Pottery Mark Query - 'R' with Crown Above and Laurel Wreath around 'R'

by Toni
(Decatur, IN, USA)

Pottery Mark Query - 'R' with Crown Above and Laurel Wreath around 'R'

Pottery Mark Query - 'R' with Crown Above and Laurel Wreath around 'R'

Pottery Mark Query - 'R' with Crown Above and Laurel Wreath around 'R':- My mom received this cake plate with pedestal in the 1970s as a Christmas gift from her employer. If I recall correctly, she picked it out of a book of items you could order based on your seniority.

The plate was made in Germany and is white with gold flowers and scroll work on the both plate itself and the pedestal.

I've searched and searched and can't locate the manufacturer associated with this stamp. Can you help?

Thanks for any direction that you can provide.

NOTE: I wasn't able to load a second picture. I can forward one of the item if you would like.



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Hi Toni


Below, Beth gives the answer as Reichenbach Porcelain Factory of Reichenbach, Thuringia, Germany. Scroll down the page to find it...

Thanks Beth
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The original reply continues below unedited as the thread developed....

The "R" mark with a wreath shown is a completely new one to me.

The only well known German mark close to this is the RS with a wreath by Reinhold Schlegelmilch Porcelain manufacturer in Suhl Germany founded in the 1800s.

They exported much to the US but had a RS Wreath often with the word 'Prussia' written on.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Same Problem with Pottery Mark - 'R' with Crown Above and Laurel Wreath around 'R'
by: Frans van Leeuwen


We've been searching around the net for this same porcelain mark and are very curious what you've found out about it.
We have a blue vase with silver (japanese like) flower decorations and we are very curious to know where it's from or who made it.
The only history we know is that my father bought it in Russia at the end of world war 2...
Please help us out if you can?!

kind regards,

Frans van Leeuwen, Holland.

same problem! with r mark with crown and wreath
by: canadien

Hi, i have two wonderful porcelain sets - dinner and tea - with the same mark. in addition it has "Made in German Democratic Republic" sign under it. the sets were bought in former Soviet union in 1981-82. i am looking for manufacturer because some of pieces were broken and I want to replace them.

Found Answer "R" with Crown above and Laurel wreath
by: Beth K

I have the same pottery and found the answer on the site link http://www.efineantiques.com/webpages/german_general1.htm

The mark indicates these are from the Reichenbach Porcelain Factory of Reichenbach, Thuringia, Germany. The GDR part of the mark is for "German Democratic Republic" (East Germany) which was established in 1949 and ended in 1990. Based on that, the pottery was made no earlier than 1949 and possibly as late as 1977 when the company put a different mark into use (Source: Directory of European Porcelain by Danckert, page 383).


Peter (admin)

Says: Fantastic work Beth!

R Crown Mark
by: Peter (admin)


Just wanted to follow up on your great work by taking the opportunity to post up some research I have recently done following your submission on crown "R" marks.

I have looked into which factories were using the R Crown Marks (crowned 'R') and why.

These are all the examples I could find of makers using a a capital letter "R" together with a crown device:-

r crown mark

r crown mark

r crown mark

r crown mark

r crown mark

r crown mark

r crown mark

r crown mark

r crown mark

r crown mark

Pottery Marks - R with Crown Above cont/....
by: Peter (admin)

cont/.... from post above

The first R crown mark above is the one which started this thread - that of the Reichenbach Porcelain Factory of Reichenbach, Thuringia, East Germany. Obviously if the mark say GDR it dates it to 1945 - 1990. A very similar mark is shown on the second image - which was shown as belonging to C.& E. Carsten also of Reichenbach (Thuringia). I don't know if these are one and the same factory, so if anybody knows, please comment below. I do know C & E Carsten is definitely associated with the name Schwabe & Co (different periods of one factory owned by Schwabe and then Carstens). The factory was nationalised in 1968 and discontinued previous marks.

The next crowned 'R' image shows that of a Roslau manufacturer called Gebruder Winterling (The Winterling Brothers) of Roslau, Bavaria, Germany. They later used the better know 'W' mark, but did use the 'R' for Roslau for a time.

Next R mark is attributed to Joseph Rieber & Co of Mitterteich, Bavaria, Germany who used it between 1945 and 1971.

