Striped Shield Porcelain Mark With H D & Co Stamp

by David Cooke
(Viborg Denmark)

Striped Shield Porcelain Mark With H D & Co Stamp

Striped Shield Porcelain Mark With H D & Co Stamp

Striped Shield Porcelain Mark With H D & Co Stamp:- Can anyone identify these plate markings? I purchased this plate in a Danish junk shop but have been unable to identify the marks which are blue under glaze. There are also impressed F and U and W marks on the base. Can anyone help me with the identity?

Thank you.


Reply by Peter (admin)

to Striped Shield Porcelain Mark With H D & Co Stamp

Hi David

Thanks for your interesting query and great photos. I added to your photos a close up of a mark first registered by The Waechtersbach Porcelain Factory of Schlierbach, Prussia, Germany in 1884. It was last re-registered by them in 2003, so any use of this mark by anyone else would be a forgery.

We can conclude that your plate is either by them or a rip off using a version of the Waechtersbach mark. The H D & Co backstamp could be the mark of a distributor (I don't recall seeing such a mark before).

The plate looks to be of nice quality as far as I can see from the photo. The company are still going strong and have a beautiful website. You could always contact them and ask if they recognize the marks as being their own.

If you do, please first,
tell them who sent you. You never know, they might even give us a link. Second, please be sure to report back what you find.

Hope this helps.

Peter (admin)


Follow up Report by David Cooke


Thank you for helping me solve the mystery of the strange blue markings on the back of my (as I now know) Waechtersbach "creamware".

I have copied and pasted the reply from the factory and my reply to them below this. Though I was disappointed to not find the plates older I am happy to have been able to work out what they are thanks to you!


David Cooke


Dear Silke Tieman

Thank you for your response...

I will pass on this information to who first put me on the right track ........

thanks again for your help.

Regards from David Cooke


Subject: AW: FW: Can you help identify these marks

Dear Mr. Cooke,

hello from the factory in Germany :)

I just talked to a collector of our old things who is running a private museum and it seems that these plates were produced by us (therefore the Waechtersbach backstamp) for a special customer (the H D & Co backstamp is his sign).

The production date is around 1880 - 1906 in a typical "historism"-style

best regards
Silke Tiemann


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Striped Shield
by: ChristineAnonymous

Why is the shield "striped"? Why is it so hard to find this mark in reference books? Thank you for any helpful answers.

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