Query mark on T. F. & S Morocco Plate "SUNNIVAL"

by Samantha
(Totnes, Devon, UK)

Morocco Plate topside

Morocco Plate topside

Hi everybody - well I've been spending an awful lot of time on here searching for various maker's marks and eventually felt brave enough to add one myself.

My name is Samantha and I'm in England, UK - I'm part of a two-person team that sell on eBay. My daughter and I started a second-hand clothing site July 2011 and then diversified (that the right word?) into antiques, furniture and brick-a-brac items this year (2014) when eBay upped their fees etc.

It has certainly proved a more interesting employ but we're still yet to make a cent! I have to say for once in my life I adore my job and it's handy as I am a single Mum and can work from home or drag the kids to the thrift stores and auctions with me.

So - to the plate - it came with a bundle of goodies at an auction last Saturday, probably from a house clearance - we gather this from the amount of collector's plate and bits and bobs included with it. It is going online obviously but money isn't the object as we always start such items for about £1 and let the buyers decide what it's worth - however I find these marks intriguing.

It's a T.F.&S Morocco so I gather it's from Thomas Forester (before the sons so it's very early?) but there is an impression that I can't quite make out and it would seem others can't either. I've found another seller on eBay that has/had one and said he thought it said ...OENIVAL but I'm thinking it's "SUNNIVAL". Can you help? It won't make any difference to the price as I said and it might well be sold by the time someone solves the mystery but I'd really just like to know more. I have searched SUNNIVAL - SUMNIVAL - EURMNIVAL too but with no joy - oh and there's a number 14 stamped above it and what looks like a ?P beneath it. (I've lost my glasses that I only just started having to wear recently so it's extra difficult and my daughter has always had bay eyesight anyway!) :)

Hope I've typed enough - have probably typed too much - and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Loving the site by the way - I use it most days ! :)

Thank you.

Rivey's Space

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Could it read 'Furnival'
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Samantha

Sorry it's taken me a while to get to your article, but I realised I missed a batch and I am going back to them now. However, I see Rivey's Space is still going strong so I put your homepage link after your name.

I know the urgency to solve your query is long since past, but it may help others, and also people knowing about your ebay shop might help you.

It looks like to me that it could say 'Furnival'. We have written about Furnivals on this site elsewhere, but just glancing in my Goddens I see that there was a time, around 1844-46 they were known as Furnival (singular) and had a mark

"T.F. & Co"

which might be misread as T.F.& S?

I can't see the mark closely enough to tell, and my guess is you no longer have the plate to send me another close up.

Anyway, if it does say "T.F. & Co", we have a mark variation not actually shown in Goddens! Nor is the impressed 'Furnival' stamp in Goddens either, so a double first for this website and Rivey's Space!

So.... 1844, classic Staffordshire, Early Victorian, two unique marks from a very old version of a well known firm? Should be in a museum!

Thanks for a very interesting post.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Thank you :)
by: Samantha

Good Morning - thank you very much for your reply. Better late than never, especially as it's such good news! I have a little folder on my desktop now that reads "Maker's Marks" so that I can learn as I go and I have added this information there along with the photos. The plate has gone and I can't remember what happened with it, so I'm assuming it wasn't very exciting (I tend to remember those sales) but I'm hoping it went to a collector where it would find a good home. I still regularly use this site for research purposes - such a valuable resource - so thank you for that too! :) Have a great day/evening. Samantha (Totnes, UK).

Set of Morocco by T.F.&S. NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a set of Morocco. Some of the pieces have the query mark and it is tough to read. Almost looks like "FURNIVAL." Some of the pieces I have are in amazing condition considering how old they are, others have some discoloration and flaws.

Furnival piece with T. F. & S. mark. NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a small casserole dish with lid in the Morocco pattern with the raised Furnival marking and the T. F. & S. stamp. Can you tell me age? I’m not sure what it’s worth!

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