Royal Vale Backstamps

by Dawn
(Nevada USA)

Colclough's backstamp for Royal Vale after 1913 but before the Ridgway era (1953-1964)

Colclough's backstamp for Royal Vale after 1913 but before the Ridgway era (1953-1964)

A note on Royal Vale backstamps:

Thank you, Peter, for your interesting explanations of the Royal Vale bone china on the main page.

I am a china collector myself and am getting into the Royal Vale make. I have been doing some research and have come up with these facts (at least I think they are facts - please correct me if I'm wrong!).

In the period when Coloclough's was officially known as HJ Colclough (1897-1937) the 'Vale' marks were first used when the firm expanded to the new 'Vale' works in Longon Circa 1908. The backstamp you would see in the pre-1913 period was the 'Vale China' mark.

Around and inside a black oval line, in all black lettering:


Then, from 1913, when the company won official Royal approval, the new ROYAL Vale mark sometimes had a distinctive crown (above) and sometimes not, for example:

The crown mark came at the top of the backstamp (as used on Colclough's 'lion inside a globe mark'), the same oval shape, as above, then there was as follows in all black lettering:

C Vale B (the letters either side of the Vale mark vary e.g. they could say B 3 - and are an identifying mark)
MADE IN ENGLAND (outside the oval on the bottom)

Sometimes there was just a very plain black 'stamp' mark with no crown and no oval line design saying:

CHINA (with no oval line at all)

Just to confuse you more there is yet another Royal Vale backstamp which does not specify 'Ridgway' but is from the later Ridgway era no doubt. It has the same distinctive crown as the Ridgway era 1953-1964 which is different from the early Coloclough era (see the reference on the main Royal Vale page on this site). The tea cups have the same distinctive Ridgway form and the lettering is a similar font.

The back stamp says the following:

Crown logo at top, then:
BONE CHINA (oval shaped writing, but no actual oval line)
F 37 8 (varying identifying mark)
ROYAL VALE (In RED fancy font)
MADE IN ENGLAND (oval shaped writing)

I have seen this marked on a set which bore a remarkable resemblance the the Colclough 'Amoretta' pattern, but was 'Royal Vale' from the Ridgway era (but not marked as Ridgway). This was on sale in Canada, so maybe there were some export issues with backstamps etc.

The other alternative was that it was from the era after 1964 when Ridgway was sold off to Wedgwood and Royal Vale remained with Allied Potteries (Pearsons). This non-Ridgway era of Royal Vale would have continued on at least until the merger (takeover) with Doulton in 1972. However, I'm just guessing because I don't actually know. If anyone out there knows for sure, please contribute your knowledge.

Thanks the Peter for his website, and for giving us the opportunity to share our enthusiasms.


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Royal Vale Information History
by: Gerald Tankard

I have not seen so much information on Royal Vale anywhere else online. I collect bone china from the Staffordshire potteries in England and I saw some beautiful Royal Vale being auctioned the other day, but didn't know anything about the backstamp. Now I know a lot more.

I am trying to get hold of the following books which are supposedly the best authorities on the history of bone china and fine china crockery in general and they are Geoffrey Godden's Encyclopedia of British Porcelain said to be better than any other reference books. For 18thC and early 19thC china manufacturers, the reference book used by museums and antique experts is W.B.HONEY'S old English porcelain.

Best regards


Royal Vale
by: Mark Hansford

I have a small china cup,saucer,teaplate set
6 of each which has the royal vale backstamp that is after 1913 but before 1953
The pattern is white background with pink and yellow roses with grey to almost black leaves
they where in my Mothers china cabinet for as long as i can remember from the age of about 4 or 5 so they must be at least 55 years old as i am 65 year old
Would anyone have any knowledge as to there origin
and possible value if any of these items

Kind Regards

Mark Hansford

little help with Royal Vale stamp mark
by: dakota

I have a cup with the same stamp mark as the one shown with the black oval, crown on top, made in england on the outside of oval, royal vale bone china on the inside, and c & b on either side. My cup doesn't have the c or b, wondering if anyone knows what era.



by: Martin

Just to correct comments above, information taken from Geoffrey Godden's Encyclopedia of British pottery and porcelain marks. This is the Bible when refering marks and the dates they were used. EXCEPT FOR NO.1 ALL HAD CROWNS ABOVE MARK

1. 1897-1907 impressed or printed: H.J.C.
or H.J.C.
2. 1908-1928
Mark 1: Crown above globe containing lion and H.J.C above L and ENGLAND below globe
Mark 2: Crown above ROYAL "VALE" CHINA (forming top half of oval shape). Knights helmet with leaf design to either side and flags to outside, Union Jack to right, Quadrant flag to left. HJC above banner containing LONGTON (forming lower half of oval) Then ENGLAND below.
3. 1928-1937
Mark 1: Crown above:
Mark 2: similar to mark 2 for 1908-1928 but more stylised rather than accurate drawing of knights helmet and flags.
4. 1935-1937


