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by Irene

Hi Peter, thank you for these pages. Please may I suggest as to the type of things us collectors would like from pages like this which I am sure will become a fabulous resource for us collectors over time.

Well, for what its worth, I think collectors would love to have more input into things like this:

    The making, and modeling of a collectible figurines

    How the figurine design came about

    How long it takes you from beginning to end

    Where you made them

    Advice on how to buy the sketches to go with the collectible figurine

    If possible, any signed information on the figurine by the sculptor

    I would just love to own all the history of all my figurines and photos from a piece of clay through to the end stages as well

Because it is such a marvelous thing to be so creative, it really impresses me.

I am in awe of such a talent.

I also have other questions running through my head like:

    How do you get commissioned for a collectible figurine?

    Can you choose which ones you want to do?

    Can you just create your own figures?

I want to know every detail. Is it because I am nosey?

NO! its not! It is because, I want them to be left to my granddaughter when I'm gone and as she is only 4 at the moment.

She will have no idea about them, so needs all the information I can give her. She actually sits and looks at them in my display cabinets and she is so inquisitive that I sometimes feel quite inadequate when she asks me,

"Nan, who picked that dress for her? Why does she have flowers on her dress and in her hair? Who picked them...." and the questions just keep coming and coming, so I
need to know all i can to pass it onto her, for her to learn.

You can never have to much knowledge can you?

Who knows if I can teach her all that she may grow to love the subject of bone china, Coalport, Worcester, Doulton etc and make it her profession an expert on collectible figurines! How lovely!

Well all that's left to say is:- how do we find out any information when there is no new books on the market from Coalport etc? The last book was sold in 2000 and not a thing since. I hope I haven't babbled on too much and that what I have written has helped you

Regards, as always



Reply by Peter Holland

Dear Irene

I am very touched by your writing and can visualize your Granddaughter and yourself having a quality shared time talking abut your lovely collection.

I include your words here, although you wrote them some time ago, because you have inspired this whole 'buzz' section.

I pledge that all my new pieces will have a special section online (which I am building now) which will share with collectors the type of information you and your Granddaughter would like to know and talk about.

I am also trying to persuade colleagues like the masterful John Bromley and other leading sculptors to join me in this (actually, recently John said yes, so I am very pleased).

I will also gradually publish the same type of content about my past figurines. Obviously this is a big task, so can only be done a bit at a time.

I am asking that collectors like you let me know which figures you want written up first, because I can't do them all at once! Vote by contacting me either at this buzz page or by hitting the contact button.

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About Collectible Figurines Sculpted by Peter Holland
by: Joy

I think you speak for all of us Irene, thank you for your article.


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