Unknown Pottery mark - made in china

by diana

clearest i could get, sorry!

clearest i could get, sorry!

i bought some china at a thrift store and can't identify the mark. It's green and looks like a tall pagoda surrounded by mountains, rising into the clouds. under that are what appear to be 4 chinese letters, and under that the words "made in china". I would be so grateful if anyone could tell me what mark it is, I've looked everywhere and can't identify it! If anyone knows, please e-mail me at diana.3d2006 {AT} gmail {DOT} com.

Thank you!!



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Any answer?
by: Eskay


Don't know how long ago you posted this query...my daughter-in-law just bought a set of dishes at a garage sale, and it has the same mark on the back. Did anyone come up with a name for the maker?

Green Pergoda mark China
by: Bev

Hi I too have a full T set with this mark searched every where any ideas much appreciated


Thr Forum Help Elf says:-

Not much help is forthcoming on this thread because you did not post a picture of the mark. Words are never enough - people need to see the mark.

Some general info which might help is this - "MADE IN CHINA" was required on US imports from about 1919. Before this time, just the word "CHINA" was OK .

Peoples' Republic of China (P.R.O.C.) in either Western or Chinese characters was added from 1949.

This may possibly date your item to around 1919 to 1949. No other examples of this mark exist online, so make yourself a superstar by sending some pics to Peter here peteradmin@theclayartist.com so we can add it to this page. Thanks.


by: Anonymous

i just sent some pics of the makers mark. let me know if you know the maker. thanks

Pics for Unknown China Mark
by: The Forum Help Elf

We have not got the pics yet. Please send to


Meantime, here is a translation of the the words "Peoples' Republic of China" from Google translation:-


Let's await the pictures, then compare the mark


pics of the mark
by: Anonymous

I just sent them again. To that email. Let me know if you get them.

Made in China Mark
by: Hollie

Here are the photos. made in china pottery mark

The chinese letters
by: Anonymous

The first symbol on the plate looks like the first symbol in the second translation. The second symbol on the plate looks like the last symbol on the first translation of your example for P.R.O.C. I believe the first two symbols on the plate mean CHINA. I will keep looking to see if I can find an example for the other two symbols or the word. Thanks!

by: gemma

I too have a tea set with this particular hallmark...any info would be much appreciated :)

Green Made in China Pottery Mark with Pagoda
by: Gemma

Hello Peter

Hopefully you will be able to shed some light on this china tea set I have...its been collecting dust for ages and your site is the only site I have been able to find which shows the same hallmark....
Any info would be greatly received...

The photos are below (added by admin)





Reply by Peter (admin)

Thanks for the nice clear pictures, Gemma

Just a thought - has anyone scrolled through Gotheborg.com in the Chinese marks section?


green pagoda emblem on back
by: Glenn

I also have purchased a set of 8 china just like the cup shown in the picture with the pink flowers......and the somewhat scalloped (wavy) edges. Does anyone have any information on history of this china?

I have very similar set
by: Anonymous

The set I inherited from my grandmother looks nearly identical to the same pattern as yours. the imprint says "Made in china" in blue with a cirlce around it and some other symbols that look to be chinese lettering. I am sending pictures as well, any help would be greatly appreciated!! Would love any background/value on this set.


Pagoda symbol
by: BWP

I have some cups and saucers in the same pattern as Hollie and would love to know the name of the pattern. Anyone any ideas?

unknown stamp
by: dave

Has anyone found out about this chinese stamp yet?

by: Michelle

To find out about this mark too, as I have a full tea set with this marking,

Green Pagoda Mark W/ Mountains
by: Southern Heritage

It appears the mark on our sets are all fron the Nanjing area. It must be one of the Nanjing Porcelain companys, bacause it is the famous Porcelain Pagoda with the surounding mountains.
See picture at:

Wow - I Have some too....
by: Daryl

I have 3 bowls and 4 dessert plates, Started searching and couldnt beleive my eyes when I saw the same bowl pic posted. Thanks for all of the helpful info. I will now post on Ebay with some knowledge. Thanks everyone.