These are the only marks for the Company H.J. Colclough.
Company then became Colclough China Ltd, from 1937 to 1939 the used the two marks of the previous company dated 1928-1937 so be careful as your piece may not be as early as it seems. For example the mark at the top of this page as post 1913 is incorrect it was used by Colclough China Ltd between 1945-1948, a good 32 years later! The company then went through many name changes through takeovers etc until they became part of the ridgways group. Again there is a near identical mark (replacing the crown with GENUINE) during the 1950's and 1960's. Other than the very helpful the only accurate identification is with Geoffrey Godden book, originally printed in 1964 and now out of print, it can be found at auction sites and online booksellers, usually between £30.00 to £50.00. If you only ever buy one book make it this one!
Hope this helps

by: Anne

I have a pale pink teaset with the stamp genuine bone china vale made in Longton England. It has a gold trim. I would love to know how old it is and I would like to be able to buy the teapot. Has anyone any information please.

Royal Vale Red Green Leaf Cup/Saucer
by: Anonymous

I have the above with the Royal Vale 'D' & 'S' in the oval as well as #7359 in gold. The cup rim is gold. The saucer has the same with 'F' & '3' in the oval. There is no gold number on the saucer. I would like to know the approximate age of the two if anyone knows. This belonged to my mother.

lady figurine
by: diane hunter

this figuring has the inscription written by hand I believe ColClough china the lady is a mustard yellow colour with a brown hat on her head, can you tell me anything about it

21 piece tea set.
by: Anonymous

I have a 21 piece royal vale red rose tea set. I am looking to sell it, but have no idea where.

Royal vale pink roses
by: Frances

I have a set of cups, saucers & plates. Marks are:
Crown at top
Bone china (oval)
Royal Vale (in red)
Made in England (oval)
A product of Ridgway Potteries Ltd
Any info would be appreciated
Thanks Frances

Information needed.
by: Anonymous

I have two different sets that I am looking for info on.
First has a crown, below that BONE CHINA, C5, Royal Vale (in red), MADE IN ENGLAND, A PRODUCT OF RIDGWAY POTTERIES LTD. There is also some hand painted gold writing on top side by crown but I can't read it. This set is a trio, one cup two plates of a red rose.
The second is a simple crown on top of oval, inside oval has ROYAL VALE BONE CHINA, written in black, beneath oval is MADE IN ENGLAND. The pattern is of a pink flower ( not sure what kind) with green fern like leaves.

Anyone help?
by: Angela

I have a tall peacock in beautiful quality bone china with gold beak claws etc. Like the crown derby styles but plain with royal vale made in England backstamp. Cat like the plainer version of pearly queen again same royal vale backstamp. Can't find any pics of this peacock anywhere. Anyone help?

Royal Vale decorative plate NEW
by: Margaret

I have a Royal Vale wall plate which just says "Royal Vale" made in England. Then it goes on to say "not for food use" etc. On the front it has an angel and 2 small children walking across a bridge with a water fall in the back ground. Can you tell me anything about this please?
Kind regards

Wanting to sell NEW
by: Kootenays

I have a tea cup royal vale numbered as well as a creamer janolince number 35 gild stamp and a sugar Bowl numbered 4 below brand and 76 in gold
How do I sell them

Royal Vale rectangular plate, gold trimmed NEW
by: Anonymous

I just purchased today a rectangular plate with bunches of flowers, with the following stamp at the back: "Bone China E 87 6 Royal Vale Made in England". Royal Vale written in red, everything else in black. Oval shaped stamp with no oval line surrounding it. A pretty little thing, would like the year it was made as can not find matching numbers for year of production online. Much obliged.

Royal •Vale• Bone China Made in England creamer/ milk jug
by: Anonymous

I have a creamer/ milk jug with black stamp in oval shape . 3 edged crown above , inside the oval shape
Under oval stamp
I tried to match any royal Vale stamps to mine, could not find any . Some similar just with Genuine above oval shape . Any suggestions what year it could be made ? Thank you

Vale Backstamp
by: Missy

I have a cup and saucer with a black oval backstamp. On top of the oval is the word Genuine. Inside is Bone China Vale Made in Longton. Under the oval is England. The cup has 65th and 111 in gold. The saucer has no gold on it, just the same backstamp as the cup. Based on what I found on this site, I believe that makes them pre-1913. Is that correct?

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