Society Fine China - Pattern: Harvest Time

by Misty
(Portland, OR)

Society Fine China - Pattern: Harvest Time

Society Fine China - Pattern: Harvest Time

The mark is very clear that the maker was Society Fine China. Online it is sometimes called Fine Arts China (on Replacements LTD). Some of the pieces include "Made in the USA" at the bottom of the mark. I can't find anything about the history of the maker. I believe the pattern is from the 1960s or 1970s. It is extremely good quality bone china (transparent when held up to the light) with an ivory/cream body and a wheat pattern with a platinum border. Does anybody know anything about this maker? I purchased a partial set at a vintage store and a full set at a thrift store. The stores didn't have any information on the history.



Reply By Peter (admin)
Hi Misty

I understand these brands to be part of the large Enesco corporation. As you probably know Enesco outsource and develop many hundreds of lines of many different categories, some of which are made in the Far East.

I don't know the history if these brands, but I am sure Enesco will be able to fill you in.

Hope this helps

Peter (admin)

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Harvest Time
by: Marianne, CA

Hi Misty,
I'm writing regarding the history of Society Fine China. I have Harvest Time. I purchased it in the late 50's, early 60's. It was not sold in stores; it was marketed through "home parties". These parties were very popular at that time. There were also lots of "Copper Parties". I selected the Harvest Time pattern because I preferred silver trim over gold. After all these years, I still think it to be quite beautiful. My mother also purchased a set - a different pattern - rose something or other. It had a green edging with a rose pattern. I have service for 8. The only extra pieces I have are the salt and pepper and 5 demi-tasse cups (the shape is not the bowl shape of the cups) with 6 saucers and 2 coasters. Let me know if you find out further info.

Harvest Time
by: Marianne

Hi Misty,
I went to Enesco and couldn't find anything that seemed related to the Society Fine China line. I graduated from HS in 1959 and I know that I began purchasing these pieces before that time. The timeline for Enesco doesn't seem to fit those dates. Let me know if you find more info. Thanks.
Marianne T.

I'm selling my Harvest Time
by: KijijiPEI

Hi, I am currently selling my Harvest Time China through Kijiji if you are interested please contact me. Link to my add is posted below. Thanks.

Society Fine China-Harvest Time
by: Brenda

I have the large platter, serving bowl, 6 dessert dishes, salt shaker, creamer, sugar bowl with lid, gravey bowl plus full settings for 2 and many extra pieces of plates, cups, saucers. It has everything clearly marked with the Society Fine China emblems. You may look on Craigslist in Minneapolis under household for a picture.

Thanks for your comment!
by: Misty

Thanks for your comments, through some other research I found out that it was indeed sold only at home parties or door to door. So you commment confirms that. I agree there is no connection to the other company mentioned. The expert I talked to said it was much better quality than China sold in most stores at the time and I can see by the shiny glaze and transparency of the bone china that it is truely quality. I have purchased an incomplete set at a vintage store then found another set at a thrift store, so I now have a complete place settings for 12 (including fruit cups)! Also have the large round platter, the large oval platter, gravy boat, small and large oval serving bowls, covered round serving bowl, two sugars and creamers, compote plate, two salt and peppers, two coasters, relish platter (small oval) - I think that is it. I treasure the set and find it to be understated and beautiful.

Harvest Time made in the USA
by: Ruth

I originally bought a set of 4 and have 3 cups, 4 saucers, 4 salad plates, 2 smaller between salad plates and saucer size, and 3 plates. One salad plate has what looks like the silver trim has melted (?) and left a mark. I did not attend a party but a saleman came to the door selling the china, also sold crystal wind glasses which I bought a beautiful set of 4 (3 remaining). I bought them about 1963.

Thanks Ruth
by: Misty

Thank you for your comment. It is exciting to hear from people who orignally purchased this china back in the day. It is still a treasure after all these years.

Harvest Time
by: Anonymous

I too have a collection of Harvest Time Society China purchased in the mid 60s.

The silver I was told is actually platinum trim.

My name is also Ruth.

Harvest Time China
by: Anonymous

We have a complete 12 place setting which was purchased before 1960 at a home party. This set is in perfect condition and has only been used several times and only been kept on display. Does any one know what a set of this china is worth.

Value on Harvest Time
by: Misty

Hi Richard,

You can look up values on Replacements LTD ( look under the maker "Fine Arts China" and pattern "Harvest Time" - currently it looks like about $56 a place setting. The prices fluctuate depending on availability. If you have serving pieces they are usually quite expensive on this website. So for insurance purposes "replacement cost" is easy to find. But if you were to actually sell the china it might only be about $15 a place setting. I purchased 12 place settings and many serving pieces for $225 total at a thrift store. I would expect to pay about $350+ at an estate sale or auction for the same pieces. Replacements LTD will also purchase pieces from you but they pay only a fraction of what they sell them for and might not take everything at once, since they don't like to have too much inventory at one time. Looks like they don't have any good condition dinner plates at the moment, so you might get a good price for those. Misty

society china
by: j Davis

I have a full set of 8 given to us as wedding gift 55 years ago..Lee & Bonnie Wallord owned the company in Burbank Ca.

Harvest TIme
by: Barbara

Mom bought her set when she was single and going through nurses school. This was in 1954. She bought it retail.

I have a set, too
by: Linda

I bought my Harvest Time from some saleslady--not a party, but can't remember that she was door-to-door, neither. I have a service for 8--bought it in 1960 as part of my 'Hope Chest'.
It looks every bit as good today as it did 58 years ago. I have no idea what I paid for it--seems it was in the area of $150--that was lots back then.
My set has the 'Made in USA ' under the Society logo.
My second name is Ruth--seems to be some sort of connection here;)
I am in Ontario, Canada.

Society Fine China NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi. My uncle brought a set of Harvest Time back from Japan for my Grandmother and my Mother in the very early 60s. I still have my mother's set of 4 servings.

by: JOHN

Can you tell me what the numbers under the maker mark mean?

Pattern: Serenity NEW
by: Dorothy

I purchased a set of Society's Serenity pattern for my hope chest from a door to door sales man in 1960. It is an 5 piece service for 8, and includes a large platter, two oval serving bowls, a gravy boat, a creamer and covered sugar bowl. I also bought stemmed glasses. I do not remembered what I paid but I remember that I bought it on time. It's in great shape because I seldom used. Preparing to hand it down to a family member. Thanks for the additional information.

Harvest Time
by: Elaine

I have a full set for 12 of the entire pattern (silver finish) just like Marianne described, and I can be contacted at 310-546-5108 if she wishes to discuss or to add to her service set

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