Pottery Mark Query - G H with Crown

by Todd
(Burton, UK)

Pottery Mark Query - G H with Crown

Pottery Mark Query - G H with Crown

Pottery Mark Query - G H with Crown:- hi there,

i have two porcelain fighting cock figures that i am trying to identify and wondered if you could help. i inherited the figures some time ago and thought it nice to try and find out where my late granddad purchased these from.

on the base the word foreign is inscribed along with the mark which is in the photo i enclose.

i initially thought it may be German but am unsure.

i would appreciate any help you may be able to give.




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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Pottery Mark Query - G H with Crown

Hello Todd

This 'G' stands for Gräfenthal, a town in Thuringia, East Germany.

But at first I thought this mark might be Greiner & Herda, which is the only G H mark I could find in my books - but the mark was not quite the same as the most recorded mark of GH which has only three prongs and the G and H are either side of the crown, not underneath. The crown was the same graphic style apart from the number of the prongs. Greiner & Herda are a Bavarian firm from Oberkotzau, Greiner & Herda were founded in 1898 (some records state 1886). At first they were just decorators, but success led to making their
own stuff. They mainly offered a range of highly decorated household items especially coffee and tea sets. The company was taken over in 1943 by Hans Neuerer and renamed Porzellanfabrik Neuerer. You can contact them as I think they still operate - www.porzellan-selb.de.

.......But! After further research, I found that this mark does not, in fact, say G H at all. It says 'G' for Gräfenthal, a town in Thuringia, East Germany. The two down-strokes are just graphic lines or arrows. Not at all confusing.

The company was started out as 'Porzellanfabrik Unger, Schneider & Cie' factory in 1859. It went through various mergers and changes of ownership.

In 1885 it became owned in part by Hermann Hutschenreuther, a relation of the famous name porcelain makers.

In 1886 it became the Carl Schneiders Erben factory.

In the 20th Century it became nationalized during the Soviet era.

In 1951 it was merged with the Carl Scheidig factory to form Porzellanfiguren Gräfenthal.

Porzellanfiguren Gräfenthal was dissolved in 1972 and Carl Schneiders Erben closed. Carl Scheidig Erben, however continued with the Gräfenthal name and still trades today.

The blue mark shown has been around from 1889 to 1972, so it is very hard to date.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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I have this!
by: Anonymous

I have 2 figurines that have this same mark - I am having a very difficult time finding where they came from. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Did anyone manage to find the makers mark
by: Anonymous

I also have a piece of porcelein with identical markings its a coach and horses ornament which is serial numbered #21843. I have tried to locate information about it but no luck so far, if i get lucky i will re-post with details

Link to Marks Information on Graefenthal / Gräfenthal
by: Anonymous

Here is a link to a specialist German Makers site (PM&M) which expands on the information summary on the maker Graefenthal (or Gräfenthal) aka Unger or Schneider, given by Peter above www.porcelainmarksandmore.com/thuringia/graefenthal

Any update - 1854 on Pottery Mark not 1859
by: Fallguy

I have been searching for a Lady friend (hence the name) for the same markings.

The only difference from the photo is the date 1854,or could that 4 be a 9?.

Reading the short history of the firm (see above)and the date on my Lady friends item if it is 1854 they do not taLly with when the firm was first started.

There is also another number 20*** could this number be more help than a date on the base.

Being as the item belongs to a Lady you can guess I have got find all about it.



Peter (admin) says:-

Sorry FG but this maker is pretty well documented online (see above link) and not a sniff of any 1854's around. Some Far East makers took to impersonating (badly) some older German marks -- see my ARNART articles. It depends on the quality. Real German will almost always be much better in every way to the Far East factories of this era.

Date query
by: Lynnb359

I also have a piece dated 1854 with the same markings/crown detail.So far I have been unable to find anything about the piece - it is of two figurines; one seated (lady) and one standing (man). Any info would be useful. thanks.

1859 girl figurine
by: Anonymous

Hi,I own a figurines of a girl with a cat in hand, it look like red riding hook; she have a red cape in the bottom of a figurine is a crown with a letter G with two arrow in top and the year is 1859 and the number is 14. Can you tell me something about it. Next to the girls is a tree with a dog in the bottom of the tree and in top of the tree is a cat. Can you help me


Peter (admin) says:-

Commentators please leave their names. We are not an anonymous site. Also, if you had used the site search function (top right of the page), you would have seen the G mark with arrows is already answered (it is Gräfenthal aka Schneider & Cie' founded in 1859.)

to todd
by: Anonymous

hi todd i have got two cocks fighting too with the same mark, did you ever find out there worth, mine have the monogram in brown

re; Peter's original inquiry for "GH" 1859 mark
by: JEFF L.

I have a double figurine of a man serenading a woman with a type of guitar, both fiures are seated and in Victorian era costume (which is lending to the confusion),

This double figurine has an identical mark as Peter's but ALSO includes a gold foil label with the words "MADE IN GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIK".

This was the state established after WWll that was commonly known as EAST GERMANY and under Russian dominion. Therefor, I've concluded my piece was made in the late 40's to early 50's. Such figurines were en vogue after the war, especially in America.

I have not nailed down the exact manufacturer, but suspect the "after further research..." note posted above by the first replier is on the right track. Although, I'm not convinced the two verticals are not indeed an "H". Perhaps Gandefal-Hansen (sp?).

