Pottery Mark Query - Looks like reverse N letter beneath glazing/pottery Jar

by lisa
(wichita kansas)

Pottery Mark Query - Looks like reverse N letter beneath glazing/pottery Jar

Pottery Mark Query - Looks like reverse N letter beneath glazing/pottery Jar

Pottery Mark Query - Looks like reverse N letter beneath glazing/pottery Jar:- I have been trying to research this urn or ginger jar with no luck. I did send photos to 2 online appraisals and one said it looked asian, And the other said she thought it was from the 1800's or earlier and made of fayence... But neither of them could find the markings in any of their reference books... I need help identifying this peice


The forum moderator says:-

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Had you searched for "Reverse N" you would have found this page:-

Reverse N letter Russian letter for "i" is possibly I.A.Ikonnikov Imperial Porcelain Private Manufactory, Moscow Gubernia (scroll down the page quite a way to find the article)

Here's an extract:-

    "...this reverse N letter {is} the Russian letter for "i" (pronounced "ee", as in see).

    Logically, this means that the factory marking maybe from a company whose name begins with 'i'.

    I looked up listings of Russian factories whose name began with 'i' and found only one.

    It was the ikonnikov factory of Moscow (I.A.Ikonnikov Imperial Porcelain Private Manufactory, Moscow Gubernia) and appears to be very old established and its wares of high value.

    The name, when written in Cyrillic looks like this "Иконников" or "NKOHHNKOB" (this is the nearest a western keyboard can get to it - the two N's are reversed).

    Sadly, there is virtually nothing online about this factory and also nothing in my books (which are general rather than specialist). It would therefore need specialist books or knowledge to find out about their markings, confirm their history, and confirm if the reverse N mark on the base of your vase was, in fact, an Ikonnikov marking."

Russian wares, if that is what it is, seem to keep quite a good value. To check out the value and identification go to Peter's vintage and antique china values page

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Any more info?
by: Tiffany

I have just come across this same jar, not knowing how beautiful it was until I cleaned all the black soot off of it. I do not have the lid. And the colors on some of the flowers differ, but other than that they are almost exact. Mine has the etching of VII on the bottom edge as well.

Have you found out any more information on this piece? I love it regardless of it's value but would like to know more, nonetheless.

Potentially helpful link -
by: Tiffany

I found this link and thought it might be of help.



Peter (admin) says:-

Thanks for that useful link Tiffany....

12 Brownie point for you!!!

It appears this seller (called Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies ) is telling it like it is. They are selling modern pieces (sounds like from China rather than Russia like I thought with the reversed N) - but wherever these are made, the seller says they are modern, and originally had paper labels to give country of origin which are quickly removed.

The point is - the seller is still asking $495 USD retail for this type of jar/vase, even knowing it's modern fantasy.

So this is a decorative value - these are fun stylish pieces. Let's break it down in terms of price. Let's say that's a retail price - which may be slightly over the odds and they would negotiate to about $400. You then look at the cost price which would be half, less a bit, so in the region of $150 - $200 USD. A private seller selling at auction might get a third to a half of retail so that gets us to a hammer price of around $100 - $150 USD. Selling privately you are at liberty to try to get as near to the retail price as possible, so go for it - but just be honest about the origin. I think modern Chinese reproduction pieces can be very splendidly deecorative and not so easy to make for the workers.

Peter (admin)

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