Royal Worcester Vase Mark Interpretation

by Erin
(Fayetteville, AR, USA)

Royal Worcester Vase Mark Interpretation

Royal Worcester Vase Mark Interpretation

Royal Worcester Vase Mark Interpretation:- This is my mother's vase which she kept of her parents when they passed away. They lived in NY in the early to mid 1900's and were a fairly well-to-do family. They traveled to London and France frequently. A few of the other items my mother kept of theirs were from Tiffany's (clocks, metal boxes, etc.), so I'm not sure if this was from Tiffany's or from their travels.

Hopefully the markings are clear enough on this photo. I can make out a red chinese looking character, which I assume is an "imitation chinese number" from my research on markings.
The green royal worcester marking in the middle has a "51" in the center. There are 2 characters under the crest that I assume are year numbers, but I cannot make them out.
The number "655" is etched in, and then on the very edge of the base are 3 hashes that appear to look like "111", but may just be hashes.
I'm looking to find out if I'm on the right track on identifying the marks and if anyone can date it for us and/or guesstimate value.

Thanks for any insight!

Erin Helf
Fayetteville, AR
erin.helf AT gmail DOT com

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Royal Worcester Serpent Handle Vase
by: Anna

Your lovely vase is indeed made by Royal Worcester, England. Unfortunately, without the date code which is the number/letter at the bottom of the backstamp it is impossible to date it accurately but this style of vase was made around the 1880's during the aesthetic period when styles and patterns were heavily influenced by Japan. (If you haven't already tried a very strong magnifying loop it may be worth another look with a jeweller's loop and at different light levels ranging from bright light to dim). The impressed number 655 is the shape/model number and was decorated in a variety of patterns/colours and styles all, of course, handpainted. It may be worth looking at the other impressed marks carefully as they may be partial Royal Worcester impressed marks and give clues to its true date. Hope this helps

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