China China
by: Michelle

I have a complete set if this china. It was my grandmothers. It is fascinating to see that other people are serving its origin as well. would love to know its value other than sentimental.

China markings
by: lori

Diana, I have the same set with the same markings and I have been looking for information on it for over 2 hours. I cant find anything. Would someone please let me know the value of the same set Diana has with the green pagoda with the mountain background.

marked with blue writing?
by: Anonymous

I have a set of china just like the one shown in the above thread. Mine, however, has blue markings on the back with the words "made in china" inside a thin blue oval with other chinese markings around the oval. I can't upload a pic at the moment. I have searched for a way to identify these but all the images I've found of these plates, bowls, etc. all say they are marked with a green pagoda. Mine are not. I'm super curious???

any idea on values etc?
by: paul

I have a FULL set for 8 (Plates, Bowls, Desert Plates, Cups and Saucers) I am trying to down size in preparation to move and and trying to find their value before I just get rid of them.... I have had them for years.... but have never used them they have just been collecting dust in my china cabinet. The print I have is a Pink rose (large) and Pink rose (small surrrounded by what looks like a light blue baby's breath. Each piece has gold piping around the edges of the dish.... any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me ....... thepersonyoucontacted@gmail.com

pagoda tea set
by: Michelle

I have a set of 6 tea cups and saucers and tea plates with the same mark that I have just cleared out from under my stairs that I forgot I had. I've been trying to research the marking and it led me to here. What can you tell me about my little collection please?

Pagoda China mark
by: Paul


I have an entire set of the exact same pattern (Pink flowers)you posted.... I am trying to downsize my house and am desperatly trying to find any information as to value/rarity etc...

pagoda tea set
by: kevin

I have the same 18 pc set as Gemma, has anyone nailed down who what when and where of these yet?

Green pagoda & mountains bottom of saucer
by: Nancy

I inherited a teacup with the same green pagoda and mountains on the bottom of the saucer. After reading the other comments...maybe this was an item manufactured by a government owned and operated facility before 1949. I can't find anything after searching for 2 hours.

more info?
by: AmyR

I have a couple of cups and saucers that match Gemma's pattern. I have checked Gotheborg and not found this exact mark.

I am not finding a date on any of these comments so I don't know how old or recent this thread is and I am happy for any more information than from 1919-1948.

How much
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know how much they are worth?

Chinese Meaning
by: Luke

The Chinese on this piece says "中國醴陵", which means Liling, China- a city in Hunan province of China. I checked many Chinese websites but could not find much out about it. But this may help some of you. I did find on cup on eBay that is very similar to the one I have... $13.99 for cup and saucer.


LiLing, Hunan, P.R.CHINA
by: Joshua

Hi The above discussed porcelain cup and saucer set was made in LiLing (city), Hunan (province), P.R. China in 1970s and 1980s. The manufacturing company's name is called Yong Sheng Porcelain Company, which was closed in mid or late 1990s. These porcelain products are very good quality in those days when Chinese people's living standard is generally very low. China exported thousands and thousands of porcelain products to obtain us dollars to buy what it urgently needed from global marks like machinery and medicine equipments and etc. Hope this will help.


Luke and Joshua please contact me
by: Peter (admin)

Hi, Peter (admin) here . . .

Thank you so much Luke and Joshua

Could you guys please email me here : peter@theclayartist.com - I need your help on something.

Peter (admin)
p.s. I am the admin for this site.

by: Anonymous

We have an entire set of plates, bowls, tea cups, and saucers. We inherited them from my husbands great grandmother. Does anyone know their worth?

I here're some but with Rose pattern
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have a value setting for fair market ?

