Two blue feathers mark of a pair of seated figurines, or possibly leaves conjoined at the stem

by Lisa Embleton
(Austin, TX, USA)

Two blue feathers mark of a pair of seated figurines, or possibly leaves conjoined at the stem

Two blue feathers mark of a pair of seated figurines, or possibly leaves conjoined at the stem

I have two figurines that are a set. I have tried the marks books and several search engines but have not been able to come up with the maker. The mark, in blue, looks to me like two feathers conjoined at the stem. Maybe they are leaves.

There is a foil sticker on one of the pieces but it is mostly destroyed. I can make out the last two letters as ER, and possibly the ones before it are PP.



A kind contributor below has identified this mark as by

LIPPER AND MANN - A mark of a JAPANESE exporter to the US market. Sometimes marked as L&M


original post by Lisa continued......
They are a real cute couple, both sitting in matching chairs. They have a bisque look but they are also lightly glazed in some areas. They seem really well crafted. I’ve had them about a year now and would really like to know what I have.

I found these two pieces in Sulphur Oklahoma at a flea market like place called Dog Trade Days. I’ve been going to the Trade days for several years, whenever I am up at my pond house in a nearby encampment. The Trade Days is open every Sunday, rain or shine, at sunrise and is over around noon.

This sale has been on-going since the 1940’s and was started by folks who got together to trade dogs. You just head off down this dirt road and there are people selling their wares off card tables or out of the back of pickup trucks. There are still dogs being sold here as well as rabbits and chickens, etc.

When I found this cute figurine set, a friend I was with could not say no to the last Chihuahua puppy that a family had in the back of their station wagon. I carried the puppy in my lap, back to Austin TX.

During our drive we, were trying to figure out what to tell my friends husband so he would let her keep the pup. So we made up a story on how the puppy had showed up on our porch at the pond house. How it was starving and cold and we couldn’t just leave him there.

Thanks for the site to ask these questions about marks. I hope you recognize it.



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Conjoined Feathers
by: Lisa

Has anyone seen this mark before or could help with the identification? Thank you

Two Feather Hallmark
by: Anonymous

I am also very interested in finding out about this hallmark. I was doing research specifically about it when I came upon this comment. I saw two figurines in a consignment shop here in Pennsylvania and was curious about this hallmark on both of them.

Nice Story - Interesting Mystery Pottery Mark
by: Peter (admin)

Nice story of how you got these figures (and the puppy!).

Personally, this mark is totally new to me (and not featured in any of my books that I can find), so very interesting to see others also have this marking.

I hope this thread turns out to be one of those where we end up solving the mystery.

My initial thoughts are that the sticker may possibly be an indication that the figures come from Japan - as goods from Japan from the 1950's/60's tended to solve the 'country of origin' laws by using non-permanent sticky labels. This was at a time when the fledgling Japanese post-war economy was specializing in mass-produced items which were known as being 'cheap-and-cheerful', so country of origin labeling was not necessarily an advantage. The inventive Japanese minds then invented a whole range of European looking pottery markings which were printed onto the pieces and then remained once the sticky labels 'fell off'.

I don't know for sure if the sticky label means Japan, but certainly most items I have seen on this site with sticky labels originated from Japan.

Peter (admin)

Further Clarification
by: Elaine

I am "Anonymous" in the above comment. The two figurines I saw with the double feather mark were rather large, probably about 7" in height. Neither had a sticker on them to the best of my recollection, just the blue, imprinted double feathers. The quality of the porcelain seemed rather high, too, not cheaply made. If I can locate these figurines again, I will take a picture of them and post it here.

I Thin I know
by: Haik

I have a statue with same marking and the sticker reads. LIPPER AND MANN creation JAPAN

Blue Conjoined Feather Hallmark - Lipper and Mann?
by: Elaine

Thanks for your input. I checked out numerous Lipper and Mann figurines. Most had foil stickers but none had the conjoined blue feather hallmark. A few had blue crossed arrows, though. Others just had "L & M". Perhaps the feathers were used just for a short time. I'll keep looking.

Vase with same mark
by: Anonymous

I also have a vase with the same mark. No sticker though. Ive looked for hours and haven't found.

by: Donna

I just purchased a vase with the conjoined feather marking. I am pretty sure it is a Lipper and Mann vase after researching. Love the vase!

Response to the feathers
by: Mary

The feathers are Lipper and Mann from Japan. I have two pieces with the same mark with worn foil stickers that you can vaguely make out that they say Lipper and Mann

Double blue feather hallmark
by: Elaine

Thank you, Mary, for this information! The figurines with this mark which I saw were eventually bought by someone else, but it was an interesting mystery. Thanks for your part in solving it.

Lipper & Mann - Who Were they?
by: Peter (admin)

Hi All

And many thanks to all those who helped to solve this mystery pottery mark of the two blue feathers.

I did a bit of Goolge-Fu to find that we shouldn't be asking who were Lipper & Mann, but ask who ARE Lipper & Mann because the company is still very much alive and thriving (as at time of writing 2016).

Based originally with a warehouse in New York, but later moving to Wallingford, Connecticut, the company is still trading as Lipper International - specialising in both functional and decorative home wares.

The company history began in 1946 with partners Lipper & Mann importing bohemian glass. Ceramics were added in 1946. Blue danube dinnerware is one of their brands in the 1950's, but they also imported en masse from Japan, mainly from 1952-68.

In 1963 Hal Lipper bought out his partner and the name is changed. At this time they were based in New York employing about 20 staff.

Through the 60's and 70's Lipper continued to expand his range and sources until they outgrew the NY warehouse and move to Connecticut. Today their markets are the United States, Canada and Central and South America and they all various types of functional and decorative home wares.

Hal Lipper died in 2002 at the grand old age of 88.

Peter (admin)

Lipper & Mann conjoined feathers mark NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a leaf shaped 4 part divided bowl which looks hand painted with fruit (a different fruit centered in each divided port) on the base are the two blue feathers and in addition are the numbers 29/274. I have exhausted my search for a matching piece and given up, but thought the additional numbers may interest someone.

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