"Pottery Mark Query - Crown above star"

by Margaret

"Pottery Mark Query - Crown above star":- This is a bisque nodder made in Germany. Impressed mark on nodder.

Any ideas?



I Have This Mark Too!
by Cynthia
(Maine USA)

Incised 3 Point Crown Above Sunburst on Lobster Trinket Box

I have a pottery lobster box that is 4 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches tall.


I would also like to know the origin but can not find a mark that resembles the one on the bottom.

The mark is a three point crown that appears to be attached to a sunburst. Inside the sunburst there are depressions but I can not make out any letters or symbols.

Also the number 7955 is stamped on the bottom of the box. The lobster is a deep orange with many details. I bought it many years ago and have recently become curious as to where it was made.



Same mark
by: Emily

I have the exact same mark on a 4 inch porcelain vase with a woman holding garland with a 4 number mark, I have searched a lot and this is the closest I got!! If anyone finds anything please post.

thanks so much!!



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star and crowm mark
by: Anonymous

Did you find anything out about this mark - I have a small pot with the same marking. email: suez_rhiannon@hotmail.com

by: Kelli

Hi. I have a tea cup and saucer with this marking. Did you find anything on it? I have looked all over and cant seem to. Thanks! kelliholman@ymail.com

impressed crown, Schaefer and Vater

by: Kathy

I think your mark may be Schaefer (or Schäfer) and Vater of Rudolstadt, Germany. The crown is above a nine-pointed star with an R for Rudolstadt in the middle. The marks aren't always 100 percent clear.


9 Point Star Pottery Mark beneath Crown - Germany
by: Peter (admin)


This is a brilliant piece of contribution to the website - you are the star of the week!

I have looked up this 9 pointed star mark with an R mark and can confirm you are right. This mark is that of Schafer & Vater of Rudolstadt, Thuringia, Germany, founded in in 1890 and survived into quite modern times, being nationalised in 1972 by the Soviet regime.

I did look this mark up several times, but I missed it because for some weird reason Kovels catalog this mark under 'crown and shield' rather than in the 'star marks' section. I would never have thought of looking under 'shield' to describe this mark.

The other reason is the blurred photo - I did not see the R in the center of the star. I have this mark listed in the crown and R marks section and had forgotten about it (too many crown marks to remember).

Well done and thanks again to Kathy.

Peter (admin)

Schafer And Vater figurine
by: DNRoss

I can't believe that I actually FOUND your webpage and the mark that you show is EXACTLY what's on the bottom of my figurine! I can't find anything further, however, about my exact figurine. It's about 5 inches high and it is a "Beethoven-looking" man playing a violin. He has a frown on his face, and in the back of his head there are 35 holes. There is also a hollow area at the bottom which makes me think it might be a toothpick holder or inkwell.... Does anyone have a clue how I can find out further about this particular item? It has a number which looks like 8535 or 5880 above the crown.... I can send a photo if need be.

Thanking anyone in advance!

Schafter & Vater
by: Epson233

this comment is for DNRoss and the 35 holes in his figure -- perhaps this could be a hatpin holder -- height is certainly right -- i have what is professed to be a schafer & vater hatpin holder -- would love to see a pic of this one -- that is why i am on this site tonight -- to determine if my lady is a schafer & vater -- she is very elegant and does not seem to fit the typical bottles & humorous figures one typically associated with S&V

schafer & vater figure left by DNRoss
by: epson233

please upload photo of your beethoven figurine or send a message via ebay to epson233 and i will give you my email address

Schafer and Vater
by: Laura

Hi, just to say that your figurine sounds like a match holder, with each match being inserted individually for comic effect. You can try this website, there are a lot on there.


How old......any value
by: Anonymous

I have a figurine of an Egyptian looking lady sitting on a camel. There is a vase like trough at the back. Jan

by: Anonymous

I have a greenish teapot with this marking underneath and G202 with a lady and gentlemen on it want to check if it has any value?

Is this a soap dish
by: Tiffany

I think my piece is a siap holder. Hmm what do you think?

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