Royal Worcester 2010 Figure of the Year


We really liked your 2010 Figure of the year for Royal Worcester. She is fabulous.

We were just wondering what colour she is going to be painted?

We thought a Dark Blue dress would suit, among other things.

Your site is also extremely interesting and we have learned so much!

Thank You.


Reply by Peter Holland

May I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the trouble to upload this very nice post.

I will keep you posted on what colour the decoration will be. SO you are voting dark blue!

We are looking at various options at the moment.

You should really subscribe to the Newsletter, because that is the place to be kept up to date with everything. Soon I will be announcing a VERY exciting development with regard to my figurines. I can't wait to share the news!

I am intrigued as to who 'we' are because you didn't leave your names on the post, you just said 'we'.

Please tell us more about yourselves all the way over there in Aus. Don't keep us in suspense!


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