Royal Winton re: Grimwade

by Deborah Malone

Atlas China Teacup and Saucer Set

Atlas China Teacup and Saucer Set

I first heard of "Royal Winton" and "Grimwade" while doing research on a cup and saucer set that I recently acquired. My china set is made by "Atlas" China who operated in England from 1906 - 1910. Atlas was taken over by "Grinwade China", which later became Royal Winton. Royal Winton did put out some patterns in 1930, however not in the "imari" style as my set is.

My set is done in the "imari" style with red flowers and cobalt blue leaves with handpainted gold accents all set on a pristine background. It's quite beautiful and very dainty. It is in perfect condition, however one can feel very fine stone, which I understand was added to the clay to make it stronger on the bottom of the teacup. I suspect this set was made between 1906 - 1910.

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Atlas China
by: Kiwi Royal Winton Collector

Leonard Grimwade founded his pottery at stoke on trent staffordshire in 1895 , in 1886 his brother joind the firm , it then became Grimwade Brothers about 1890 it became Grimwades Ltd. By 1906 they had four potterys at stoke , upper hanley ,elgin and winton . In the early years grimwades purchased four smaller potterys , in 1906 they purchased the Atlis china company . In 1913 Queen Mary purchased a tea set from them during a vist to their winton pottery . In 1929 they adopted the trade name of Royal Winton . Grimwades incorperated part of the Altas backstamp ( the globe ) into their own backstamp from 1906 till about 1930's on some of their lines . From research i have done Grimwades carried on producing some Altas china patterns well into the 1930's . They produced some Atlas patterns using the origonal Atlas backstamp of atlas holding the globe in 1919 til 1924 , and in 1934 to 1939 they used a text only backstamp of " Atlas bone china England " . From the various pieces of Atlas china i have seen , the Atlis China company produced some excellent eye catching pieces like your cup saucer set .
Grimwades/Royal Winton have produced numerious stuning china patterns over the years , as they still do . They are famous for their chintz ware patterns which command hign price's . In fact they are the rolls royce of chintz ware patterns .
Hope this throws some light on your query
a kiwi collector
New Zealand

Unique cups and saucers
by: louise

I have a black cup and saucer that I aquired from this year and am confused because the saucer has atlas on it and the cup has the Stoke on Trent without Atlas. There are flowers that seem to have been put on by stickers. By what I read this is from around 1919-1924 in mint shape. It also has a gold trim. I do have another cup Expresso size that is yellow shell color that has a date with E.D. 12/22 in mint condition. The cup has a large M with leaves around it with the letters NORITAKE not sure about the first letter I would like to find out if these are as old as they seem. thank you louise

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