c)1953, the letters appear as the letter C over the left leg of the letter N, and it is attributed to Niderville, France 1700s.Although I do not know the age of my figurines, they appear to be from the 1900s. Someone told me it appeared to be a newer Capodimonte mark but I do not think so. My vases are over twenty-five years old. My mark resembles the one in the original inquiry post.

The other mark mentioned in the comments, is shown as Newcomb Pottery, New Orleans, Louisiana ca. 1895 in a different, modern font style, the letter C around the letter N. Neither one match the signature on my figurines.

Pair of bisque porcelain wall plaques
by: Anonymous

I bought a pair of 3D bisque wall plaques. Both have what I would say are Victorian courtiers having a picnic under an oak tree. Lots of details, including roses, acorns, and gold leaf. On the back is an orange N over C with the N larger than the C, and the number 62396. Are these the mass produced items from Japan?

About Your Mark NEW
by: Vintique

your item was made by the NC co. a trading company. Japan & elsewhere. Not to be confused with Camille Naudot. About 1950s-70s. The other companies include Sadak, Arnart Imports. Hope this helps :)

I bought one at the thrift store today NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm researching what I found at the thrift store today. It's OLD. It looks similar to what you posted. I don't see any dates on this thread...today is 4-14-19

N C embossed mark
by: Joyce R

Cleaning out mother's home after she passed we came across two what appear to be vintage figurines. My immediate thought is that they are from Japan however they appear to be vaguely french in their penumbra. My aunt owned a jewelry store in Union City, NJ in the thirties and I know my Mom acquired these after Aunt Grace passed away in 1986. S0, vintage possibly pro 50's maybe sold in the store Aunty owned. It was called Roes Jewelers. Her husband was a watchmaker. The N C are exactly like Mike posted they are imprinted with no ink. There is a spot where there was a sticker applied however. Not sure what what to do with these lovely pieces, they are approximately 12" in height, a male who holds a strumming instrument about as large as a violin and the female holding a trumpet. The male sports an american revolution style hat while the woman wears a hat with a feather and a dirndle style dress. This post has helped me find alternative research venues. Thanks.

NC mark on open ended porcelain basket NEW
by: Anonymous

After reading all of your wonderful comments - I now also think this little basket is Japan not German or French - it is delightful though and in perfect condition with a cherub and tiny birds and flowers all intact

Boy fishing
by: Anonymous

I'm pretty positice the piece i have is an original being that the person whom these belonged was overseas in the service also all the other pieces of art etc. Are originals its a boy with a cane pole and cork on the end but I feel its important to add the cork is a red and white cork it has the cn stamp in the ceramic but is not colored it has the sticker and also says handpainted in Japan any info ?

N over C mark on small porcelain pitcher
by: Anonymous

I have a small pitcher thats white with gold fill (it looks like gold leaf)painted in indentations over the body of the item. it has the N over C mark on the bottom. Inherited from grandmother who stated it had been in the family for several generations. Im skeptical since it looks like it may be Japanese. Anyone know anything about the possible actual maker?

Andrea by Sadek NEW
by: Anonymous

That is this mark. They imported mostly from Japan, so I would assume this is Japanese. I have a statue figure with the Sadek paper label still on it and this N over C mark.

N with C marking NEW
by: Sharon

I,too, have a pair of candle holders with that marking. It looks like it may be a circle in the center of
the N. No numbers but it may have had a sticker on it at one time. I find that occasionally on some of my China pieces and some are drying over the years and curling. Will probably be gone at some point.
Anyway I'd like to know what that marking is, too.

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