"Pottery Mark Query - Crown above star"

by Margaret

"Pottery Mark Query - Crown above star":- This is a bisque nodder made in Germany. Impressed mark on nodder.

Any ideas?



I Have This Mark Too!
by Cynthia
(Maine USA)

Incised 3 Point Crown Above Sunburst on Lobster Trinket Box

I have a pottery lobster box that is 4 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches tall.


I would also like to know the origin but can not find a mark that resembles the one on the bottom.

The mark is a three point crown that appears to be attached to a sunburst. Inside the sunburst there are depressions but I can not make out any letters or symbols.

Also the number 7955 is stamped on the bottom of the box. The lobster is a deep orange with many details. I bought it many years ago and have recently become curious as to where it was made.



Same mark
by: Emily

I have the exact same mark on a 4 inch porcelain vase with a woman holding garland with a 4 number mark, I have searched a lot and this is the closest I got!! If anyone finds anything please post.

thanks so much!!



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star and crowm mark
by: Anonymous

Did you find anything out about this mark - I have a small pot with the same marking. email: suez_rhiannon@hotmail.com

by: Kelli

Hi. I have a tea cup and saucer with this marking. Did you find anything on it? I have looked all over and cant seem to. Thanks! kelliholman@ymail.com

impressed crown, Schaefer and Vater

by: Kathy

I think your mark may be Schaefer (or Schäfer) and Vater of Rudolstadt, Germany. The crown is above a nine-pointed star with an R for Rudolstadt in the middle. The marks aren't always 100 percent clear.


9 Point Star Pottery Mark beneath Crown - Germany
by: Peter (admin)


This is a brilliant piece of contribution to the website - you are the star of the week!

I have looked up this 9 pointed star mark with an R mark and can confirm you are right. This mark is that of Schafer & Vater of Rudolstadt, Thuringia, Germany, founded in in 1890 and survived into quite modern times, being nationalised in 1972 by the Soviet regime.

I did look this mark up several times, but I missed it because for some weird reason Kovels catalog this mark under 'crown and shield' rather than in the 'star marks' section. I would never have thought of looking under 'shield' to describe this mark.

The other reason is the blurred photo - I did not see the R in the center of the star. I have this mark listed in the crown and R marks section and had forgotten about it (too many crown marks to remember).

Well done and thanks again to Kathy.

Peter (admin)

Schafer And Vater figurine
by: DNRoss

I can't believe that I actually FOUND your webpage and the mark that you show is EXACTLY what's on the bottom of my figurine! I can't find anything further, however, about my exact figurine. It's about 5 inches high and it is a "Beethoven-looking" man playing a violin. He has a frown on his face, and in the back of his head there are 35 holes. There is also a hollow area at the bottom which makes me think it might be a toothpick holder or inkwell.... Does anyone have a clue how I can find out further about this particular item? It has a number which looks like 8535 or 5880 above the crown.... I can send a photo if need be.

Thanking anyone in advance!

Schafter & Vater
by: Epson233

this comment is for DNRoss and the 35 holes in his figure -- perhaps this could be a hatpin holder -- height is certainly right -- i have what is professed to be a schafer & vater hatpin holder -- would love to see a pic of this one -- that is why i am on this site tonight -- to determine if my lady is a schafer & vater -- she is very elegant and does not seem to fit the typical bottles & humorous figures one typically associated with S&V

schafer & vater figure left by DNRoss
by: epson233

please upload photo of your beethoven figurine or send a message via ebay to epson233 and i will give you my email address

Schafer and Vater
by: Laura

Hi, just to say that your figurine sounds like a match holder, with each match being inserted individually for comic effect. You can try this website, there are a lot on there.


How old......any value
by: Anonymous

I have a figurine of an Egyptian looking lady sitting on a camel. There is a vase like trough at the back. Jan

by: Anonymous

I have a greenish teapot with this marking underneath and G202 with a lady and gentlemen on it want to check if it has any value?

Is this a soap dish
by: Tiffany

I think my piece is a siap holder. Hmm what do you think?

Sugar and creamer with crown over 9-pointed star
by: Ann

I can’t believe I stumbled across this thread! I have a bisque sugar and creamer with this mark and have searched high and low. I guessed it was German since it was in my grandparents’ collection. It is lavender with green and gilt details. Both pieces show a reclining woman playing a lute. The creamer has just the woman with a bird on her knee. The covered sugar bowl has the woman with a little winged cherub. I would love to know more regarding value.

Can any confirm this crown above shield
by: Anonymous

I have a tea set with same marks as described but can not see an "R", and shield is further removed from the crown (shows bottom of shield not entire shield) compares to other markings I have seen. I have 6 items all with this marking (some have numbers). No black marking at all only imprints.
Thank you in advance.

Yes, it is a Schafer & Vater piece NEW
by: carlopeto

Hi Cynthia,

Yes, I can cnofirm that mark belongs to Schafer & vater. You can read all about it on my website www.schafer-vater.com

Schafer and Vater NEW
by: Andrew

I can confirm that the mark you are describing is the Schafer and Vater mark. I’ve spent the past 40 years to achieve around 300, mostly match strikers and exaggerated figures. Originally I was paying £3-4 a piece but sadly they are now £100-400 and beyond my reach although some of the more common ones can still be found around £50.
Regards to all

Chrissie NEW
by: Anonymous

Schaefer and Vater . I have a tiny figurine of two little girls holding hands. They have
poke bonnets and long skirts and little drawstring bags .
Fine undecorated porcelain. Little tree stump behind them for tiny vase. This is undecorated but at some stage, maybe a child has painted the base and tree stump a dark brown.
The ornament I’d approximately 6 cams high.

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