Sculpting Quality - Capodimonte Query

by Margo house

Sculpting Quality - Capodimonte Query

Sculpting Quality - Capodimonte Query

Sculpting Quality - Capodimonte Query:- I have this lamp that was giving to me and I don't know if it is worth anything or if it is a capodimonte lamp or not. Or how old it is, It is stamped made in china and another stamped that is turning brownish with the letter n and a crown. Could you please help thanks.


Peter (admin) says:-

Hi Margo

Thanks for your query about your n and a crown marked figural group.

The term "Capodimonte", although it is a loose term covering different manufacturers rather than one specific firm, can really only be properly applied to Italian firms, unless it is very old indeed and then it could have been made in Spain.

So your piece, although it has the n and a crown mark will not be correctly termed "Capodimonte". However, if it was of the same particular modeling and decoration style, it could be termed "Capodimonte style".

With the piece shown in the photo, I can see that although the decoration is of similar style to "Capodemonte", (it is bisque or unglazed), the modeling style definitely is not remotely like the Italian sentimental style.

In fact, without wishing to be mean, if an apprentice of mine came up with a such modeling, I would suggest they had a swift career re-think, as I think the sculpt quality is basic to say the least.

Therefore, I don't hold up much hope of a high value for this particular item, as it is a modern item made in China for mass export.

In theory, it should be worth about half of what the original price would have been, as it has no antique value and it is merely second-hand as distinct from 'vintage' or 'antique.

If you think I am being a bit 'haughty' my apologies - but please go to this page which I consider to be showing modeling of the highest standard and compare the two.

This is an example of what I consider very good clay sculpting

Best regards

Peter H
ps. I am too modest to send you to the page showing my latest clay sculpture

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