Schafer and Vater also had an R mark with a crown above, but it is shown with a star surrounding the letter R beneath the crown. Normally these wares are comical figures and figurines, so you can tell them a mile off.

Next shown is the double R mark (one reversed) below a 5 prong crown. This is the mark of Dallwitz (originally with double 'l'), but later spelled 'Dalwitz' is near Karlsbad, Bohemia (today known as Dalovice in the Czech Republic). The "R" and reverse R with 5 prong crown in this pottery mark was a reference to "Riedel von Riedelstein" who took over the Dallwitz or 'Dalwitz' company in 1872. "Proeschold & Co" took over the company in 1891, using a "P & Co." mark above 'Dallwitz'. Proeschold & Co joined the OEPIAG in 1918 and were renamed to EPIAG in 1920.

cont/... below

Pottery Marks - R with Crown Above cont/....
by: Peter (admin)

cont/... from post above

The next "R" with a crown above mark is that of famous old and prestigious maker Ludwigsburg of Wurttemberg. This mark looks like it could be either a T R mark or a J R mark, but is in fact, a F R mark which stands for "Fridericus Rex" (Fred rules!). King Frederich 1 and Duke Friedrich II were the royal patrons 1797 to 1816.

It is not just German makers who are known to have used the R crown mark, as Italian makers got in on the act too. The second mark which looks like a J R signature, in fact says F R again and is a mark of Naples. This time the 'F' stands for Ferdinand IV King of Naples (1759-1816) and also later Ferdinand I King of the Two Sicilies (1816-1825).

I found a mark showing an "R" with a five prong crown which also says "Royal Stone China", Milan, Italy. I know only one other maker who used "Royal Stone China" and that is Staffordshire maker Francis Morley & Co, so I can't think the two are connected. There is also a marble called Royal Stone, so I don't know if there is any connection with this pottery mark. Again, anyone with knowledge, please help us put the pieces together.

Finally, the French weren't to be left out - as a company called Manu Faience also has a mark attributed to them showing a crown and an R beneath, but this was within a double lined circle with the crown on top of the circle.

Peter (admin)

Crown R
by: Ken

I have a cake plate like Toni posted It is from the German Democratic Republic, I recieved as a wedding gift in 1983.

Variation of R with Crown Above and Laurel Wreath around R
by: Anonymous

I have a divided dish with a handle that has roses and told trim. The bottom has the 'R' with the Crown above it and the 'R' is inside a Laurel Wreath but underneath the wreath mine says "Fine China" then under that it says made in GDR. It also has a gold sticker under that that says "Germany East" and there are initials in gold at the left side that loo like a RJ. It is so similar to the one that started this thread but wanted to see if it is the same maker. Thanks!

In response to Anonymous with the devided dish
by: Anonymous2 IN NJ

I'm so glad you posted the details on your dish. I have the exact same markings on the bottom of my footed,pierced, floral bowl. It has the gold R with the crown in gold above it, then the green laurel wreaths on either side of the R..also says fine china made in GDR and has a gold sticker that reads,Germany with the word EAST in parenthesis..
I was hoping to narrow down the age of the bowl.

Is anyone able to give a manufacture date given this description?

OH and one more thing..about my bowl
by: Anonymous2in NJ

To anonymous with the divided dish....I have, on the underside of my bowl, besides the Reichenbach mark and gold sticker, in gold, some initials as well...only mine are Le.

Identifying pottery with "R"
by: NMM - Canada

I have a small bowl and it also has the'R' with the crown above and laurel wreath around the 'R'. Under this is 'fine china', then below this, Made in German Democratic Republic. Then below this are 2 written capital 'L's' next to each other, centred under the 'Republic' but at an angle. I can actually feel them, but barely. Could this be the person's initials who worked on this piece. What type of value is there to these pieces?

Bowl with the "R" with Crown and laurel wreath
by: BobbiP

I have a small serving bowl with the same marks on the bottom. It also has a small number 5 in gold at the bottom. The top of the bowl is white with a kind of burgundy bottom. It has wide gold trim all around the edges and with gold swirls and roses and other flowers. In the middle of the burgandy portion of the bowl there are more flowers all in gold. It was a gift from my uncle who brought it back from Hungary about 25 years ago. It seems that there was a story about how the Hungarians hit some of their valuables during the invasion of Hungary and this was a part of a set. I would like to get more information to see how valuable it would be.

