Pottery Mark Query - "Marco"

by Jessica Ewing
(Manson, WA, USA)

Pottery Mark Query -

Pottery Mark Query -

Pottery Mark Query - "Marco":- My Grandmother passed away when I was only 2 years old, but growing up I always loved to look at the china collection she had. This collection consisted of her own purchases and my Aunt's also; of which she obtained after her sister's death. My Aunt I have found out, was very good at collecting only the finest and valuable china for her collection.

When I turned 13 my Grandpa let me pick a teacup from my Grandmother's collection. I chose a beautiful cup with a pink rose pattern. The base color of the saucer and cup is an opaque white; or i would say that it looks like the inside of a nice oyster where it is white, yet you can see other colors that seem not to be there. It also has wedges of light pink coloring which turns into gold finishing at the edge of the cup rim, and saucer rim.these wedges are between each rose design. The rims of both are scalloped and in the center of the saucer there is a circle 2 1/2 inches in diameter. with a star like pattern in the middle. the saucer itself is 5 3/4ths inches across. The cup is 4 inches diameter which comes down to a narrow neck before spreading out to the base which is 2 inches in diameter.the china itself is about1/8th of an inch thick or less. The rose pattern consists of an opening rose bud and a smaller rose bud, one spray with 3 leaves on it. The only markings are MARCO over what you could say looks like 2 olive branches crossed underneath it, with loops at the ends of the stems. I loved the teacup ever since I
was little and to this day I find myself looking at it with awe and marvel at how inspiring it is.

It wasn't until this summer when I was cleaning that I stopped to look at the teacup and reminisce. The funny thing about it this time, is I related it to all the Jane Austin novels i have read. I love the time era and how they had tea everyday. So i decided along with my collection of Jane Austin books, earlier movies and clothing, I decided that I wanted to learn about teacups.

So being of the generation where I am supposedly technology savy,I hoped on the internet and started to search for information about the marking Marco. Well, to my frustration I could not find anything other than history about Marco Polo. I checked a trade mark on a teacup my mom has, and found information about it, but no matter where I look and how... Marco seems imaginary.

any help at all would be much appreciated. I would like to know more about the teacup, seeing as how i know a little of the history within my family. Plus now I'm even more curious as to the trade mark and who made it.

Thank you for offering your knowledge and resources to help. This website has taught me a lot about collecting china and it will be very helpful as i start collecting more to accompany "Marco".


The Admin Team says:-

Jessica, beautifully written contribution, wish all contributions were as nice. We are as baffled as you right now!! But hopefully not for long as someone will know something.


Guest researcher Melissa has done some great work on this one - click the comments below.

Thanks M.

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by: Anonymous

I have found a couple of references online to a Marco Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio, USA, and a Marco China company. No idea if they are related.

The closest mark is a lily-of-the-valley patterned dish currently on ebay marked Marco in a similar style, but without the branches. Other pieces available on ebay have a "Marco Fine China" sticker. One seller of a set of 4 snack plates says the mark is "Marco Fine China, Japan," but alas, does not show the mark.

No Marco on gotheborg.org, so I dead-ended there...

Marco Pottery
by: Anonymous

I also found Marco Pottery Zanesville OHio.
www.atticshoppe.com shows a small violet porcelain vase and shows the manufacturer's mark. It is not similar to the one you show,however.
Betty C


nice work Betty!
Peter (admin)

marco pottery
by: doris

Hi, My name is Doris and my husbands great grandmother and her second husband Sam March owned marco pottery in norwich aoround the early 1940s. My husbands uncle who will soon be 89 remembers his mother taking them to imperial, pa in the 30s and selling pottery along route 22. I am still diligently searching for a lot more info on the pottery but unfortunately am not having a lot of sucess. feel free to contact me at benh@columbus.rr.com

Matching Teapot WIth Marco Stamp
by: Kim

I have a matching teapot with the rose theme and Marco stamp on the bottom. I inherited the teapot from my grandmother many years ago. I am also frustrated at the lack of information out there. Good luck in your search!


Peter (admin) says:
I have written to the person's email (above), but as yet have had no reply.... watch this space. I will immediately post if and when I get a response.

marco pottery
by: doris

As I mentioned in my e-mail several days ago, I am not having a lot of success finding out a lot of info on Marco Pottery. All I really have is an 89 year old man that tells me what he remembers and boxes and boxes of papers and personal items that I am searching through. One thing I did learn is that my brother-in-law has all the pottery stored in his garage from our grandfathers estate. Will be going there in a couple of weeks and see what I can find. Hang in there guys and hopefully we can piece it all together. I feel like Nancy Drew on a mission!!!


Peter (admin) says:


Please take some photos of your 'mission' and I will add them to your thread for you. Just send them to me at peteradmin@theclayartist.com. Make sure you mention the 'MARCO' thread. Send as many as you want and I will edit them into a little diary to be posted up here.