I have this pattern also in 44 pc set
by: Karen

I have the same pattern with pink rose with small blue flowers that have this same stamp on it. I have a 43 out of 44 pc set I want to part with. I have carried it around for 26 years and used it one time. Does anyone have any more information or know of a value on this? Please email me for pictures karmilli2003@yahoo.com Thank you all so much.

Sale NEW
by: Anonymous

I have two cups two saucers and two side plates in the pattern of the one in the image sent. I haven't been able to find any to add to the set so I am wondering if anyone would like to buy them.

China Pattern NEW
by: Dee

I bought this china set at Stone & Thomas when they were still in business, I purchased in the 1980's it was being discontinued at that time. I would really like to know what the value is now and what the name of the pattern is, any help is appreciated.

Pagoda chinal NEW
by: Anonymous

Maybe it was veing diacontinued in the 1980's because Crescent China now has the SAME pattern now. Do patterns get sold ir perhaps thwy went with the company and it was acquired?

Ohme markings
by: Anonymous

I have a team cup with a marking of Ohme but it is not the same marking I found on line.

Same Mark I have a 4 and a bit set with this stamp
by: Stuart

This was my great grandmothers so can place it at pre 1939 - How do I post pictures ?

Flower pattern NEW
by: Linda lou

Your pattern looks exactly like what I have. Bought my set about 30yrs ago from fingerhut.

China teacup and saucer
by: Annie

Hello everyone ,
Thank goodness i came across this ,
I can't see when all these comments were sent but just to say ..........
I have a complete set of cup and saucers of the exact same pattern in the original and they are still in their box .
On the box it has '' 12 piece VICTORIA set ''
It has the same hallmark also
I got them from my mother in law years ago and have always been looking to see where the stamp mark came from and couldn't find anything about them - until now !
Many Thanks

Same china as in first picture NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi ,
My grandma bought this China in 1989s and I have the complete set. In my quest to find a matching tea pot I have done a reverse image search of the emblem and is said. Jie pai is the emblem. I am still in search for the tea pot but starting to think it does not exit. If someone has it can you post a picture so I can see what it looks like.

Liling is the city of origin not Nanjing NEW
by: Anonymous

Liling is the city of origin not Nanjing

cups and saucers NEW
by: Anonymous

i also have 5 cups and 6 sauceres and 6 tea plates with the green pagado marking on back can anyone tell me if they are worth anything

Same Mark, Different Pattern
by: Donna

I have a tea set with the same identification mark as discussed above: a tall, slim pagoda with hills or forest in the background, Chinese characters and Made In China, all in green. It is the same mark I saw in an earlier post but the pattern is different. I found a plate on e-Bay that IS in the same pattern that said it was a Lotus Flower design and was from 1919-1946. I'm confused as to whether this pattern is that old or is, in fact, from the 80s as suggested. I am sending pictures to Peter at the email he listed.

Necesito saber la marca!!! NEW
by: Erika

Compré una taza para coleccionarla y también he buscado por todas partes esa información. Es una incógnita que me tiene de cabezas buscando info...por favor si alguien sabe, díganos.
Mi taza es con dos rosas rosadas pero una de ellas va cambiando el tono de los pétalos a medida que se abren en un tono gris ...casi un tono grafito al último.

La encontré en " tea cup saucer set pink gray rose gold trim marked green Nanjing Pagoda China" NEW
by: Erika

21 euros la taza y el plato en Etsy!!!!

Si alguien averigua la historia nos cuenta.

I know where mine came from.
by: Mel

My mother purchased my set for me from a company named FingerHut. In 1985- 1986. Hope this helps I some way. :-)

Grandfather got his in Germany while deployed, 1952 NEW
by: Anonymous

Just like the title says, my grandfather bought a set of these dishes in Germany for my grandmother while he was deployed with the US army. He said they were "popular" back then and that all the soldiers were buying them for their wives. Not sure if this helps the search but figured I’d add that piece of info!

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