S Below Crown on Figurine Pottery Mark

by leanne

S Below Crown on Figurine Pottery Mark

S Below Crown on Figurine Pottery Mark

S Below Crown on Figurine Pottery Mark:- I was searching for info regarding a hallmark on some figurines that were left me by my great grandmother and came across the exact same figurine marked with a crown 'S' as the one Suzzy was asking about only i have the pair. The only difference between them is that mine don't have foreign next to the hallmark. Why is this?

The picture Ive uploaded is of the pair but the man with bull is then one showing the mark

Many Thanks



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To:- S Below Crown on Figurine Pottery Mark

Hi Leanne

Thanks for posting your picture of the matching lady figure with cow by Carl Scheidig of Gräfenthal. To me they are gems.

One likely reason they are not marked as 'foreign' is they were not destined for the export market - but for domestic distribution. This means they would have been physically brought to the UK by someone in their luggage.

The second possibility is the UK, at the time they were made didn't have a legal requirement to have country of origin marked. I don't have the dates to hand, but I know this was changed as a requirement. If anyone has the dates, please post.

As for values, to me these are very nice wares, but I don't know how this reflects in terms of value. Experts take into account the changing market in the current economy. Items fetching premium prices a couple of years ago are no longer, and other things becoming 'fashionable'. This is the realm of the experts and I have a special page where you get tips on researching china values and liaise with experts.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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crown with a below
by: peter

hello, i was trying to identify a mark on two figures. they have the same crown as this item but with the letter a below instead of an s. i know they are german because my dad got them there many years ago. thanks

Figurine of lady
by: Philomena

i have a figurine is a lady about 6 inches tall patting a large dog and it is stamped with a crown over an 'S' can anybody tell me anything about it please?

by: Peter D

I have a figurine of a girl feeding birds,does anyone know where it is from?

porcelain figurine NEW
by: Anonymous

the crown above the s should be east or west germany grafenthal porcelain..they had many marks,hope this will help you

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