Scribbled Signature Mark on Tall Vase

by Michael
(Logan, Utah, USA)

The piece

The piece

New to looking up marks- PLEASE HELP!!:- My wife and I have always loved looking at antiques. We often for dates go to antique shops or wander yard sales looking for items that catch our eye. Our favorite shows are the PBS antiques kind. We have often talked about beginning our collection but have never done so due to me being in college and the temporary nature that comes with that.

Up until now it has only been a dream and we just keep looking. This is the first time that I have ever gone out with the purpose of buying an alleged antique until now. As you may be aware Christmas is forthcoming and gifts are the basis of exchange.

So I went to a local shop and purchased this vase, I am guessing it is a vase, which was the only thing that really caught my eye. The piece has a light peach color for the base coat with what looks like peonies, my guess as to the flowers, painted on it.

The opening at the top has a petal shape that flares out. After returning to look at the piece 3 times I went and found the store owner. I haggled on the price and feel I made a great buy.

Now comes the tricky part.

I have no information about where the piece came from. They gave me no information on the piece nor did they have any information to give. The shop has many sections and each one consists of different sellers wares.

There is a clear mark on the bottom but I have no clue what it means or what it says. I am beyond curious and so before I wrapped it I took some photos of the piece prior to wrapping it. I failed to take measurements prior to having it wrapped though.

Of course
I am not sure if that would help in identification purposes anyway. I was hoping that when I present this to my wife that I may be able to give her some of the history of this item as well.

If anyone is able to help me or even point me toward the right places to research I would be very grateful.

As I previously alluded to I am new at this and would like to become more adept at being able to recognize marks in the future.

I would take any suggestions or tips to heart in order to become more proficient in searching maker’s marks and also identification of styles.

I have had grandparents who have been collectors and would love to be able to teach my children about history using items from history.

This is becoming a passion to go along with the many others that I have. I do know how to make many things including jewelry, sculptures (metal and clay), wood carvings, etc. I figure it is about time I am able to recognize marks on others works and not just mine.

To anyone who is willing and able to help me with this search thanks you in advance for your time.



Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Michael

Thanks for a lovely story of your birth as a ceramics collector. Sorry it's taken a while to get around to publishing this post and we missed your Christmas deadline for info.

I think this vase falls into the category of late 19th century/early 20th century amateur ceramics decorating that was all the rage at the time.

If this is the case, you will never know the artist, but you know the genre - and that may be some very good information to present to your other half.

All the best with your new found hobby.

Peter (admin)

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