Taiwan Soft Clay

by linda
(taipei taiwan)

I moved from the US to Taiwan a few months back and I have fallen in love with the soft clay. Only problem is that the entire package is in Chinese which I am not really that great at. This clay is awesome. I am moving back to the states in a few months and want to know how I can get this type of clay in the US?

It has a consistency like sculpty or fimo but softer. It dries fast and is hard like plastic. It is not the light soft clay that I have been able to get in the States but heavy like the clay you have to bake.

Many artist in Taiwan just set up on the street and make things out of the clay. You can buy the fresh pieces before they even dry. Everyone knows to just let them sit out a few days. There are even caricature artist that work in this medium.

I would like to find a recipe so that I can make a similar clay myself or some place that I can legally import this type of clay from without costing an arm and a leg.



Reply by Peter (admin)

To "Taiwan Soft Clay"

Hi Linda

Good shout. I have never heard of this clay.

Let's investigate.

Anyone else knows anything, please hit the comments link and let us know.

Once Google indexes this page and we start getting hits, we may get some info.

Peter (admin)

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