royal vale mystery object query

by Greta
(New Zealand)

royal vale mystery object query

royal vale mystery object query

royal vale mystery object query:- Hi does anyone know what this is? is used for? it has "Royal Vale" "made in england" on the back and pretty thistles on the front it is aprox 6cm x 4cm :)



Dear Greta

I'm afraid you got me stumped. How big is this item? Looks like a labeller of some kind.

Perhaps it's a sample of a transfer pattern that a rep would show a retailer - the equivalent to a swatch of material to show a clothing buyer. I am imagining a brief case within which there are wooden peg holders and a hundred transfer pattern to choose from.

Any other suggestions, please fire away.

Peter (admin)

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by: Anonymous

It is approx 6cm x 4cm (1.5 x2.5 inches) we have had a few people think its a teaspoon stand where you thread the teaspoon through and it stands it up, off the table i guess, it seems like a lot of effort tho to keep ones teaspoon clean, i had wondered if it also had been a kind of label and i do like your idea of it as a sample , hopefully one of your viewers has some insight for us as it has our whole household wondering


Royal Vale watcha ma call it?
by: Anonymous

Small Candle Holder?? perhaps

Tea bag thinger???
by: Meghan


Could it possibly be something to set your tea bag on?

My mother had this weird little thing that looked similar that was used for setting her teabag on once it was steeped. Always baffled me.... Mine went straight in the trash!!


Royal vale
by: Anonymous

From memory some of the big ceramics manufacturers used to make key ring fobs like this. Depicting various of their patterns. Eg Doulton did a bunnykins. Royal Albert did old country Roses etc. It's that without the metal ring
Angela ( potteries)

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