Royal Vienna Porcelain Vase Wing Pottery Mark in Red/Brown Saying Austria

by Jeanette
(Mt Holly Springs, PA)

Royal Vienna Porcelain Vase Wing Pottery Mark in Red/Brown Saying Austria

Royal Vienna Porcelain Vase Wing Pottery Mark in Red/Brown Saying Austria

Royal Vienna Porcelain Vase Wing Pottery Mark in Red/Brown Saying Austria, Help! I love the challenge of identifying a backstamp, but this one has gotten the best of me. It is faded but still has distinguishing features. I received this as a part of a collection of Royal Vienna for consignment. The other 2 pieces that were chargers, were a snap to identify.

Not this one!

I have searched your site, plus all the other sites (I don't know why, this is the best site ever!)and all my books. I deal in Pottery, china, porcelain, ironstone and such and I am embarrassed that I can't identify this mark!

I wish I could just let it go, It is a beautiful vase and I could put a value on it and be done with it. I pride myself in being able to provide good values with Great descriptions and it pains me to have have to add the word unidentified! I have done it before (once) and I just didn't like it! I feel this piece is too important not to do everything I can.

Well here is the description of the vase and the mark.

The Vase:
12 ½” tall, 4” base and 2 ¾” opening
Gold inlay over a reddish brown color with raised jewel pattern signed by Chloris

The Mark:

has a red insignia that
resembles a dome or rounded crown with a cross on a set of wings over the word “Austria”

I thank you all for your time and consideration!



Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Royal Vienna Porcelain Vase Wing Pottery Mark in Red/Brown Saying Austria

Hi Jeanette

You sound like a super-sleuth, so welcome to the site and you are at home!

The first thing is I can't really see your mark, so it is hard to help without a close-up photo.

Could you send in a close pic to

I looked up Chloris though and weirdly, Chloris is the classical Nymph depicted in the photo, not the artist. This same picture is repeated with tiny differences again and again (the signature always remains the same in the same place) on Vienna style items from several different makers - for example,

RC Bavarian

Josef Riedl

A pair of Dresden style vases, one with your image, and one with a different nymph signed 'Juno'

Josef Riedl may be a clue to who the mark might belong to. With your sleuthing powers, check out these factories for your mark:-

Josef Riedl

Moritz Zdekauer (MZ)


These I think, were interrelated factories with various similar winged marks, and all Austrian.

Please sleuth it up, report back and send in a clearer pic (mark it for this thread). Thanks.

Peter (admin)


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brown winged mark
by: Kenny

HI...were you able to identify the mark?

I just obtained a demitasse cup and saucer, with a portrait of Napoleon, with the same mark under glaze on both pieces.



Nice Close Up
by: Peter (admin)


Thanks for uploading your pics.

I had a real good look around, but still couldn't find this mark. The closest I got was to notice that this mark shows a lot of the same themes as the marks of Josef Riedl OR Moritz Zdekauer (MZ) OR Altrohlau.

Watch this space.

If you know, please show!

Peter (admin)

Wing Pottery mark Red/Brown
by: Therese

I have a tea cup with the wing pottery mark with a rounded crown and says Austria. I can't find it either. Please let me know if anyone finds this.

Plate with same mark
by: Anonymous

I have a plate with roses and gold patterns with a fluted edge. Same mark Red with wings and austria underneath.

Me too
by: Nancy

I have a large punch bowl, green white and gold, pictures of cherubs, and this same winged pottery mark and the stamp "Austria". Cannot find who the mark belongs to.

Winged wheel mark
by: Josh Stabler

Has anyone managed to identify this maker?
I've unearthed about 17 fragments of a plate bearing this exact mark, and have not been able to find much information.

Most of the fragments could be pieced together, allowing a pretty good idea of what the plate originally looked like. I discovered the fragments on my parents' farmette near Elverson, PA. The house was not substantial. I think the deeds could be traced back to at least 1812, and the property may have been associated in some way with the owners of a local iron furnace, which could explain how this unexpected piece of Austrian Porcelain landed in the middle of a yard in rural Southeastern Pennsylvania.

by: CGB

It looks very close to a Carl Boseck mark, perhaps an early one? He has a red winged mark with the wheel on the top instead of on the bottom. His was a decorating studio, not a manufacturer. 1880's till 1930's. The only thing is, none of his later marks have "Austria" printed underneath.

The color of his pieces are always similar to the one above, too. Lots of earth tones, rusts, browns etc.

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