Looking forward to hearing about your investigations!


by: Janis

I have a beautiful "Marco cup and saucer that I am trying to sell but can't find it anywhere to figure out what it is worth! any help would be great!

by: Cindy

I also have a cup that sounds very similar to the one described with the "Marco" on the bottome with the gold looking olive branches. While trying to find something out about this marking I stumbled across this site. Will keep digging also until I find something.

Finally another Marco mark like mine!
by: Jessicah

You're the only one I've been able to find on the entire Internet who's posted a picture of the exact same Marco mark I have on a teacup and saucer set! Just that word 'Marco' and the wreath beneath it. I've been going bonkers trying to figure out how to price it for sales, everywhere is a dead end. Having Google be an idiot as far as keywords goes really doesn't help either (what an un-auspicious name, we get everything from Marco Polo to the actual country of 'China' to St. 'Mark,' ad infinitum, ad infinitum...)

Let me know if you ever do find out anything about this china!

marco pottery
by: doris

it's been some time since I have left any comments. Sorry. Been super busy. Real quick there is a lot of items marked Marco, but what I have been able to find out is that when Marco Pottery was in Norwich, Ohio the mark that was used is in plain block letters MARCO POTTERY (with a straight line under each word.) When the pottery moved to Zanesville it changed to MARCO POTTERY in a circle with Zanesville Ohio between the two words. Another item of interest is they actually didn"t make pottery but bought blanks from Gonder and LePere potteries. After my husband's great grandmother died Sam March sold the two Zanesville Plants to Chic Pottery and he moved to Florida. I have been able to purchase a few pieces in the past month so when time allows I will take pictures. The Marco mark with a wreath is not associated with this Marco pottery. Doris Hamilton
benh [AT] columbus [DOT] rr [DOT] com


Peter (admin) says:-

Doris, as usual you are a star! This is a great summary ot the different Marco Pottery marks. When you have time, send in the pics and I'll look forward to posting them into you comments for you.

Just received you pics and have uploaded them below:-

marco pottery

marco pottery

marco pottery

marco pottery

marco pottery

marco pottery

marco pottery

marco pottery

Marco Pottery Vase
by: Marci

I have one of those Marco Pottery vases that you show in one of your picures with the 2 ducks. Have you found any more information or value of this vase? If you have anymore info, please email me at mmcbride04@hotmail.com


I also have a Marco "olive branch" item
by: Ann

I came across a two handle (like a tray) decorative 7 1/2 " x 5 " porcelain dish that has the "Marco" name on the back. It has a small rose painted in the center with a detailed gold floral pattern as the background. Handles and edges are accented in gold. I too have no idea where it was made or when.


Help Elf says:-

Hey Ann, take some time to read the above info on Marco - a great little company we Elves love to uncover lots of info on. You should get all your info there.

Marco Tea Cups
by: Dori

I also have some Marco tea sets with the olive branches and have always wondered who made them...has anyone actually found out anything???


Peter (admin) says:-

Doris's answer above says that apparently the mark in Jessica's photo which shows the laurel or olive branch does not belong to the US company she has researched. In that case, we don't know exactly who this other Marco company is.

If you have any of this olive branch marked Marco wares, please post.

More Marco
by: Vicci

Hi. I found your page when trying to find out more about a beautiful cup and saucer that belonged to my grandmother. Unlike the other comments, mine are marked plain "MARCO" in gold. I'd love to send a couple photos, but I'm not sure how. (The handle is elaborate and the base of the cup is "four-footed." There are no leaves, underline or any other mark except the name in caps and I'm most curious about the date of manufacture or painting.


Peter (admin) says:-

Hi Viccy

Please send your photos to me marked for 'Pottery Mark Query - Marco' and I will add them to your post.



Peter (admin)

Marco teacup
by: Anonymous

Just found this site trying to learn about Marco. My mominlaw is giving me a teacup and saucer with blue bachlelor buttons on it. The cup is three footed with a scrolled handle. We like to have Teas and, of course, our teacup sets are simply a collection of different patterns. All part of the fun.
It's been great reading about your adventures of trying to discover information about Marco.
Thanks, H

Plain Gold MARCO stamp
by: MB

Like some other commenters, I have a tea cup from my grandmother, looking for info on it. My stamp is all caps 'MARCO' in gold on the bottom. It has a pine cone motif on the side.

Still curious
by: Amber

As stated by Doris, the gold leafs with the Marco were not made by this company! So still would like to know where it comes from!

Marco - Made In Japan
by: Natalie R.

