Staffordshire China - Hudson & Middleton - Note From Helen

by Helen, UK
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Staffordshire China - Hudson & Middleton - A Note From Helen:-

Wow Peter, that's fantastic!!! Thank you SO much for doing this. I'm so excited. Maybe others who have more knowledge may input to the knowledge-bank too and we can get a clearer history/timeline on the company.

About your query about the "Royal" tag to some Sutherland wares, I'm afraid no idea about the "Royal" element of the name but I'll ask both mum and Uncle Gren to see if they know. Do you know what period ware was backstamped with this mark?

With regards to the longevity of the name, I've got a feeling you're right as I too have heard/read that somewhere. What I do remember is that the last firing of a bottle kiln was at H&M sometime in the 70s - after dad had sold the company - but we still went along. We have some bits and pieces of memorabilia from that day: an etching/print I think and I seem to remember a mug. Again, I'll have to check with mum as I'd have only been about 9 or 10 and I guess at that age you don't take much notice!

On that note, I very clearly remember going with dad to "the works" (as we called it at home). If you look at the front view of the factory you'll see the big blue arch gateways and there was a small door let into one of the big gates through which pedestrians could enter without having to open the gates. I remember climbing over and through that door
into the cobbled yard. I remember going into the decorating shop - it was my favourite because I loved the smell of the paint - and all the ladies used to talk to me. They all called dad "Mr George" which I thought was very funny!

With regards to your last query, I'm going to contact H&M direct next week, explaining that I'm researching my family history and would like to find out what's happened since the 70s to complete my knowledge of the company. You never know, they may have some old bits and pieces filed away somewhere that I could get access to!

Lastly, do you know what happened to the D Chapman factory that only seemed to exist for a short time? I'm presuming that Atlas was their backstamp and somewhere along the line Grimwades took it over and took on the Atlas backstamp.

I am glad to see H&M proudly presented on your website!

Thanks Peter


(Editor's note: We now have a new and rather wonderful resource on Hudson & Middleton here on this site - go to my Staffordshire China page and scroll down to find a potted history of the firm written by Helen herself!)

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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Staffordshire China - Hudson & Middleton - A Note From Helen

Hi Helen

Thanks for your note to kick off the 'comments' section. Let's hope we get lots of interest and some extra information!

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

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Chapman's / Hudson & Middleton and Atlas Grimshaws Winton
by: Peter (admin)


Just a quickie, please answer when you have time.

I have a couple of queries:

  1. Do you know of any connection between your families firms and Regency. The reason I ask is Regency had an address virtually on top of yours, and there are so many interconnections I wondered if it was just a brand of your family.
  2. Also, with regard to the Atlas brand - part of Chapmans (I think) - why is there a later connection with Grimshaws and Atlas? Did they take over the brand, because the backstamp is the same. There is no reference to this switch in Goddens and I'd like to know.

Best regards

Peter (admin)


A note from Craig Barlow:-

I would just like to thank the people putting this website together. I have been researching my proud family history. Recently my grandfather Grenville Barlow told me about how much information is on this website.

I am very proud of our family history and do not want it forgotten.

We may not be Wedgewood or Doulton but we were just as important as the big names but we have our heritage

Many thanks for the website.

Craig Barlow


Family Connections ....
by: Helen Gregory (nee Chapman)

Hi Craig

I've just come across your comments on Peter Holland's excellent website.

I'm guessing you must be Mark's son? Your grandfather is my "Uncle Gren" -- not a real uncle but he and my dad (George Chapman) took over Hudson & Middleton from their fathers until they sold it in the 1970s.

I remember very clearly Uncle Gren and Auntie Joyce as well as Uncle Gren's parents, Auntie Doris and Uncle Eric. If I'm right and your dad is Mark, you must have an Uncle Adam too, right?!

I've now done quite a bit on my family tree and it includes bits and pieces of your family history too, so please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to. My email address is

All the best.


Regency Bone China
by: Ms. Dennison

Do you have any information on the Regency bone china company.

I recently bought a lovely blue clematis cup and saucer set and would like to know about the company.

Imari Bowl from Chapman Atlas
by: Bettina Krueger

Thank you so much for Mrs. Helen Gregory Chapman's article on the pottery history of the Chapman family. Due to these important pieces of information, I finally, after decades, could now identify the backstamp of our beautiful antique Imari bowl and date it, hopefully right, to the years 1889-1910.

Best regards from Germany
Bettina Krueger

Hudson & Middleton
by: Robert Reid

Fascinating to read your article about your family and Hudson & Middleton. I left school at 16, my father who was the North of England representative for them took me to Blackpool Trade Fair. After spending the week with Grenville & George my father arranged with them that I would join the factory and learn the trade.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and never really thanked Grenville, George and Mr Leach for being so tolerant with such a naive 16 year old. I grew up on that factory and have many memories. I left in 1965 to join my father as a manufactures agent.

I often think about my days on the factory and the people who worked there, particularly Albert Wakefield who I owe a huge debt of gratitude for befriending me and acting as a surrogate father.

I remember the first firing the intermittent gas kiln and of course the bottle oven, I guess there are not many of us around that actually when the bottle kiln was still in use.
Robert Reid

Grenville Barlow
by: Anonymous

Hi, my name is Tom Cresswell and my Grandad knew Grenville and has asked me to try and find his contact details. My grandad John Cresswell would like to catch up with him 01782 599 161

Grimwade Bros
by: Melinda

If interested I have an early piece 1891 of Grimwade Bros
with a great makers mark if you would like the image for information on the page.

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