Pottery Mark Unknown - C inside a circle - Green Pea Pod Dish

by Janene Fentress
(Sylvania, OH)

Pottery Mark Unknown - C inside a circle - Green Pea Pod Dish

Pottery Mark Unknown - C inside a circle - Green Pea Pod Dish

Pottery Mark Unknown - C inside a circle - Green Pea Pod Dish:- At a garage sale recently, I spotted a rather strange dish of sorts and decided to buy it. The dish is bright green and it's of a pea pod with several peas in it. To date, I have been unsuccessful in researching the maker's mark on the underside. It's of the letter C inside a circle.

Can you help me out with any information?

Thank you,

Janene Fentress


UPDATE: Visitor Gail has very possible solved this mystery for us - she says Lefton China - scroll down to the bottom entry on this page for her full post and my reply

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Comment by Peter (admin)

We have had a rash of queries about a mystery Pottery Mark - C inside a circle. Most are figurines and they have an incised c mark (not printed but pressed or scratched) on the side of the base (not on the bottom). Yours is a Green Pea Pod Dish but still sounds very 'sculptural' and so could be from the same maker.

Hummel figurines are known to have incised c within a circle mark on the side of their figurine bases, but are always, to my knowledge, accompanied by a full Goebel pottery mark somewhere on the item (normally the base). As far as I know, Hummel figurines are known to have the base mark without the C within the circle, but not the 'C' without the base mark.

I have no idea who this maker is and why they would choose to use the international symbol for 'copyright' c inside a circle as their mark. However, this symbol for copyright protection is a 20th Century invention, so an older maker might have used it before it was 'adopted' by the international copyright federation.

I have searched high and low in my books and online for this mark, but with no joy so far.

If there is an expert reading this (or someone who just happens to know), please post a comment.


Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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c in circal A.M.B.
by: Anonymous

I have a little bowl it is like a over sized egg cup stands 40mm tall, insde this bowl on the base of the bowl is a c in a circal with the letters A.M.B. The bowl has leaves around the top with pine combs sitting on the leaves it to me looks very well made and the work on the pine combs is very fine & done well,
anyone got any ideas on this item the colure is a nice yellow the leaves green combs brown well they would be ah

C inside a circle
by: Anonymous

I purchased two small pottery bowls that read POTTERY CRAFTS MADE IN USA
This goes in a circle around the bottom and in the middle it has a C inside a circle. All of it looks like it was pressed into the pottery with some tool.
I have been researching this mark, but have not found anything yet.

C inside a Circle
by: Anonymous

I just stummbled across some information about this mark. Someone on Ebay was selling some pottery with the exact mark as mine, POTTERY CRAFT MADE IN THE USA and a C inside a circle. They said it had a tag inside that read Treasure-Craft, which is a business in California.
Here is sites with info:




letter c inside a circle
by: Anonymous

Isn't this the symbol for "copyrighted"? That's why there might be so many different companies listed.

C in circle
by: Anonymous

Bought a piece of finechina, kinda odd. It is a medium sized picture with an antalope rearing his head on one side and a lilly form beginning to bloom on the other side. On the bottom is the"C" in a circle and under it is "L. Baton & Son Inc."

THE ANSWER! - C inside a circle
by: Gail

Hi All

I think I have a real clue as to who used this copyright mark as their pottery mark on some items

It is Lefton.

Just recently I learned Lefton made a series of headvases (see David Barron pg.143, "Barbara" headvase)


This vase is Lefton and has the same potters mark as the one at the top of this page on the pea pod pot.

I am assuming this mark must therefore be Lefton

Thanks !


Reply by Peter(admin)

Reply by Peter (admin)

Gail, what a star! This has been something we have been trying to get a handle on for some time.

I wasn't familiar with Lefton, but obviously did know about 'occupied Japan' imports - people like Arnart.

Have read about the 'fake labels' on PM&M.com of which, when I checked, Lefton were mentioned alongside Arnart for being fakers of famous antique pottery marks (a pet hate of the publisher).

However, in researching, I find Lefton, in particular, is getting quite a following for its own sake - not because they are being 'passesd off'.

Here are a few notes I made about Lefton as I was reading up online:-

George Z. Lefton China was officially closed as of November 30, 2001, but has been reopened under new ownership.

Lefton was a Hungarian immigrant pitching up in Chicago in 1939. He was a businessman with a passion for collecting fine porcelain. He founded the Lefton China Company in 1941.

"One of the most desirable, most sought-after collectibles in the market place today" (from a seller, so they would say that, wouldn't they?)

Prices vary depending on location, condition and availability.

There is a book on Lefton by Loretta DeLozier - Collector's Encyclopedia of Lefton China - Books I and II.

Thanks for that heads-up Gail

Peter (admin)

C inside circle
by: Anonymous

Copyright internationally used

Pottery marked with C in a circle.
by: Benny Adcock

I read the mark is only on the side of figurines, however I have a mug maybe 6" tall in a dark color that may be brown but looks like a maroon of some sort that has the C in a circle that is on the bottom. It's on the bottom but not in the middle and every 90 degree there is some other type mark totaling 4 other than the C in circle! The mug has a rooster on a roof on the side and four virtical bumps appearing to be a buckle also evenly placed.

by: Anonymous


copyright symbol
by: Anonymous

The copyright symbol - c inside a circle - was not adopted until 1954.
Most of the items discussed predate 1954, so the mark we're wondering about is not a copyright symbol.

Needed dates of Copyright 1954
by: Anonymous

If copyright wasn't adopted until 1954 like you say, you'll need dates on all these pottery items above. Maybe they were all made in 1954, thus, the "C" copyright. These items are not antiques.

c in a circle
by: sal c

i have acquired a small figure of a owl dressed in a shirt/waistcoat/trousers carrying a bag/ bucket of flowers over arm on the back it marked C in a circle 1991 J,L or c

by: Curious

I purchased a pretty small gray speckled vase with red corn shuck etching around the base at a thrift store. Around the bottom of the vase is engraved
pc© usa
There is no mention of this specific engraving anywhere on google ive been able to find.
The piece also has obvious defects. On two sides the corn shucks aren't viewable, as if it had been smudged out accidentally during manufacturing.

Peak of dish and circle C
by: Jeanie

I have a small dish with a scallop top that looks like a flower, something you might put rinds in, it also has the circle C plus W A beside it, then a gold sticker that says " Made in China for the circle C W. A Bridgeport, C.T. 06601

Atlantic mold c with circle around it NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a Christmas tree that's on the bottom of it says Atlantic mold with a c with a circle around it how do you know what year or when my tree was made by Atlantic mold or even if it was made by Atlantic mold over to copy I would like to know how I can tell if it's vintage or not

C in a circle NEW
by: Chris

I have a two color pitcher. It says © USA BP 52

Green Pea Pod Dish
by: Anonymous

I have this identical dish and bought it in Sydney, Australia. I am equally baffled by the c in a circle mark, and not convinced about the Lefton connection. It doesn't look like anything else I've seen of Lefton.

Joanna Constantinidis NEW
by: Anonymous

This I believe is Joanna Constantinidis

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