I have tea cups and saucers that belonged to my great-grandmother who came to the US in the 50s (so she would have purchased them here). The cups are stamped MARCO in gold with the two branches with loops. They also have black paper stickers on them marked Made in Japan, so that should give you some hint on the date. I remember these cups from when I was a kid in the 60s. I have two cups and saucers with what look like violets with good handles and rims. Hope that helps. No idea on their value.

Marco with olive branches
by: Anonymous

A couple of days ago I went to a Goodwill store and bought a very lacey plate. I believe it is
either porcelain or bone china. It has a silver
painted three-ringed handle in the top center. It
has three red roses, one of which is faded, painted on it. It has a silver painted edge.
The underneath has a Marco stamp with two olive
branches. I researched this on my computer, and came up with nothing but Marco Polo's adventures.
I do not know where when and where it was made
and what the appraisal value is.

Marco with olive branches
by: Howard

A couple of days ago I bought a bone china or porcelain plate 8 inches in diameter with silver
painted olive leaves and branches spread over the
face of the plate and has three red roses, one of which is faded. It has a silver painted three-ringed handle, and a silver trim around the edges. Underneath there is a Marco stamp with
two crossed olive branches. I have not been able
come up with anything on the internet except
Marco Polo and his adventures. I do not know when
and where it was made and what the value of it is.

Marco with olive branches
by: Howard

A couple of days ago I bought a bone china or porcelain plate 8 inches in diameter with silver
painted olive leaves and branches spread over the
face of the plate and has three red roses, one of which is faded. It has a silver painted three-ringed handle, and a silver trim around the edges. Underneath there is a Marco stamp with
two crossed olive branches. I have not been able
come up with anything on the internet except
Marco Polo and his adventures. I do not know when
and where it was made and what the value of it is.

by: adsilver

Recently acquired a pair of white chamber sticks, with ornate gold trim on the ends and handle. they are both marked MARCO in gold. Trying to get some info on them. They are very light weight, I can't determine if they are porcelain or pottery. To me they are to light to be pottery. On the back of one there is the remains of a silver label but it is impossible to make anything out. Would love to find out more about them.

marco china saucers
by: Vallaya

I recently purchased two small saucers, iridescent glaze which resembles the inside of an oyster shell as well. Gold painted rims. One has roses painted, the other, another kind of flower. Both very delicate. they have a foil sticker which reads Marco fine China, Japan. I found two pieces, one on eBay, which was a small angel figurine priced so far at $75.00. There was another site where I found a small deer figurine with the same sticker. My sticker is only silver now, but I believe it used to be red. Any information appreciated about value!!

There is also a Japanese Marco
by: Vallaya Smith

These are the Marco saucers I have in the first 2 pictures. The 3rd picture is from an angel figurine I saw on eBay for $75.00. These are definitely made by the same company, I'm pretty sure. If you have any further info, let me know! :-)

marco china japan

Vallaya Smith


Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Vallaya

Great incontrovertible evidence that there are two completely separate china manufacturers unconnected both with the name 'Marco'.

One is from the good ole US of A, the other is from Japan.

That clears up a tad of confusion.

Peter (admin)

I found a little Pottery? Swan with luster patten finish
by: mymysharna

Silver stamp with MARCO Zanesville Ohio Pottery
5 1/2 inches tall with green and beige luster kind of pattern as seen in another post

Marco flowered vase approx 8 inches MINT condition!
by: Sandy

I need to find out how to post (from my I-phone) some pics of my Marco vase for you to see- anyone know how these pictures on this blog thread were posted? Thanks for your tech-savvy help!!

marco china saucers
by: Vallaya

I would also love to find out about value of the pieces from japan. I believe them to be fairly rare.

My Marco Japan Label Pics
by: Sandy

Here are my Marco pics (I sent them to Peter via his main email address peter@theclayartist.com and he posted them up for me)

japanese marco sticky label

marco porcelain mark from Japan

marco mark not from USA-

japan marco labelled vase

marco Japan
by: Vallaya Smith

Sandy, I have 4 pieces that match your vase!!!

marco fine china
by: gloria

I was looking up the value of a very nice little brown turtle I picked up at the goodwill and saw these comments. Mine does have a red sticker and says marco fine china japan.

Marco Pottery Swan
by: Anonymous

I was going through some old boxes and found a Marco Pottery swan vase.

by: Kim

I inherited a set a rooster and chicken that have the red and gold Marco sticker on them they are very colorful showing a little wear , is there anything you could tell me about them , thanks Kim

Marco fine china Japan
by: Margie Parkis

Thank you to all who uploaded images of the marks. I too have a lovely pearlescent/lusterware type teacup and saucer with the paper red & gold sticker "Marco fine china Japan."
I think there are a lot fewer of these identified since stickers come off!

