PSL Imperial Empire Pottery Mark

PSL Imperial Empire Pottery Mark

PSL Imperial Empire Pottery Mark

PSL Imperial Empire Pottery Mark:- I have several 6" plates that were given to me by a neighbor when I was a little girl. I'm guessing the plates are from the 1800's and was wondering if you can tell me what the PSL pottery mark is?


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The factory is "Imperial PSL Empire". Also known as "Imperial Austria" and PUL.

The PSL refers to the Pfeiffer & Lowenstein Factory of Schlackenwerth, Bohemia, Austria.

The PUL refers to Pfeiffer & Lowenstein (u being the shortened version of 'and' in German). Some of the marks are just PL.

Founded in 1873 by Ludwig Lowenstein in Ostrov, Czech Republic (then Schlackenwerth, Bohemia Austria), the factory was managed by Josef Pfeiffer Jr in the 1900's, and was renamed Pfeiffer & Lowenstein.

In 1938 the Nazis seized the factory and renamed it Porcelain Factory Schlackenwerth Josef Pfeiffer.

Finally, after the war, the owners were Luise & Wilhelm Pfeiffer and George von Hoffmann until it closed in 1949.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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Gift Mug - Imperial (PSL) Austria seal
by: Anonymous

I have a mug with the Imperial (PSL) Austria seal plus, date of 12/15, 1913. plus,F.V.V. on bottom plus, gold letter maybe I or J on side plus, gold on handle and rim of cup/mug. can you tell me anything about this item?

Admin says:-

Go to for more on this company.

Go to my vintage and antique china values page for value help.

pfe10 by pfeiffer and lowenstein
by: Anonymous

I was glad to find this information about this PSL pottery mark and style as I have hunted for it for a long time. My husband and I were given a complete dinnerware set that is the pfe10 style. It is a service for 12 and includes butter pats, fruit bowls, bread plates, dinner plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers as well as multiple other serving pieces including several covered dishes. I am still searching for a value or even any other pieces.

Imperial PSL Mary Williams 1914
by: Anonymous


I had a late Aunt that owned an antique shop. She gave me a vase (short with a wide mouth) that has the name Mary Williams 1914 on it. The vase is a golden color, the top of the vase is a lighter brown. It has pine cones and pine needles around the entire vase. Can you tell me anything about it?

Thank you so much.


Footed oval bowl
by: Beth Falk

The mark is similar to the 1914 1918 mark but mine has no date and hand painted initials WCFR all touching . The colors are green yellow and gold with yellow roses good shape I have not seen any on the Internet if you know war it is I am all ears. Was in a box from my grandmothers side of family

seeking information
by: Susan

I was gifted a children's porcelain drinking cup 40 years ago. The cup was found inside the wall of an 1880's built hotel in a small town in Leicester, NY. The cup has the PSL porcelain company mark on the bottom that was used from about 1914 to 1918. It says IMPERIAL then a crown sitting above PSL, then ALMA, AUSTRIA. It is glazed a soft yellow glaze, with a light brown band (about 3/4 inch) around the top. The band is hand painted with a black line on which outlines it and hand painted yellow baby chicks outlined in black.

I would be appreciative of any information about children's cups.

A little background
by: Megan

Josef Pfeiffer was my great grandfather. I'm doing research for a family tree and I came across this post. In case you're wondering, after 1938 his family immigrated to New York City to escape WWII. Over the years my family has collected a few of their pieces. I hope you enjoy yours!



Reply from Peter (admin)

Hi Megan

Many thanks for your post, and welcome!!

We would love for you to post more information on your family's business.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Need help verifying a PSL piece

Hi I just bought an imperial PSL piece that has the words "imperial PSL" stamped on it with the crown but does not have the word "Austria" below as I have seen on other pieces. They were painted by an artist who signed their name as "Dooley" but I can't seem to find any record of this painter.

Has anyone seen an imperial PSL piece with this particular mark that does not bear the word "Austria" and does anyone know an artist named "Dooley"? Also, are these pieces often counterfeited? I don't know much about antiques or how coveted this particular brand is...any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome Megan
by: Peter (admin)

Megan, see my reply in your post above...

PSL Marked Pottery Item
by: Mary

I have what appears to be a small cotton holder? It has two gold handles, its hand painted in haws of sage greens & lavender, trimmed in gold. It has the water mark between 1914_ (?. Sorry, forgot the ending date. Also, it is initialed L.J., in gold.

Pfeiffer PULS
by: Manuel Kirschner

Megan, it's nice to read you're doing some family research on Josef Pfeiffer.
In fact, my grandparents were Luise and Wilhelm Pfeiffer. I live in Regensburg, Germany, close to Schlackenwerth, where they lived their last years...
I'm trying to find some more PULS china pieces to collect.

If you read this, look me up on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Other Empire Pottery Marks
by: Peter (admin)

I just wanted mention another couple of emails I had about other "Empire" pottery marks.

One was from Ronaldo in the UK who mentioned this mark on some unusual wares. I couldn't really place these, so if anyone has the same or similar, please post here.


The second was an English firm known as the Empire Works, Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent as mentioned in the excellent website

Here are four examples of their markings (note: the marks are clear and always mention who they are and where they are from) . . .


Best regards

Peter (admin)

Strawberry dish PULS
by: Dina

how can i attach an image to my comment? Thank you!

How we add pics to the comments
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Dina

Yes, it's frustrating people can't add pictures to their comments directly. It's something technically lacking in the platform I use. I can't change platforms as I have hundreds of pages.

However, I will always add your photos manually, all you need to do is get them to me. Either email me directly (giving the thread page reference link) or just post them anywhere online (flickr or photobucket) and post the links. I will transfer them over.

