Single Initial Script "M" Pottery Mark on Art Nouveau Vase?

by Ann Cantu
(Houston Texas USA)

upright - Single Initial Script

upright - Single Initial Script

I am trying to identify my Art Nouveau style teal or green colored pottery vase with brass overlay decor. It has 2 handles, like a small urn or amphora. It stands approximately 4-1/2" tall. The color of the pottery is a teal blue-green, almost jade-like. There is shading from the top and bottom, a sort of blue and red streaked coloration. The vase part feels very smooth and cold to the touch, almost like stone or marble. But it has overall crazing, so I'm assuming it's pottery.

My parents bought the vase from a Houston TX area antique dealer in the early 1970s. In addition to the "M" artist's or maker's mark on the bottom of the vase, the bottom of the brass part of the vase has a "U" imprinted on it.

I've found nothing in my research that is even similar to this mark or type of vase. I thought it might be English (trying to look like Asian). For some reason, my husband thinks it's Russian.

Does anyone know?




Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Ann

Thanks for this interesting query.

I looked at this query and immediately thought "Bohemian Art Nouveau Amphora" - bearing in mind I am not at all an expert in this area and have to rely on what I have seen visitors to this site send in. I also occasionally have a few hunches and a make some educated guesses.

The thing is, this whole area can be a rich area for collectors and there were some important artist about in the at the turn of the 20th century in the era of art nouveau in Europe. All that adds value to a piece.

So then I read
your description of the 'coldness' and figured it must be glass, not pottery, or as is often the case; pewter and glass.

So I did some digging. Unbelievably, I stumbled across a really really (I mean REALLY) upmarket art gallery (Erskine, Hall and Coe) in the heart of London's richest area (Bond Street, Mayfair) which was featuring exactly your vase, within an article on Art Nouveau, on their website (in a different colourway but very much the same vase).


"Bud vase with pewter trim detail - c.1910"
photo and infrmation courtesy of the Erskine, Hall and Coe Gallery, london

Unfortunately, they do not identify who made the vase, but identify the date as specifically 1910.

Many of the other vases and artworks featured in the article are by very important art nouveau artists and makers of the late 19th and early 20th century - and presumably have price tickets to match.

If I were you, I would try to make contact with the gallery, explain your situation and ask if they can kindly tell you about the vase featured, as you have one of the same (and cheekily ask of they want to make you an offer).

The details I found on the website ( - your vase is featured about a quarter of the way down at the start of the Art Nouveau article):-

The London Contemporary Art Gallery:
Erskine, Hall & Coe located in central Mayfair, off Bond Street, at 15 Royal Arcade and is under the directorship of James Erskine, Matthew Hall and David Coe.

They are describing your vase as a "Bud vase with pewter trim detail - c.1910"

Quite a surprise, I bet, get going! And be sure to post what happens here.

Peter (admin)

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Vase identification
by: webmaster

I just came across this page in a search for similar items. That is a script "B" rather than "M." Both vases are pottery (not glass) and made by Eugene Baudin and mounted in pewter (but not by Orivit as sometimes attributed). The 1910 date listed is probably too late- more like 1905 or so. This is one of my favorite designs... Hope this helps!


"B" signature on art pottery vase mounted on pewter
by: Peter (admin)

Hi, and a big thanks for taking the time to post the answer for us - much appreciated.

So, the signature initial is a "B" monogram and the artist is Eugene Baudin. Great info!

I looked at your website - very nice niche site with great information. Thanks for the link.

I did some digging on Eugene Baudin and there is a great summary of his ceramic career here:-

Basically, Baudin's style is described as 'organic art nouveau'. He exhibited at the World Exhibition in Paris of 1900, and also in exhibitions in the USA. His studio was based in Monaco and there he made both stoneware and porcelain products mounted in pewter and other metals. These mounts were worked by well-known silversmiths such as Debain, Gaillard and Marcel Bing. After the first world war, his adopted son Paul Alphonse continued production up to the mid 1920's.

I believe the vase needs to be valued as it may be worth a fair amount.

Peter (admin)

Maker of your vase.
by: Richard Pollard

Th incised mark is not an "M" but a "B". It is the mark of Eugene Baudin of France.

Answer from France
by: Bernard LE GAL


M in not M but B for BAUDIN
by: Peter (admin)

Some references & further info:

wiki article Baudin

plus some pics and info from


Eugène Baudin 1853 - 1918
Two vases c. 1900
description Bright stone shards, fine-grained matt glaze ( 'grès tendre') in light and dark green shades or matt glaze in blue and wine red. Floor respectively: Baudin (lettering mark, green glaze painted or embossed). The green vessel with stand and mouthpiece by André Aucoc, Paris made of copper, brassed and colored patinated, open-worked flower ornaments. H.15 cm.
state The wall of the second vase finely perforated for fastening a missing metal mounting, the mouth edge with scraping points.

by: Anonymous

I wrote the article on Baudin for Jason Jacques and have now provided further details in my book on "French Art Nouveau Ceramics". A nice piece by an excellent ceramist.

Your vase was made by Eugene Baudin
by: Liz

The vase is art nouveau and made by Eugene Baudin and is rare.

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