These are almost certainly post-WWII, since at that time technology improved for making stickers that would remain stuck to pieces, and so sticker labels were allowed.
If there aren't any stickers or other maker's marks, you can also use the general shape and design of the pieces to get an idea of the era.

MARCO Pottery
by: Deb

I have a collection of six tea cups and saucers that belonged to my husbands grandmother. I've had them for years and was wondering where they might have originated from. In reading all these posts, it appears that they manufactured this china in Ohio. Still would like to know dates of when these were in manufactured and when they ceased production???!!! I have pictures I can send .

by: jim

Hi I am new to this site , great to see other items from Marco U.S.A ,Mine however seems to be different , it reads GNP at the top and scrolling signature style under that is Marco with a line underneath, right at the rim in small signature style and no capitals is japan Thick bulbous 2 handled vase , painted thick pink blue and green flowers on a light grey background, any ideas guys and gals

by: Brenda

I found this kitten coin Bank in my grandmother's estate. It's marked as Marco Pottery. I'd love to know more about it. Cannot find any photos online. It's a creamy white color with gold accents.

by: JOE

I have a vase with a black back round and MARCO POTTERY MIDDLEBORO GUERNSEY OHIO in capital letters, the vase is 10" tall and in a purple sponge it is made of sand stone and very heavy.

Marco pottery
by: Doris

Hi Joe,Marco pottery originally started in guernsey county, Ohio before moving to Cambridge and then finally toZanesville, Ohio! With our family history associated with the pottery I have been very fortunate to acquire 3 pieces of the early pieces! I did end up paying a pretty price for these original early pieces!!

Marco thread
by: Sheila B.

Hi- I just found this site while trying to identify 3 small plates with the MARCO and olive branches. Has anyone figured out what they're worth? I will send a pic.

Where is it from? NEW
by: Linda C.

I purchased a three footed teacup and saucer with MARCO on bottom. No olive branches. Is this from Japan or USA?

MARCO tea cup and saucer NEW
by: Janice

Tea up and saucer with repeating pattern of young man and lady in a gardenlike setting. Gold rimmed on both saucer and cup. Looks like it could be English type setting? Each piece has MARCO stamped on the bottom plain and simple.
Like most I found this sight by searching MARCO.

Pitcher NEW
by: Anonymous

Small gray pitcher with blue spriggy flower painted on one side and 3 blue brush strokes on the other side. MARCO and a flower in a.vase imprinted on the bottom. Any value or age estimate?

by: Licia

I have 2 dishes marked only MARCO on the bottom nothing else both look alike purple small flowers with gold trim one migh5 be salad dish one tea cup size , i cant find anything on these.

MARCO stamp only NEW
by: Licia

I have 2 dishes marked only MARCO on the bottom nothing else both look alike purple small flowers with gold trim one migh5 be salad dish one tea cup size , i cant find anything on these.

Marco Pottery NEW
by: bonnie

I have a green crackle tea set; tea pot with lid, creamer and sugar. I cannot find anything about the pieces. On the bottom of the pieces, it has a blue paper medallion. On the medallion it has Marco Pottery, Middlebourne Guernsey, Ohio.

If anyone has any information , please post.

Small vase NEW
by: Kelli

I have a small Marco Pottery vase. It's an off white color with gold inside. On the outside is a pink flower, a white flower & some small blue flowers with green leaves. Does any know what about what it might be worth if I try selling it on Ebay?
Thank You. :)

Marco pottery NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Bonnie! Your tea set is one of the early pieces before Marco pottery moved to Cambridge,Ohio! For values sake since only one piece has the identifying sticker it is important to keep all pieces together!

Marco pottery NEW
by: doris

Hi Bonnie! I just posted about keeping all the pieces together but I didn’t put my name in! LOL! The very early pieces had the stickers which over time fell off if they got wet! I have 2 vases one with sticker and one without and they stay together! Marco pottery belonged to my husbands great grandmother and her husband Sam March

Marco w/ olive branches NEW
by: Kelly S

I have a laced gold trimmed irredecant saucer with deep purple flowers. Mine has Marco in good with olive branches. Is this from Japan? I wanted to post a pic but I can’t see how to.

Marco olive branch mark
by: Darlene

I have a cup that was my grandmother's, tea cup with the Marco and olive branch type mark, no idea how old but at least the 40s I imagine.not sure I can post a picture.

Marco Pottery Pheasants
by: Kimberly

I have found 2 Pearl incadecent pheasants/birds...they are lovely! They carry the Marco pottery logo in gold with lines under each...

My "Marco" piece
by: Anonymous

I have this divided dish that is simply marked Marco on the back.
It looks exactly like a dish on Ebay except their'sis violets.
Mine is roses.

Marco with olive branches NEW
by: Jamie

Love reading all your stories! I recently started collecting pretty cups and saucers and also have a Marco set..I can not find a thing about it!

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