Pottery mark M.P. Déposé on French Cognac Decanter Bottle

by Cynthia

Pottery mark M.P. Déposé on French Cognac Decanter Bottle

Pottery mark M.P. Déposé on French Cognac Decanter Bottle

Pottery mark M.P. Déposé on French Cognac Decanter Bottle:- The pottery mark is on the bottom of a 71/2 inch high, 33/4 inch square jug with a handle. The jug is blue is a basket weave and has an initial (or 2) near the top. The opening into the jug is a teardrop. I found this while emptying my father's home.



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Pottery mark M.P. Déposé on French Cognac Decanter Bottle

Hi Cynthia

This is not my area, but an interesting area nonetheless. Let's see if we can apply some simple logic and guesswork to the collectible bottle niche and help you along.

First, this bottle looks nicely made and finished - as if its to do with containing a high quality product. It has a nice blue glaze, and intricate basket weave detail, a rope effect handle, a finely sculpted low relief logo (Ch f?), and a lovely tear-drop shaped pouring neck. All in all it looks a quality item made with care and expense. I have seen cognac decanters made in Limoges porcelain, but this one appears from the photos to be blue glazed non-vitreous earthenware.

I don't think the words M.P. Déposé on the base are a pottery mark to do with identifying the manufacturer of this ceramic earthenware bottle. I think this is to do with patenting the design of the bottle itself. I think the M.P. Déposé might stand for "modéle
patent déposé" which can be translated as "model patent filed".

So this brings us to what it was used for. It must be French, so my presumption is it must be a French Cognac decanter, although I may be wrong. I added these words into your title in hopes that a collector would spot this page on a Google search and come to our aid.

If it is a cognac decanter, perhaps this is a clue as to what the 'Ch f' stands for on the nicely done logo, because there is a blend of Cognac called 'Fine Champagne Cognac'.

I have no idea whether these ideas are right or not, but I suggest you start some research based on this guesswork.

Remember though bottle collecting is a whole area itself, and within that area collectors tend to specialise into very specific areas. So there may be a specialist in Cognac bottles you can talk to.

As I understand it, bottle collecting is broken down into various sub-categories.

There are glass bottles, inks, stone gins, miniatures, American bottles, ginger beer, general wares, match-strikers, dolls, pot-lids, printed pots, flagons & jars, whisky, and earthenware. I couldn't find a category for Cognac bottles, but that doesn't mean to say there isn't one.

Obviously, some areas cross over, but the above list are some of the most popular categorisations.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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