The Value of Antique Porcelain Figurines and Other Questions

by Mark
(London / Cambridge)

The Value of Antique Porcelain Figurines and Other Questions:- I am trying to write a piece re collectable figurines as well as Royal figurines. Regarding figurines in general, I have 3 questions.

  1. What was the most expensive price made at auction?

  2. What was the most popular in terms of sales and the line that was the longest in production?

  3. What wasI also looking for a decent website to give information regarding the history of Royal figurines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks / Rgds



Peter (admin) says:-

Dear Mark

Many thanks for posting such an interesting submission.

I can chip in on the first question by saying the highest price fetched by a porcelain figurine in recent times that I know about was a Russian 'STATE PORCELAIN MANUFACTURE' figural group depicting "A DISCUSSION OF THE DRAFT SOVIET CONSTITUTION IN AN UZBEK COLLECTIVE FARM, NATALIA DANKO". This was sold by Sotheby's London on 01 Dec 2005 and sold For £18,000 GBP UK (Estimate £6,000 - £8,000).

In the same Russian Sale at Sotheby's on the same date a pair of Russian dancers were sold for £36,000. This does not beat the above figural group because there were two figures in this lot (Lot 178)

In Germany, a Ludwigsburg figural group sold by Dr. Fischer Fine Art Auctions of Heilbronn, on May 12th, 2007, (Lot 43) sold for €18,000 Euros (the starting bid). The Estimate was €23,400 - €27,000 Euros.

The above examples are slightly cheating because they are figural groups. The highest I know about for a single lady figurine (one person depicted) is, again, a SOVIET STATE PORCELAIN MANUFACTORY PORCELAIN FIGURINE OF TAMARA KARSAVINA, C.1920's, sold by Sotheby's London on 12th June 2008 for £7500 GBP UK.

An Art deco Lenci Italian porcelain clown figurine sold on Apr 16th,
2011 at Nest Egg Auctions of Meriden, CT, USA for $13,000 USD (about £7795 GBP UK). However, this was way above the estimate of $1,000 - $3,000 with a starting bid of $500. There must have been two determined collectors in the room who were both going for it.

Price depends upon the dual factors of rarity and quality.

The collectible and fashionable names are Meissen and Vienna (the first two porcelain factories in Europe). The top end auction price for a Meissen lady figurine would be around the €6000 - €8000 Euros, although you can buy a set of 4 Meissen 18th Century Figurines for $6000 USD (see Richard D. Hatch & Associates of Flat Rock, NC, USA - sold , 27th Feb 2010). Many more Meissen porcelain figures fetch in the price range $500 - $2000 USD.

Genuine 18th Century Royal Vienna figurines can also sell in the region of $500 - $2000 USD, but figures were not necessarily what they are most known for though. The ERNST WAHLISS/ALEXANDRA PORCELAIN WORKS was one of the factories which carried on the traditions and quality of the Imperial and Royal Porcelain Factory of Vienna, founding in 1902. An Ernst Wahliss art deco faience lady figurine (c.1912) sold at Dr. Fischer Fine Art Auctions on May 12th, 2007 for €4500 Euros. However, it is Vienna hand painted plates which have been much sought after in the past with many single plates selling in the $500 - $5000 USD price range.

This gives you an idea if what prices for porcelain figurines are at the top end. There may be exceptional figures that beat these, but you would have to check with the auction houses themselves for details.

Let's hope others can chip in with ideas about the other two of your questions.


Peter (admin)

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A Royal Commemorative Figurine Website
by: Tony

Dear Mike

There is a specialist Royal Wedding and other Royal Commemoratives website, if that is any help to you in your research:- Website

I have worked on the development of bone china figurines for the past 2 decades with all the top UK factories and design studion - Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester, Coalport and Compton & Woodhouse, and have been analysing sales all that time. I have no actual sales numbers at my disposal at this moment, but here is my best recollection:-

Pretty, romantic ladies are always the most popular. They have a more general appeal than something more niche such as military figures or historical characters.

The biggest sellers have often been figurines of the year. John Bromley and Peter Holland have been responsible for many of these in recent times. Their sculptures selling with the backstamps of Royal Doulton, Coalport and Royal Worcester often achieved sales into the low teens of thousands, in one year.

Other popular figures in terms of sales have been areas such as Celtic themed ones. The first "Celtic Princess" sculpted for Compton & Woodhouse by Peter Holland, made by Royal Worcester, sold out its limited edition of 7,500.

In the last couple of years there has been a huge change in the ceramic figurines world, with much production that once was made in the UK going abroad. All the old established firms have moved to Far East production.

In reaction to this, John Bromley and Peter Holland has established a new company with the express aim of keeping the traditional manufacturing base in England. Forming "The UK Figurine Collective" in 2009, they are gaining a word-wide recognition of their superior modeling and design of their work. Traditional British craftsmanship skills and heritage are used to once again make pieces by these very popular and collected artists.


Princess Mary of England & Hesse Cassel
by: Anonymous

Does this figurine exist? Where & what price ?

by: Anonymous

We have seen those figurines - which are boldly marked HC in under-glaze blue. ie the original pair, made in 1740, for imperial gifts.
in recognition of Royal patronage.

who signed colclough on base of figurine lady
by: Anonymous

i have a southern belle figurine I purchased for $1, she is really pretty, yellow dress holding a small floral bouquet. it is signed by hand inscribed in the clay, COLCLOUGH CHINA. that's all, can any one help me thank you diane

who signed colclough on base of figurine lady
by: diane hunter

i have a southern belle figurine I purchased for $1, she is really pretty, yellow dress holding a small floral bouquet. it is signed by hand inscribed in the clay, COLCLOUGH CHINA. that's all, can any one help me thank you diane

porcelain doll figurines
by: patricia

Ive found 2 porcelain doll figurines from spain. The bottom of them say galos and 1358. Want to know there worth? One is girl with a cat and the other a boy. They are in great shape with good colors.

Two figurines NEW
by: JohnAnonymous

I hav two porcelain figurines that came to me from my grandmother that I would like to have them appraised.
They are two women in sun bonnets holding flowers and ribbon. They are so in beautiful shape.
On the bottom the of each they have what I believe to say
"Coventry" and each has the # 5051
I can send pictures
Thanks for your help !!

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