Rice bowls Blue and white. Unidentified marks.

by Tori

Blue and white Bowls

Blue and white Bowls

Hello all, I am Tori Maricelli and I live in Texas.

I have worked in the oil field on and off for about 20 years and I was hit by the last major lay off a year ago this month. So needless to say I have been doing many other things. I started out trying to do online auctions and have had "okay' results. But recently I have come to realize, much to my dismay, that it is not going make a living for me. In doing this, of course, I need inventory and I have begged every person I know to clean out their sheds, garages, closets, storage buildings whatever they have and give me the old junk they didn't want anymore. At first this seemed to work out pretty good but now I am running out of goodies and no one seems to be in the mood to do any spring cleaning during the winter time. I have run across a few things that I wasn't sure if they were of any value or not. I thought maybe I should slow down and instead of just throwing everything on an online two and three dollar auction, maybe I should start doing a little research on some of these things. I guess I am not a very good "searcher" as I have found it very hard to find out what some of the marks are and even leaving a detailed message, I never heard back from any of them. One site, which I can not even remember the name now, I was afraid to even leave a message because they were so...bitchy? Is that okay to say? Anyway, they made it perfectly clear to do all the searches I could before entering a picture and asking for their help. Which I do understand, and which I did. No word from them. Another one, I could enter a photo and they would try to identify the object through their forum...no one knew what the items were, I still have these things and I as of now, I have not been able to identify these silly things. I have collected a few things for myself just because I thought they were unusual or they "spoke" to me. I have lost many unfortunately through the years, due to circumstances beyond my control. I was really just looking for a site where I could upload a picture and have something identified and probably like everyone else, hoping to find the one thing that would be worth a million dollars!! And I would be comfortable for the rest of my life, no more worries. But so far that has
not happened and I have not won the lottery. Now if I can make enough off my auctions or selling through the newspaper to buy groceries, I consider my self lucky. If you know of any sites where that is possible, to upload a photo and have it zip through the internet and get an answer back in less than a week, please let me know. Believe me when I tell you, I spend hours searching sometimes for information on an item or subject I am interested in and I am either not putting in the correct description or information or something. I will word it many, many different ways and end up going to crazy sites. Yes there is so much information on the world wide web and I would think with me just typing in a description I would hit on something sooner or later that was exactly what I needed. I have been able to do that on somethings, but on this particular item I was to give to you here I really did not know what the heck or how the heck to describe the mark. I tried "crowns, hooks, letters that I thought it might be , P W, Crazy Y, I thought the 3 pointed thing could be the letter "W" then the other one looks like the letter W with something attached to it. Anyway you can see what I am talking about. I actually go these bowls from a friend of mine that let me clean out her storage shed there were a few other items that I had no luck identifying also, It seems like I could get real close but then never found the actually item. Even though I found the maker or company. Which is quite frustrating. I just gave up. No telling, I may have given away a priceless treasure! Hmmmmmm.Attached is a picture of the items and the mark. I don't know how this works and if I will hear from you or when. But I will try once again to see if someone can help me. I doubt seriously if I could write another 600 words on every item i would want to identify, that's why I was wondering if you could recommend a site as i mentioned earlier in this essay. These are 4 blue and white Made in Japan bowls, I would say rice or soup bowls. Individual serving size? Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. I'll tell you the truth, if I contact you again I would probably just copy and paste this whole thing. Thank you for your time. It is greatly and sincerely appreciated.

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