The example I have was fortunate enough to have had a layer of felt applied to the bottom which protected the sticker as well as some paper & stick-em from what I believe to be the original price tag. It's in the shape of a roughly 1/2" square with cropped corners as was a common price sticker used in the post WWll retail trade up until the advent of bar coding first introduced in the early 1970's.

However I'm tending to think that the figurine I have dates to right after the war at which time the sticker was applied denoting the country of origin, likely required by US government customs.

Additionally it has an impressed "GERMANY" in the bisque that tells me the mold was probably made before the war, hence the need to add the sticker.

There's also a panted "26" in black which I believe is the decorator's mark.

At first, i thought the "1859" was the model/mold #, but with others weighing in here having different shapes with the same #, I conclude it must be reference to the company's original date of establishment as noted above.

I hope that helps.

re. the GH mark with Crown.
by: Hilmar Bosch

Just out of interest, I also have the figure of a Cock, but, with the printed date a definite 1850 and the color is a reddish-brown, not blue.
The name "Germany" appears as a impressed mark as does the number 20800 which I presume is the model number.

GH with Crown
by: Hilmar Bosch

OK, have done some more research on this - it first appeared in 1886 (in red, blue and green colors) and was the mark for Paul Schneider who took over the company from his father, Carl Schneider of Schneider & Cie (1859-1885), in this year. The company was renamed 'Carl Schneiders Erben' and the symbol was introduced by Paul at this date.

please help
by: peter butterworth

i have a lord and lady stood together or its a king queen say 1850 and a no 8 too on it in blue do you no how i can find information on it as want to sell it thanks

Biscuit Figurine
by: Barbara

I have a biscuit of a young girl 7" high it has a blue fan shaped mark with GH and a number 4 impressed. It also has an impressed mark of GH under a fan with a crown and a number of 12635, I wonder if you could help me identify the maker and also the date. Thank you for your help.

by: Vlad

I have a porcelain figurine(only a red mark G, pressed the inscription Germany 21533 and figure 15)-Male(Burger?) drinking beer from a mug leaning his elbow on a beer barrel,with the belt, he plugged the turnip.Your considerations about the origin and value?Thank you!Vlad

by: Anonymous

I have porcelain horse and carriage with the g h under the crown and dated 1859 and also says gdr with a these simbels going trough it £9811 could u value this thanx

Horse Drawn carriage
by: Tom

I have a horse drawn carriage with driver and two horses, the markings are the same, Crown and what looks like GH with made in GDR 1859. Does this have any value.

by: Louise

I have a similar piece (woman playing piano, gent playing violin), with the crown/'G'/arrow lines mark on the base, which until now I have never been able to identify so I am delighted to learn where it originates. However, mine also has the date (?) 1839 on it which seems earlier than some. It also has 13 and FOREIGN on the base. I have therefore always assumed it to be a copy of little value, but I would be very grateful if you could let me know if that is correct? Thanks

Horse and Carriage
by: Tim

Tom... did you find out any more info about your horse and carriage? I may have the same one and very curious.
Mine has the Gräfenthal symbol , 1859 , and very curious how much this may be worth. It is in incredible shape... but curious when it was released. My email is timhotchin@gmail.com and would love to send anyone a photo to get their opinion. Tim

Blindfold Seated Gentleman
by: Carrie

My figurine has the GH mark under the crown as well. 1959 all in red ink. There is a lovely lady blindfolding a seated gentleman. Both are dressed in Colonial dress - bustled long skirt, men's long coat, powdered wig, ruffled shirt, etc. Does anyone know the approximate value?

"Girl with two swans" crown under the GH 1859 number 14199ķ
by: Odin

Hello, please help me to recognize this sculpute, girl with long blond hair pink dress golden crown and two swans on each side. 1985 red crown under GH mark. Plate number 14199
Interested write audr.kazlauskas@gmail.com

Dates from & value ?
by: Annie DK

I bought a small figurine in a charity shop. It is a little girl with a small terrier type dog in pale blue, beige & white. The mark is GH&Co model number 8981. Does anyone know anything about this little figure ?
Many Thanks

Annie DK

16thcentury garbed couple figureine NEW
by: Dennis

Your comments on the GH mark peaked my interest. I have a figurine of a 16century garbed couple, the male has a knee length crimson coat knee length black pants and white stockings, he carries a cane and is wearing a black triangle hat, the female figure is wearing a large hooped skirt and has a fan in her hand the marks on the bottom are a 5 pointed crown with the GH and number 1659 and made in GDR there is also the gold sticker that says Made in German Democratic Republic.. Any info??

Figurine pianist and violinist NEW
by: Fionna

I have the same figurine as Louise with the same date and number 14 on the bottom.




Deers figurine
by: Olga

Hello everyone!
I also have a figurine of two deers, the size of the figurine is 24*26 cm. The color of the mark is red with 1859 and no.21742.

Have tried to find any information about it, but nothig. If someone has any updetaes, will be glad to find out!

Veteran Porcelain collector NEW
by: Anonymous

The mark comes from the manufacturer Galluba and Hoffman.

This factory manufactured thousands of the fairing type figurines. Generally in bright coloured glazes.

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