I would appreciate hearring some feedback...thank you!

Have some german friends I will ask.
by: HK Canada

I have a small oval dish with "R" inside the floral leaf. Their is something that represents the crown above the R the dish is 9x5 inches. The print on the bottom is Made in German Democratic Republic

can you help
by: monty1alfred

Hi have an oval dish 9.1/2in across 8in top to bottom,1 3/4 deep.white,cobolt blue,and gold trim. In the centre off the bowl is a Brittish war sailing ship, in a delft blue, under the ship in a scroll is.
Underside R with crown aboveand Laurel Wreath around the R
under that is fine china
under that is Echt Kobolt
under that is Made In G D R
under that is L L
gold marks 98 and RS
The dish is Very good condision.
Can you inlighten me on what it is worth.

Crown over R
by: Tom

I have an elongated bowl with raised flowers, that was my Grandmother's and I believe it was bought by my Uncle right after WWII in Germany.

The crown and lettering are in blue ink with Germany under the R. No wreath or any other markings.

by: Anonymous

I have two dishes - a plate and a fruit dish. The fruit dish is footed and pierced and both dishes have gold trimming and flowers. They seem to be a set. They have the exact same markings on the bottom - the gold R with the crown in gold above it, then the green laurel wreaths on either side of the R.It also says fine china but here is the diference - it is made in Germany, not GDR or East. Just Germay. Is it possible that this factory existed before 1949?

R with wreath around r
by: Anonymous

I have a beautiful fruit bowl with flowers and gold flowers as well as gold trim. It says fine china under the R and made in gdr. It also says 38. I'm trying to determine value.karate

Cake plate
by: Pat

I own this same cake plate. My Dad bought it for my Mom in the early 70's. It says Fine China made in GDR, German democratic republic. The R stands for Reichenbach. I recently tried looking it up and found it on Ebay. They have a few other pieces that match it.

Birdcage Lamp from Bassano Italy with Mystery R Mark
by: Tiffany (NC)

Birdcage Lamp from Bassano Italy with Mystery R Mark


Hello Peter & fellow Antiquers,

I came across this website in my research and wondered if be able to help me. I have a vintage piece that I have been unable to find any information on. It's a white, blue, and yellow hand-painted pedestal birdcage with a yellow canary perched inside. The unique thing about it is that it's also a lamp.

The plug has a feed thru rotary on/off switch and is marked "Leviton" with voltage details on one side and "Und. Lab. Inc. List." on the other.

The piece has three marks on its bottom, each handpainted. One is the word "Bassano," which I assume means that it comes from the Bassano region of Italy. Another is what looks to be the number 1156.

Lastly, there is the letter R topped with a crown or sunburst. Does anyone recognize this mark?

I've been researching Italian pottery marks for a few days now, but have been unable to find any leads. Nor have I seen any similar pieces.

The only ones that faintly resemble mine have been French ceramic or porcelain hand-painted birdcages, but these rarely have both a bird AND a light inside.

Unfortunately, I don't have much history on the lamp. My grandmother recently gave it to me, and it was gifted to her in the 1970s, but I'm unsure of its history before that.

I'm curious to know the value of it and am leaning towards selling it either locally or on an auction site, but first it'd be nice to know what I have and what that darn mystery mark means! :)

Thanks for any hints you may be able to offer.


Toni's Mark NEW
by: Charlotte

I have a flower vase with the same mark. It was purchased at Eaton's in Canada and I received it as a birthday gift in 1989 or early 1990's.

Reichenbach fine porcelin
by: Anonymous

I have six large dinner plates. They are very ornate , edged in gold, with a green centre which is surrounded with a gold pattern. The marking is gold R with a crown above and surrounded with a green laurel leaf. Below that it says fine china and below, made in Germany. I believe they are pre 1949 and are wondering how to date them

Reichenbach Porcelain NEW
by: BlairTee

We have a small oval serving platter (15" x 9") with the same markings, but stating East Germany rather than GDR below the R. The pattern is gold scrollwork with roses. There is a gold 18 on the back of the platter.

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