My address is


Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous

I have a plate with the Hand painted green crown on it along with a PL stamp with a lion with a crown and it says Imperial Empire. How old is it?

Strange Imperial PSL Fruit Cup
by: Bonnie

Hello, I'm hoping someone can tell me what the hooks that look like horns are inside my cup. The cup has a pedistal and has green, white and orange flowers and fruit on the outside, with two pretty flowers on the inside but I can't figure out what the upside down horns are for???

Empire mark pottery centerpiece
by: Anonymous

I have a similar pottery centerpiece or planter with the same empire mark. I don't know anything about it either

by: Danielle Marie

Hello, I'm trying to contact Megan or Manuel Kirschner. I have come across a set of either demitasse or child's set of teacups and saucers. We are antique dealers and are going to list them however would be most interested to sell them to family members who collect them and get them back into their family. My grandmother is from Germany as well and came over during the war as a war bride. If any family members are interested in these please email me at, on Facebook I am Danielle Fae Marie (from Massachusetts). They have the PULS Germany backstamp.

Thank you,
Danielle Marie

Pfeiffer Family Tree (Puls) -- calling Megan
by: Manuel Kirschner

Dear Megan,
please get in touch with me regarding the Pfeiffer family tree. I'm a great grandson of Josef Pfeiffer of Puls (Pfeiffer & Löwenstein).
Reach me at manuel.kirschner (at)


Porcelaine Empire SS/1199
by: Sylvia

Hi there,
I have looked everywhere and cannot find the marking on the back of this little dish that has pansies painted on the outside and the inside with gold trim on the inside of the scalloped edge the marking is like a wheat edge with an arrow at the other end and there are two which cross over each other to make an X. Does anybody have any idea about any information on this little dish?

PLS mark
by: Betty

I have vase with multi color mums (I think) the marks is green Imperial then the crown then PLS then Austria and then on the side on black is like a signature in another language and has a 2 marked in the material, could someone tell me what I have here. THANK YOU

1920s /30s plate
by: Anonymous

Hello,I have found a
Floral rimmed 9 1/4 inch plate.
Imperial PsL Empire II Austria
signed D Coombs.
Can anyone tell me anything about this piece.

Family history
by: Carla

HI Megan, Hi Manuel, my great great grandfather was Joseph Pfeiffer - and great grandfather was Adolf Pfeiffer who moved to the UK. If you would like to get in touch about family history - I am on Facebook - Carla Smith, Bristol. I have some porcelain - which I think comes from PSL.

family of mr. pfeiffer of PsL NEW
by: jantien buisman

i have a beautiful tea and breakfast set made by ‘imperial PsL empire II.’
if the family of mr pfeiffer is interested, i can send them pictures. there are several stamps underneath, but the pattern
is the same. there is also the word ‘dover’.
you can contact me on fb: jantien nuisman, dronrijp, the netherlands.

imperial psl austria NEW
by: hugh osmus

my wife recemtly inherited family china and silver from Dobler estate.( Dobler-Girrard pa.,Albany n,y. ) It includes several Imperial psl Austria pieces. I saw a question posed to this site about horns inside a bowl. We have a tobacco humidor bowl with such horns, where a sponge is incerted,presume its to take up moisture.
I'll post pics on my facebook page; hugh osmus,
u can contact me with questions at

Nachfrage PSL NEW
by: Anke

Hallo, ich hoffe hier Hilfe zu finden. Habe im Erbe meiner Eltern ein 15teiliges Kaffeeservice übernommen. Der Stempel besteht aus dem Schriftzug IMPERIAL, darunter eine Art Krone und darunter Psl.

Kann da jemand ein ungefähres Alter erkennen?

(kann man hier auch Bilder posten?)

Lieben Dank und beste Grüße Anke Lukas

Empire mark
by: Deborah Arambul

Has anyone found an answer to the Empire pottery marks. Date etc. I have two pieces with the sash on them. Large creamer and sugar I think. I can’t find it anywhere.

PSL Imperial La France NEW
by: Seishonagon

Today, I found a lovery milk can and sugar bowl in mint condition stamped PSL Imperial La France. Is this the same firm as PSL Imperial Austria?
I have posted the photo's here:
I would love to know more about the firm. Information is much appreciated.

Pfeifer Family
by: Megan

Hi Manuel and Carla,

I'm so sorry I didn't get back to this thread sooner! I literally just saw it!

If you would like to get in touch please email me at la.megankane at gmail.

If anyone else comes across this and has or wants more information about the family history, please reach out!


Geschutst dinner plate
by: Natalia

Hello. I have a dinner plate Geschutst PSL which was brought from Austria by my grandfather after WWII. I've found this site while looking for the information on the producer. If you are interested I can send a picture.
Have a good day,

Pfeiffer family history NEW
by: Carla

Hi Megan,

I've tried to email you about Pfeiffer family history, but the message bounced back. My email is carlasmithy at - if you'd like to contact me.


super happy
by: Cilia Tel

Dear all,

I bought a set of PSL Imperial Alma ceramics today and I'm super happy with it!
If I check the marque it should be produced around 1914/1918.

I don't know if there used to be cups or other parts available, but I'm really happy with the parts I could buy (6 small plates, 6 large plates, 12 little saucers, 4 bowls and a cakeplatter.

I have send some photo's to the moderator, maybe he can post them for me?

Some of the items are extra marked with: A.Jugerhans Rotterdam. I found out that it was an upmarket warehouse that doesn't exist anymore.

Hope somebody can tell me some more, but I'm glad to share my treasure with you!

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